John, I Spoke with you today on the phone and need some changes to the cabin plans above I purchased from your web site. 1) I need a post to pier foundation created so the cabin is elevated in the air, as my building site is in a flood plan. If you are interested in Purchasing these plans or having us develop a custom set of plans. Standard Plan Sets and Preliminary Plan Sets for this house plan are delivered via a .pdf or CAD file with a single use license.

You may send the file to your local blueprint copy store and print as many copies as necessary to build one house one time. I would also like you to get the foundation posts at the maxim distance apart for storage as well.
A raised planter creates a front courtyard and a second planter at the back offers seating at the back patio. House Plan Sets will be delivered via e-mail within 2 business days from the date of purchase.

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