This is kind of random but a story about spreading the gospel through bass fishing seemed like a good place to mention that Michael Rood is hosting a conference to debut the completion of his massive project, The Chronological Gospels. I am thinking about purchasing a small 1-2 man boat to fish some smaller private waters and smaller lakes and I found this online.
Originally Posted By: Fast LaneIndependent testing has shown 60% of the time, it works every time. For over 20 years Sun Dolphin and KL industries have teamed up to design and sale many of the highest quality and most affordable small bass fishing boats on the market today.
With a variety of different models and sizes to choose from you should be able to find one in your price range. Just over 10 feet in length and with a sales price of right around $1100 many bass anglers consider this a great buy. Great for fishing small lakes and rivers.
The least expensive and smallest of the lot and has received many 5-star ratings from customers at Amazon. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

But they do, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Dallas Baptist had the baddest boat of them all.
There are two comfortable swivel seats for you and your fishing buddy and even an aerated livewell on board. It doesn’t have swivel chairs like the other models but the seating areas are spacious and if you want to stand up and fish the boat is very stable. Keep the gunk off by toting a box of baby wipes in your boat.Vanilla ExtractShutter and CutThe fish may not always bite, but the mosquitoes sure do! So give a watch to the video below and witness this really cool new gadget in action … You will be glad you did! Very compact will get you to those hard to reach fishing spots the larger boats can not reach. This is a light weight boat (110 pounds) making transporting it simple and has carrying capacity of 510 pounds.
If you visit Amazon you should read all the reviews on the Pro 94 Bass Boat before you make your decision to buy.

The vanilla will repel those skeeters, and the spray won’t irritate your skin, eyes or nose!
You can even label the bottles for quick and easy identification.Safety PinTake Me Fishing BlogSafety pins are another great way to keep your various-sized hooks sorted. The safety pins are easily stored in your tackle box.Nail PolishCustom Printed GlasswareWomen have been using clear nail polish to block runners in their pantyhose for decades, but the beauty product is useful for fixing all sorts of items. You never know when you or a passenger will be caught unprepared in an unexpected downpour, and trash bags are easily converted into adequate, if not fashionable, ponchos. Not only is it great for cleaning road grime off your boat at the end of a trip, but it also can be used for both cleaning and restoring your leather or vinyl surfaces.

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