I have these installed on my personal boat trailer so when it came time to refurbish my grandpaw's trailer they were the obvious first choice. You have come to this article because either you are interested in a light bulb for your rear license plate light on your car, a license plate mount with a light for a trailer or truck, a cool LED lighted license plate frame, a cool mount or bracket with a light for a motorcycle, or something similar. You might be thinking that Amazon is the way to go but, my experience says that it’s hard to find a license plate light bulb for your make and model of car on Amazon. 8) If it’s available from the store, take down the Part Number and go to the store that was referenced on the site. Then, like in the previous section, I recommend that you buy the light or mount with light locally. These are harder to find at your local stores although some of the auto parts store do carry them. Are you looking for away to dress up your bike or maybe get a license plate bracket that doesn’t require a rear fender?
I hope this article has been helpful to you by providing some secrets to searching for a license plate light on the internet. Mark is an avid car nut and writer who loves to research and provide helpful information on popular topics to help consumers make better buying and care decisions. Everything you need to hook up lights have not had A chance to take boat out yet so I cannot comment on how they are going to hold up. Width (outside of fenders) - 68"Width (between fenders) - 54"Carrying Capacity - 250 lbs.Trailer Length - 15'Shipping weight - 169 lbs.
This model is custom made and only available through Chesapeake Light Craft, to fit our longer rowing and sailing boat models. Note: Trailex kits are drop-shipped from the factory, so shipping fees still apply if you are picking one up at our shop in Maryland. You're all so kind: I'm wonderfully fortunate to be associated with you and I'll gladly share my photo with you!
The Eastport Nesting Dinghy is making all the cruisers round here dreamy eyed with envy as I cruise by with my feet up on the lee rail and my hat tipped forward.
I recently completed construction of the Eastport Pram on which I took delivery at the end of April and am very satisfied with the end result.
The end result is a lovely small craft which elicts a lot more comments than a rubber dinghy. I am a very satisfied CLC customer - I appreciate the well crafted kit and clear instruction manual. I find the Northeaster Dory a spritely joy under oars and a safe, easily-controlled sailboat. Stitch-and-Glue Night Heron on its maiden voyage from Crownsville Dock, on canal C-14 in Pompano Beach, Fort Lauderdale (about a half mile from where the cruise ships dock). I Built a Chesapeake 18 back in 2010 and have been meaning to pass along the photos for some time. Thought you might like to see the Wood Duck 12 Hybrid my husband built with our 14-year-old son this winter. I bought the Passagemaker Take-Apart because of a romantic notion of building a boat and teaching myself to sail it. This past Memorial Day weekend, five guys in four kayaks paddled 70 miles down the Delaware River from New Castle to Lewes. I just returned from what I can only describe as a trip of a lifetime, sailing from Valdez, AK to Whittier, AK.
I have built a Shearwater Sport from plans, starting in 2012 and working on it only during winter. Built from a Kit, Pocketship "Carlyn J" ghosts along on Somers Bay, Flathead Lake, Northwest Montana. I took this picture of our Chester Yawl this past September at dawn at anchor in Princess Bay, on Portland Island in the beautiful Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada. Built my Eastport Pram from plans this year as a project to kill time before sailing season. The Petrel is a thoroughbred sea kayak which handles beautifully and I cannot wait to get it into rough water! I built this from a CLC kit as a tender for our 30’ sloop, moored at Elliott Bay Marina in Seattle. Nested, it fits on the cabin top of our sailboat as if it was made for it (with a minor reshape of the transom top profile).
The boat rows well (our preference), but for longer explorations the 2HP Honda is well suited.
Here are a couple of photos of the Wood Duck Double that my daughter Cristina and I built as a father-daughter project. I completed my Shearwater Sport, which I built in Eric Shade's class at The Wooden Boat School.
The kit was absolutely exceptional with all the pieces fitting together nicely and most of the holes predrilled. Wanting to differ from the Hawaiin theme, I built this with old wooden Chris Crafts in mind. The Night Heron Stitch-and-Glue was the perfect size for a 10-day paddle around the Apostle Islands on Lake Superior.

I have been rowing and sailing my Northeaster Dory for almost two months now and I love this boat. I'm very pleased with the construction & performance of the Shearwater 17 kayak - handled great and carried all my gear. With a lot of advice from everyone at CLC and the whole family chipping in, the boat came together wonderfully. Thanks again to everyone at CLC and a special thinks to the guy on the phone who helped design the seats, Joey, I think, but all the other "guys on the phone" were very helpful as well. Thanks immensely, CLC, for such a rewarding project that will provide me with ongoing enjoyment for years to come.
Started building my Chesapeake 17 in Holland, but moved to Scotland before I could launch the kayak. A great thank you to you and your team for your assistance, patience and help so our dream came true. The build was both challenging as well very satisfying, already thinking about another building project.
Also, a drawback to buying a bulb on the internet is that there is a good chance that the shipping will cost more than the bulb. I’m going to recommend eventually that you go to a local auto parts, truck parts, boat parts, or motorcycle parts store but, before you go you should do a little preparation to speed up your visit. Some choices include AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, NAPA Auto Parts, Pep Boys, or the parts department of the dealer that sold you your car such as your Chevrolet Dealer’s parts department.
I searched Amazon for a trailer license plate light and found about 300 entries, not all of which are actually light. This is a great place to find a style you’re interested in and to compare some online retailers.
There are side mounts, curved mounts, swing-arm mounts, fender eliminator mounts, chrome mounts, black-out mounts, flag mounts, street glow, vertical mounts, horizontal mounts, and others. We started our two 12-6 Kaholos in the middle of June and finished them in time for our annual family trip!
I added some custom work including a day hatch, inking of the hatch covers, and a few more things.
Your plans and instructions for the Wood Duck Hybrid 12 were excellent and it was so much fun to build.
Well, it's now May and I STILL don't have a nice picture, though not for lack of trying.
On Friday, we stopped for a long break and as the tide came in, I had to pull my Arctic Hawk above the high tide line.
Great support from your team and the builders forum made it possible for a first time builder. Instructions were easy to follow, tech support via phone and in the shop was informative and collaborative. We made every mistake in the book while building her (and probably came up with a few new ones of our own!), but the great design of the kayak allowed us to still turn-out a great-looking, sturdy, sea-worthy kayak that the whole family can enjoy.
This was just in time for yesterday's 21 kayak and canoe flotilla down the Connecticut River. It is surprisingly stable and rowers, both novice and expert, have been zooming happily up and down the river.
Everyone who has seen it, including the inspector from the Massachusetts Environmental Police, was impressed with the beauty, strength, and utility of the design. My friend Bob and I started work on the boat during the last week of July 2013 and finished this month. It's a very versatile design that rows well (although you are moving a lot of boat through the water) and sails great. We are already planning another CLC boat build - likely a Mill Creek hybrid with outriggers and a sail. These LED trailer Lights operate the Stop, Turn, Tail, Clearance Marker, Rear Reflector, and License Plate Light functions all in one great looking and sleek design. Back in the day you had to remember to disconnect your trailer lights before launching your boat or run the risk of ruining the bulbs, with these it's not even an issue.
If this is for a trailer like a boat trailer, you should go to your local boat dealer or your local trailer sales company. In each case, make sure that the product entry mentions that it is specifically for your vehicle. Check out the newer LED lights which last much longer than the incandescent ones we’re used to.
Using Amazon will give you an idea of the style you’re looking for and about what you should pay for that style. First, if you’re not handy with wiring and DC electrical, a lot of times the trailer retailer will install the light or mount and light for you for minimal cost if you bought it there. Truck stops are another good source you can use to find trailer license plate mounts and trailer lights. My wife's blue board and my 13-year-old niece's yellow board cruised as smooth as glass, and they both did a ton of stitching, gluing, glassing and sanding to get them ready!
He was an avid cyclist but was hit by a car last year while cycling and got injured pretty badly.

On the 40-minute drive from home to the marina for sea trials, 3 random strangers in traffic commented on the sweet boat in the back of my truck.
We took our kayak out to the canals in South Bethany Beach in Delaware and to the nearby Assawoman Bay. The Environmental Police inspector requested CLC contact info and expressed an interest in building his own boat.
I forgot to send these Last year but I just wanted to say you have a great company with great customer service. Your tech support was outstanding as well as comforting, the hand holding was appreciated. These LED trailer Lights operate the Stop, Turn, Tail, Side Marker, Clearance Marker, Rear Reflector, and Side Marker, and License Plate Light functions all in one great looking and sleek design.
Been using them for about 6 years now and even though someone backed into my boat trailer bending my rear step and busting the side lens of one of these lights about two years ago they still work! If this is for a motorcycle, go to your local motorcycle dealer’s parts department such as your Harley-Davidson Parts Department. Click on the link below More Buying Choices to get a list of online retailers that carry that style and the prices and site rankings.
My father-in-law sprayed the last coat of paint Saturday and we loaded them on the trailer to check in on Monday!
I can hardly think of anything that is as rewarding as building and paddling your own little boat!
I followed your manual and when I had questions the support team was there to fill in the blanks.
After 30 years of building and repair of big boats I finally get to build what I always wanted to.
It's light enough for two people to carry it a short distance up a beach -- a great plus for camp-cruisers and beachgoers.
Something that's so important, especially when a lot of your customer are novice builders like myself. And it was new for me to row a boat that glides many times its length compared to traditional rowboats that row like they're in molasses.
Spend a little extra money on these over the incandescent ones, even for a land (non-boat) trailer, you will save yourself tons of trouble because fiddling with your lights to get them working before being able too use your trailer will be a thing of the past.
Interestingly, I noticed for the style I chose that all the retailers were gift stores and none of them were auto parts stores.
If you ride a Harley-Davidson, chances are it’s going to say in the ad that the part is for your bike.
Of course everyone commenting on the beauty of the CLC boat makes it even more enjoyable!
I confess to more than once putting two adults, a kid, and two small dogs in the kayak's large cockpit during some of our frequent trips around the bay. Plus it is beautiful and I get compliments on it wherever I go.I'm confident in its seaworthiness and will be taking it up to Maine for a weeklong cruise in August.Thanks for the great design and the very well-engineered kit! On top of all that BTP's shipping speed to me is amazing and to offer it for free when you spend over $100 was just icing on the cake! Once you know the style you’re looking for contact your local trailer retailer, boat retailer, or other trailer superstore and tell them what you’re looking for.
Once you have the retailer that you’re interested in, go to their site directly and compare prices. We hope to be able to upgrade the boat to include the sailing rig soon, as we spend much of our summers on the water.
The Arctic Hawk held all my gear (food, water, clothes, tent, sleeping bag, etc.) for the three-day, two-night trip. Light Specs: Standard 2 inch center to center measurement for mounting Light measures 2.88 inches tall by 8 inches longSUBMERSIBLE for you BOAT TRAILER!! Thanks for great customer service too, Tim is very nice to deal with over the phone when you have questions. If you’re not as worried about style, you can go to the store and let them help you pick one.
Sometimes the retailer will give better prices on their site than they advertise on Amazon. Light Specs: Standard 2 inch center to center measurement for mounting Light measures 2.88 inches tall by 8 inches long SUBMERSIBLE for you BOAT TRAILER!!
Look through the merchants for that product and visit their site directly to see if you can get a better price.
Heaters were used in a barn to try to keep the temperature stable and above fifty degrees. Some retailers will match other prices online, so if there is a site you trust, with a price match guarantee, be sure to call them to try and get the price match.

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