We've been charter fishing in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and the East Cape region of southern Baja for over 30 years and we've met just about every charter boat operator in the area.
Minervaa€™s Baja Tackle has over 32 years of experience fishing Los Cabos and their crews and boats are tournament quality, ready to provide you with the ultimate fishing vacation. Dream Weaver Sportfishing is a luxury charter fishing service located in Marina Cabo San Lucas. A single boat charter company with a very experienced Captain and crew aboard a 29' Blackfin.
Fish old Mexico in the East Cape region of Baja aboard a 35' Cabo or a 31' Innovator sportfisher. Pochos has been around for over a decade and provides top-notch fishing charters on their fleet of boats. An American owned and operated charter service that has some of the lowest prices on All-Inclusive fishing trips in Cabo. If you're looking to go out fishing but simply can't afford a cruiser or larger sportfisher, Panga fishing is the only way to go!
28' Fiberform Sportfisher, single Cummins Diesels, cruises at 25 knot,twim fighting chairs, live biat well, outriggers, swim-step, clean bathroom,VHF radio, crew of two, Penn International, Senators, 50-80 lb. 36' Egg Harbor Sportfisher, twin Cummins diesels, cruises at 19 knots, twin fighting chairs, live bait well, outriggers, swim-step, clean bathroom, crew of two, VHF radio, Penn Internationals & Senators, 50-80 lb. For lovers of fishing this is perfect for sailing from 5 to 8 hours starting in the spring of Cabo San Lucas, enjoying the sun and the Mar de Cortez sea !!
Wahoo are the fastest fish in the waters with speeds up to 60 mph.  They are a great eating fish and can be found from 10 to 60lbs with fish found upwards of 100lbs no unheard of!
Our fishing packages are very organized and descriptions can be found on the Package Prices page. Picante Sportfishing is the premiere sport fishing company in Cabo San Lucas and boasts the finest fleet of CABO fishing charter yachts in the world! Picante Bluewater Sportfishing ie the premiere sportfishing company in Cabo San Lucas and boosts the finest fleet of Cabo Yachts fishing boats in the world! Our main office is located at the head of the docks right in the Cabo Marina district and only a short walk from the entire Picante fleet of boats that take you to the fishing grounds. Cabo's newest charter fleet of mini yachts operated by Picante Sport fishing, which has four teen years of quality, reliable service in Cabo San Lucas. Fishing Cabo San Lucas in this high performance center console charter boat is a real Cabo fishing experience. Equipment includes: Full selection of tournament class Penn and Shimano reels matched to custom rods. The veteran crew of this 29' Black fin will put you on the fish in speed, style and comfort. Full selection of first class international two- speed reels matched to custom rods, complete array of fishing and navigational electronics, custom live bait system, sound system, stateroom, spacious head, full galley with air conditioning, yacht furnishings.
Fish Cabo with this veteran crew on this first class CABO Sport fisher, they'll put you on the fish in style and comfort. You can see this "Dream Machine" highlighted regularly in our daily and weekly fishing report. Captain and experienced Mate, all fishing tackle and equipment, a large cooler with ice, plus our Mates will do complimentary cleaning and bagging of your catch.

Full selection of Shimano single and 2-speed reels matched to custom rods, complete array of fishing and navigational electronics, custom live bait system, Sirius satellite radio, single state room with huge salon, spacious head, full galley, air-conditioning and yacht furnishings. Captain and experienced Mate, all fishing tackle and equipment a large cooler with ice, plus our Mates will do complimentary cleaning and bagging of your catch. We've just entered into September and the official move from Summer to Fall fishing is on its way. Nick and his group from Seattle after a 2 hour battle with this fish on 30 lb tackle on July 22nd, 2015.
Marlin, sailfish and dorado have been rounding out our catches as late summer moves into early fall fishing. Another regular on Pochos boats is this South African gent that has his own mega-yacht but still comes fishing with us with his Captain. Dean Tinson from the United Kingdom fishes with us every year and usually spends six days on the water.
To the right you'll find a handy reference chart of peak times of the year to fish southern Baja for specific species. Use the chart as a guide, but remember that just about anything can show up on the business end of your line anytime of the year.
Most of the outstanding fishing is found in the Sea of Cortez which is 800 miles long and approximately 100 miles wide and then opens to the Pacific Ocean at Cabo San Lucas. Minervaa€™s also boasts the largest selection of Baja fishing tackle a€“ rod and reel packages to trolling lures, terminal tackle, electronics and clothing a€“ whatever you need, theya€™ve got it. The crew is one of the best in Cabo with tournament wins including the largest check of the 2009 Bisbee's Black & Blue. Our main office is located at the head of the docks right in the Cabo Marina District and only a few feet from the whole Picante fleet of yachts. We offer trips and boats that vary in size from 24' to 68' that will meet any anglers needs and budget.
We take pride in the maintenance and upkeep of our fleet and tackle so that you will have everything you need on the water. Places like the world famous Gordo Banks, Golden Gate Bank, and San Jaime Banks are just a short boat ride away and teem year round with world record fish. The 29' Black finis popular among tournament anglers forit's clean wake and fish raising abilities. We'll be seeing hot air temps matched with very warm waters for the next month and half and with it, some truly incredible fishing.
We've seen fish that we normally don't expect to catch until late summer show up on the end of our lines in spring.
Loads of big fish with an ever-increasing number of dorado, wahoo and big, big yellowfin tuna - just in time for tourmanent season! While the chart accurately depicts typical catches and 'best times' of the year, the fishery here is so varied, there really isn't a bad time of year to go fishing in Cabo.
This area is known worldwide for its abundance of big-game fish and year around superb fishing, Cabo San Lucas & Los Cabos fishing charters boast a number of international fishing records. We offer boats that vary in size and price from our Picantiito fleet at 24 feet up to 68 feet, with prices ranging from an affordable $325 up to $3850 for first class accommodations that can meet any angler's needs. The combination of having the best kept fleet of sportfishing yachts and our main office so close to all the action allows us to deliver the best and most consistent experience in Cabo.

We can target in-shore species such as grouper, spanish mackarel, red snapper and the sought-after roosterfish as well as marlin, tuna, dorado and wahoo. Fishing Cabo San Lucas on this true pocket rocket for Marlin, Yellow fin Tuna, Dorado and Wahoo is an awesome experience. With water temps holding in the mid to high 80's and a good amount of bait, we expect this year to be a banner for the Bisbee's, WON Tuna Jackpot and Los Cabos Billfish tourneys. The roosterfish bite has been very good up near San Jose del Cabo as of the second week of March, 2013. Due to the fact that there are more striped marlin caught within a radius of twenty miles of Cabo San Lucas all year round, this area is known as the marlin capitol of the world. Picking the right charter isn't rocket sciencea€¦ it just takes a little research to find the right price and the right boat. Dream Weaver is fully equipped with tournament quality rods and reels and terminal tackle. Email Alex Martel or call him at 916-807-4346 to book your trip or visit his website to learn more about the boat and crew.
In fact, owner Carlos Vazquez is prepping another new boat in Northern California that will be making it's way to the fleet later this year.
Please call or email us and we will gladly get you hooked up for the Cabo fishing charter trip of a lifetime!
We will be happy to help with a Cabo San Lucas fishing charter and local hotel information. With a full compliment of tackle, from light to 80W set-ups, Pochos is prepared for anything, all the time!
Dorado (mahi-mahi), wahoo and yellowfin tuna are plentiful and don't be surprised if you have one jump right into your boat! Just up the coast on the Pacific side the sailfish are so stacked up that some boats are catching and releasing 40+ in a single day. Wahoo showed up earlier than their norm with some big models coming in late June into July.
We also serve premium beef including Chateaubriand for two and a Filet Mignon anchored Surf n' Turf Platter. The combination of having the best kept fleet of sport fishing yachts and our main office so close to all of the action allows us to deliver the best and most consistent Cabo sport fishing experience. Fact is, wahoo really hit their stride late in the year so we expect that this could be a tremendous wahoo year as well. Sure, there are plenty of others out there, but do you really want to risk ending up on a broken down boat with broken down gear and a lazy crew? The late Jacques-Yves Cousteau visited this fishing haven over twenty times and named the Sea of Cortez the "world's aquarium". Please call us or book online now and we will gladly get you hooked up for the most memorable Cabo fishing trip of a life time!
Take the time to look at the top-rated charters we recommend before you book your trip, you'll be glad you did!

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