We've been charter fishing in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo and the East Cape region of southern Baja for over 30 years and we've met just about every charter boat operator in the area. Minervaa€™s Baja Tackle has over 32 years of experience fishing Los Cabos and their crews and boats are tournament quality, ready to provide you with the ultimate fishing vacation.
Dream Weaver Sportfishing is a luxury charter fishing service located in Marina Cabo San Lucas. A single boat charter company with a very experienced Captain and crew aboard a 29' Blackfin. Fish old Mexico in the East Cape region of Baja aboard a 35' Cabo or a 31' Innovator sportfisher.
Pochos has been around for over a decade and provides top-notch fishing charters on their fleet of boats. An American owned and operated charter service that has some of the lowest prices on All-Inclusive fishing trips in Cabo. If you're looking to go out fishing but simply can't afford a cruiser or larger sportfisher, Panga fishing is the only way to go! If you're looking to test your skills against other sport anglers, than southern Baja and the areas of Cabo San Lucas and the East Cape should be on your list of locations for world-class tournament fishing. The Stars and Stripes fishing and golf tournament was established in 1996 and has quickly become the largest, fundraiser of the year for one Southern California Big Brothers, Big Sisters club. The Los Cabos Billfish Tournament is a three-day big-fish team event with honors going to the team that tallies the most points per pound a€“ prize money goes to the top three teams. The second of three Bisbee events in southern Baja, the Los Cabos Offshore tournament takes place a few days prior to the multi-million dollar Black and Blue. Each of our boats carry a full compliment of inshore, offshore and casting gear so we're ready for whatever mother ocean gives us a shot at.
Fighting Chair Plus Harnesses - Penn International Equipped - Tournament Gear available on request. Fighting Chaisr Plus Harnesses - Penn International Equipped - Tournament Gear available on request. 24 foot pangas with fighting chair, all necessary fishing equipment, heads, life vests, full licensing, and live bait wells. Panga charters are bare boat - fishing licenses, live bait, food and drinks are at an additional cost. Minervaa€™s also boasts the largest selection of Baja fishing tackle a€“ rod and reel packages to trolling lures, terminal tackle, electronics and clothing a€“ whatever you need, theya€™ve got it.

The crew is one of the best in Cabo with tournament wins including the largest check of the 2009 Bisbee's Black & Blue. Fishing tournaments sprout up every year in Baja but Los Cabos is home to more big-money tournaments than just about anywhere on earth. In addition to serving the youth of Orange County, Stars and Stripes also gives back to the communities of Cabo San Lucas donating modern medical equipment and new ambulances.
When you fish the waters of Cabo San Lucas you never know when the next bite might be a world record. Our decades of experience fishing these waters has built an aresenal of proven fish-killing lures and we bring those weapons with us on every trip. These open bow skiffs are the original fishing machines of the Baja and offer an affordable way to get out on the water for half or full day fishing trips. Most of the outstanding fishing is found in the Sea of Cortez which is 800 miles long and approximately 100 miles wide and then opens to the Pacific Ocean at Cabo San Lucas. Tournament season starts in late June and runs into November with events in the East Cape, Cabo San Lucas and out of La Playita or Puerto Los Cabos north of San Jose del Cabo.
They end each event with a pretty amazing concert highlighted by recognized names like the Doobie Brothers performing live. The 2012 event was won with a 487lb black marlin that swept the daily jackpots, levels one thru three.
Hosted at the Hotel Buena Vista Beach Resort, the event started in 2000 and marks it's 15th anniversary in 2015. We know that and that's why we only use tournament-quality rods and reels from top manufacturers like Penn, Shimano and Avet. Quick, efficient boats that are perfect for inshore fishing for just about any species you'll find in Los Cabos. This area is known worldwide for its abundance of big-game fish and year around superb fishing, Cabo San Lucas & Los Cabos fishing charters boast a number of international fishing records. Picking the right charter isn't rocket sciencea€¦ it just takes a little research to find the right price and the right boat. Dream Weaver is fully equipped with tournament quality rods and reels and terminal tackle. Email Alex Martel or call him at 916-807-4346 to book your trip or visit his website to learn more about the boat and crew. In fact, owner Carlos Vazquez is prepping another new boat in Northern California that will be making it's way to the fleet later this year.

We list the major tourneys in our Los Cabos tournament schedule but there are several smaller, more remote tournaments that take place throughout Baja Sur. Total winnings for team Bill Collector was $167,877.50 along with an invitation to the 2013 IGFA Offshore World Championship to be held in May in beautiful Quepos, Costa Rica. 2012 saw 61 teams and 350 anglers compete with the top fish being a 262lb yellowfin tuna setting a new record for an East fishing tournament.
The team aboard Chupacabra came away with top honors for their 583lb blue marlin and a check for $206,973. Having a full selection of rods and reels for inshore, offshore and big-game species means you're always prepared for what presents itself out on the water when you charter with us. Due to the fact that there are more striped marlin caught within a radius of twenty miles of Cabo San Lucas all year round, this area is known as the marlin capitol of the world.
Sure, risking over $60,000 to enter across the board stings, but I bet hoisting a check as big as those takes the pain away quick!
Dorado (mahi-mahi), wahoo and yellowfin tuna are plentiful and don't be surprised if you have one jump right into your boat! Now, you don't need to enter across the board, base entry fee is $5,000 and that can still make for a big payday. Sure, there are plenty of others out there, but do you really want to risk ending up on a broken down boat with broken down gear and a lazy crew? The biggest money tournament, the Bisbee's Black & Blue, will set you back over $60,000 if you opt to enter across the board. Well, 2012's tourney is being called the greatest tuna fishing tourney ever held in Los Cabos a€“ it was certainly a record breaker by virtue of the number of big fish.
A 372lb cow was the overall winner followed by 11 fish that tipped the scales at over 200lbs. The late Jacques-Yves Cousteau visited this fishing haven over twenty times and named the Sea of Cortez the "world's aquarium". Take the time to look at the top-rated charters we recommend before you book your trip, you'll be glad you did! The Bisbee's record is over $3.9 Million to one team in 2006 and nearly $2.5 Million to another in 2012!

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