If simplicity is your forte when it comes to life and fishing, you might want to look into the dinghies. Flat boats are another simple fishing boat option that delivers a no-frills fishing trip with their flat-top design and lightweight frame. If you prefer to fish with more than two or three of your buddies, you may be interested in a bowrider boat. Deck boats, hence the name, are another vessel that provide generous deck space to hold multiple people, fishermen or water-sport accessories. When choosing a type of sport fishing boat, shoppers often seek one that combines the attributes of a pleasure speed boat with those of a fishing boat.
One of the main differences in a fishing boat and a family fun boat lies in the design of the hull.
Another key difference in speed boats and fishing boats where the better sport fishing boat designs make certain concessions is in the motor. When purchasing the best sport fishing boat, seating arrangements should include plenty of availability around the perimeter of the boat for passengers. Boat salesmen will try to sell you on a lot of the minute features and technical details of a boat, but the reality is that most boats are pretty equal, and having a nice one is not going to help you catch more fish. One of the up sides of the bad economy is that there have been a lot of nice used sport fishing boats for sale. A lot of people, when they are looking to buy a sport fishing boat, only think about the superficial qualities. If I was picking a center console, strictly Redfish boat for the flats it would be a Transport. Put a trp lower unit on it and it really takes skill to get it stuck (although he's done it a few times lol). My cousin has a Shalow Craft and it does well too, but it's not near as stable or sturdy built. 2015 best-selling RC fishing bait boat with Fish Finder with Sonar Sensor, View JABO, JABO Product Details from Shenzhen ZHJABO Electronics Co., Ltd.
The Pelican Bass Raider 10E 10-ft bass boat is constructed with an impact-resistant RAM-X(tm) hull and deck and extra-large pontoons for improved stability and weight capacity. Team members from Carefree Boat Club will be on site at the Allatoona Landing and Carefree Boat Club booths.
Carefree Boat Club will be opening a brand new location at Allatoona Lake, just outside of Atlanta, Ga.
Additionally, Carefree Boat Club will be partnering with Sylvan, Formula, Centurion and Supreme to provide brand new boats at all 3 locations. Carefree Boat Club is looking for qualified operators to help bring the boat ownership alternative to new cities across the nation.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you want a planing or displacement type hull.
Depends on the size and structure of the lakes you fish in and how you'll haul the boat around. For large lakes and small bays I think the carvel Poulsbo Boat is the best design ever made.
Both the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle and the and the NW Maritime Heritage Center in Port Townsend have plans.
Or for simple and inexpensive you can build a simple flatiron or sharpie skiff like the one on the right my family used to build 6 at a time for fishing camps.
Dubbed on of the least complex fishing boats on the market, the dinghy is small and lightweight, which makes it perfect to strap onto the roof of a car or even tow behind a larger boat to deliver versatility in fishing location. These vessels can venture into shallow parts of the water that are less than two-feet deep, which makes them a great resource for costal areas.
This marine model can comfortably hold between six and ten people, which makes it a very popular style for people who like to travel in large groups.
Dually matched with a powerful engine, these boats are great for water sports and recreational fishing. The trick in purchasing a sport fishing boat is to get the version that best suits the needs of the user. In order to choose the best sport fishing boat, the hull design is meant to sit slightly higher in the water than a dedicated fishing boat, but lower than a common speed boat. A speed boat typically uses a very large motor to produce high speed and torque required to pull skiers and water toys. You can find them at drastically reduced prices and many of them have barely been used.A lot of people, when they get a little bit of cash and a sense of security buy a boat. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly. Our new fleets (pictured below) include fishing, high performance pontoons, crusiers, wakeboarding and wake surfing are perfect for all your on-the-water activities. We see a big trend in continued growth in this industry and are offering licenses throughout the country. If that is the sort of boat you are looking to build, I call your attention to the Lowell Dory Skiff.
If you only want to go 3-5 mph, then a displacement hull, such as the one in your last post, will be easier to build and row, and will be more stable for the overall size. If you want a boat that is reasonably fast under power ( say 9.9 hp or more) then a planing hull is the way to go.

I have some Western Red Cedar left over from my last strip canoe and an old 5 hp Evenrude laying around.
For unbeatable convenience and portability, try the inflatable boats, which deliver a fishing vessel that’s easy to store and very low in cost. If the purpose of the sport fishing boat is to provide a family fun boat that can also be used to fish, a boat with attributes of a speed boat may be the best choice. The fishing boat requires a smaller motor to allow the boat to be used for trolling at slow speeds. But be real guys, this is a fishing boat and you are buying it to help you fish. So try to focus on the features that matter.
It's also set-up with a lure compartments, vertical rod holders, drink holders, and carrying handles.
We are excited to offer and announce our brand new perks of being a Carefree Boat Club member! In that case, a 3 hp motor will propel the boat at virtually the same speed as a 10 hp, for reasons that are a little complicated to go into here. This vessel is designed so that all of the boat controls are located in the very center of the boat to grant extra deck space for fishing and other activities. If the purpose is to obtain a fishing boat that can occasionally be used as a family fun boat, a boat with more of the fishing-type amenities such as a trolling motor and fish locator may be best. A high hull design would necessitate hoisting the fish higher in the air to get them into the boat. A good sport fishing boat will often be powered by a medium-sized motor in order to provide the operator with the best of both worlds. Subsequently, a low hull design in a sport or speed boat would not allow the boat to carry as many passengers or to corner as sharply without taking in water. Propeller design will usually lean towards powerful take-offs to get a skier quickly up on plane as well as offer a moderate top cruising speed. Fine entry and almost flat at the stern and short of the Great Lakes during the gales of November , fairly seaworthy. A lot of the other boat plan companies sell designs that are obsolete by today's standards. I should also mention that building your own boat allows you the opprotunity to do some pretty neat things with the interior such as building in a live well, adding amenities like specialized lockers for fishing gear, customised seating ,Etc. There are hundreds of plans available for the home builder, its just a matter of finding one that suites your budget and building skills.

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