Value might be the best way to describe this Bentley that is loaded with standard features along with some key options that allow it to still come in at a very budget-friendly price point. For 2015, more focus has been placed on the interior to provide high-quality and extremely comfortable plush seating. At the fiberglass helm is a unique dash console that isn’t symmetrical, which only helps make it more unique. Behind the L-shaped rear bench is a pop-up changing room that is easy to access and stands 5 feet, 7 inches tall when open.
The three 25-inch diameter pontoons are through-bolted to the deck with optional lifting strakes and the all-aluminum transom is well-braced. Up top the gate entryway are extra wide and as far as family-friendly is concerned, we love the impressive 32-inch tall rails around the perimeter of the boat. In the auto industry a “sleeper” vehicle is a car or truck that looks stock, but surprises everyone by its performance. Why we love this boat…While traditional in a lot of ways, it’s comfy with an elegant feel and even with power it still comes in at a nice price point as tested. Just being picky…While the majority of the seating is extremely comfortable, we wish the two bow chaise lounges had a little more angle to the backs and were not so upright.

All through-bolted deck, 25-inch diameter pontoons, all-aluminum transom, powder coated railing, custom fiberglass console, full instrumentation, 12-volt receptacle, changing room, stereo with MP3 adapter, Rotocast furniture, rear entry ladder, sundeck, docking & nav lights, 9’ bimini and bumper guards with splash panels.
SE pkg., color matched rails, hydraulic tilt steering, underskin, lifting strakes, elite capt. April 18, 2016Crest Classic 230 ChateauOver-the-top comfort, the CP3+ Performance edition and the amazing bar-style layout behind the helm chair highlight this pontoon.
The Special Edition (SE) option upgrades the vinyl from white to a more elegant-looking tan color scheme that ties in with the marine carpet. Outside the rear gate is a vinyl deck and just enough room to drip dry before coming inside on the carpet. There is also a full-length aluminum shield to help protect the cross members and to improve the overall performance (which we’ll get to in a minute). Also worth noting, the rails are all powder coated black, which not only provides a great look, but also helps with durability.
The elegant look and feel of this Bentley had us thinking it was just a great cruising pontoon, so when we nearly reached the 50 mile per hour mark at full throttle, needless to say we were pleasantly surprised. Of course the power helped make it fun to drive, but it’s really the elegant and high-end feel that made the strongest impression.

In the bow are two chaise lounges, although the angle on the back might be a little too vertical for some to really get comfortable. Obviously with the Mercury 200 Pro XS on the back we expected some power, but the zero to 20 mile per hour time of just over 4 seconds is nothing short of amazing.
We also appreciate the extra mile effort to help make this pontoon safe for families with younger children. However, the seats themselves are extremely comfortable and you can tell there was an emphasis placed on seating this year. Also within reach are the Bluetooth-capable Jensen stereo controls and the 12-volt and MP3 ports, as technology continues to help make listening to music easier and easier when onboard.

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