Wilbert Weir is a master carpenter and boat builder with 66 years of experience in the industry. Wilbert learned how to build dory boats from his father, who was a fisherman for most of his life. The Grand Banks Dory Plans eBook was created and marketed with the help of a guy named Fraser. Wilbert and Fraser immediately worked on dory boat plans, making them as detailed as possible, so anyone can follow them without a teacher. After 2 months of hard work, the pair came up with the finished guide, which they had to rewrite to perfection 36 times.
You may not believe you can actually build a 16' Dory boat with your own hands, but with Wilbert Weir's e-book Grand Banks Dory Plans, you can!

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He is known online for his boat building guides, especially his Grand Banks Dory Plans collection.
His dad fished the Grand Banks in dory boats, which eventually caught Wilbert’s attention.
Since Wilbert lacked the formal education needed to write a good book, he called the man one day to ask him for help with his plan.
While Wilbert made the plans, including the measurements and materials, Fraser handled the grammar, and made sure the guide was polished. He wanted to teach other people how to make wooden dory boats, but he did not want to stand in front of a crowd to show them what he knows.

These days, their eBook has already helped thousands of boating enthusiasts all over the world. Instead, he preferred to write a guide, which they can use and practice on whenever they want.

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