This material has been provided for private study purposes (such as school projects, family and local history research) and any published reproduction (print or electronic) may infringe copyright law. For many people one there earliest experiences of sailing a small boat will be of sailing a Sunburst.
With a passion for a€?grass-rootsa€? sailing, owner Davie Norris has purchased the moulds and developed the Sunburst using the latest composite techniques and utilising the latest in small boat sailing hardware and systems, bringing into the 21st century.
Davie Norris Boatbuilders can offer a fully equipped Sunburst, ready to sail, including foils, mast, sails, cordage and even beach trolley. DNBB has is a team of highly skilled tradesmen with a wide variety of skill and backgrounds. DNBB has many long standing relationships with various hardware suppliers of all the major brands and so can discuss what would work best for each clients individual needs.

Since arriving in Fremantle Al Fresco has been the boat to beat in the classic coastal yacht races in Western Australia, often beating larger yachts for line as well as handicap honours. Davie Norris Boatbuilders have, for many years been servicing the repair and maintenance needs of customers, both locally in the Canterbury region, nationally and even internationally. We consider this to be one of the single most important aspects of the business and have long standing relationships stretching back many years with some of our service customers. We undertake repairs and servicing on everything from Optimista€™s to multi-million dollar Super-yachts. The sister yacht to Vela Veloce, Vincitorehas been extensively and successfully campaigned throughout North America. Antigua Boat Sheds Antigua Boatsheds Avon Avon River boat boating boats building buildings Canterbury Christchurch heritage historic historic building historic buildings historical historical building historical buildings history N.Z.

Please contact Christchurch City Libraries if you have any questions relating to the use of this material. At a higher level the Sunburst class in NZ has always been strong and the competitive side of this iconic New Zealand designed boat, razor sharp, with many of the countya€™s most accomplished sailors having raced in the class. To produce the quality required, Davie Norris Boatbuilders completes the entire boat building process within its 18,000 sq ft factory with over 20 professional staff. The factory includes joinery, engineering, paint, electrical and plumbing shops, as well as a design office, while on the build floor is a 60ft extendable curing oven.

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