Bayliner Boat is now an integral part of the Brunswick Boat Group and is recognized as one of the foremost leaders in the yacht and boat building industry. Throughout the years, many boat builders have come and many have gone but Bayliner, to the benefit of Bayliner owners, has been conducting business continuously for over fifty years. Bayliner boats and yachts are designed with much forethought to be an affordable boat while still offering the quality and technological aspects of much costlier boats and at the same time delivering outstanding performance and superior ride quality. Bayliner boat and yacht hulls are closely matched to the characteristics of their engines which lessens the tendency towards bow lift, enhances handling and increases the watercrafts fuel efficiency.
An additional benefit of the Bayliner Boats and Yachts assessment team is that they work closely with the design staff to make sure that every model meets or exceed the highest standards. Bayliner is constantly evolving, and to keep this process moving forward we need forward-thinking dealers. Established in 1957 by Orin Edson, Bayliner currently has over 400 dealers in over 60 countries around the world.

Organized in 1955, Bayliner Boats has endeavored to deliver family boats and yachts of superior quality that allow boaters to discover the enjoyment of recreational boating. Distributing the inherent lifting forces by using benefits of a performance engine match affords the owner the pulling capacity and turning ability and agility necessary to enjoy any of the water sports available.
All Bayliner Boats and Yachts are NMMA certified and meet or surpass all Coast Guard regulations and requirements.
Our dealer network regularly ranks in the top three in Boating Industry Magazine’s  Annual Top 100 Dealer rankings, so you will definitely be in good company.
The company operates as part of the Brunswick Boat Group, a division of the Brunswick Corporation.
The company, originally established in 1955, started life as a boat retailer but it didn’t take them very long to discover that to meet a boaters desires it was necessary that they had build their own watercraft whether the be yachts or boats.
This joint venture between Bayliner and Sea Tow will extend a complimentary 95 day Sea Tow membership to all new Bayliner boat owners.

Our products are progressive, our marketing is aggressive and we’re ready to keep things moving ahead.
Their experience at the retail level appears to have given them great insight into the desires and requirements of a serious boater.
Additionally, current Bayliner owners will be eligible for 14 months of Sea Tow membership for the price of a 12 month membership which is a special offer made available through the Bayliner Owners Club. Confirm availability of all accessories and equipment with an authorized Bayliner dealer prior to purchase. Sea Tow members enjoy a comprehensive set of services, ranging from round-the-clock on-water vessel assistance to the expert advice of Sea Tows experienced team of professional captains.

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