My boating buds, who have seen and used all kinds of boats, large and small, call my Bennington the Water Escalade.
A scissors trailer is great for allowing you to set your pontoon down anywhere ( yard-garage-etc) or in very shallow water.
One comment came from the game warden; not sure if she was being serious or looking for contra band! It seems every time I go out I receive comments from others about how nice my boat is and how great Benningtons are.

A couple older guys that are regulars in the cove told the kid to move his boat away from my new benny. I keep telling people with the S series you can get into a Bennington for much less than you think. Most folks rave about the loungers but some folks really like the fact that we can move the bow gate seat around and change the look (looks like a sectional couch).
A bunk trailer is more stable, but can only be unloaded in the water and you are at the mercy of the landing depth.

Although we get a lot of stares on the water, I can only imagine what you R and Q series guys get for compliments.

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