Mount Desert Island, Maine, lies Downeast—about 100 miles northeast of Portland as the seagull flies. When three major electronics companies roll out new radar technologies in the space of a month, there’s something going on.
An ever-expanding library of articles and videos on how, where and when to catch all of New England's top sport and food fish.
The latest and greatest new boat releases from manufacturers large and small, as well as a look at some classic models from years past. What's hot in nautical clothing, gear, books, home furnishings, fishing tackle, electronics and more. Contains short videos on every imaginable subject related to New England's aquatic resources, from fishing to history, kayaking to engine maintenance.
Maine photographer extraordinaire Joe Devenney attended the 2012 Maine Boatbuilders Show this weekend (March 17-18) in Portland, where he captured the following images. An attendee takes a close look at Intent, the first Herreshoff 20 built by the Bristol Boat Company of Bristol, Rhode Island.
It wasn't a conscious choice to be in a residential area, but it has been a good home for Vanilla. I feel like there are endless opportunities to be creative, whether it is with metal fabrication, apparel, brand direction, customer interaction etc. It's important to me though, (and sometimes tricky) not to build bikes for current customers based on a design of mine from years ago. I've been racing cross for longer than I've been building bikes though, and so any connection that my business has to cross will always be rooted in that authenticity.
Team frames get rolled in with the batch of Speedvagen Cross Machines, so they don't interrupt the Vanilla schedule at all. The handle is smaller than most torches, this keeps weight down, which means I can be more agile when brazing.
I would love to help develop a formal apprenticeship program with a handful of other builders, and start to train folks entering the framebuilding trade in the same way that electricians, plumbers or other tradesmen attain their qualifications. I know that if I could have worked in a small shop and learned the ropes (both fabrication and business), that would have been huge for my foundation as a builder. Atlantic Boat Company is a family owned business operating on a 37 acre, 50,000 square foot facility on Flye Point in Brooklin, Maine. Boats built at Atlantic Boat Company are renowned for their long term performance, safety, and integrity. We are committed to building exactly the boat you want, and we guarantee quality craftsmanship.
USHarbors delivers free, printable tide charts, onshore and marine forecasts, buoy data, weather radar, a steady stream of local knowledge, and a directory of coastal businesses. A century ago, most islanders made their living from the sea: fishing, lobstering, skippering yachts for "rusticators" (summer visitors), maybe a little bit of all three.
Each destination section contains detailed information on navigation, marinas, public dockage, Harbormaster contacts, fuel docks, anchorages, launch ramps, fishing options, service and repair. From tuna to scup, the Fishing section contains valuable, updated information on rigs, lures, baits, hot spots, and techniques.
Whether you want to be entertained or informed, or both, you'll find something of interest in the video library.

Before that he served as the editor of Northeast Boating from 2005 to 2009, and as managing editor of Salt Water Sportsman magazine from 1995 to 2004. If people are seeking us out, they find us, but we don't get a lot of random foot traffic in the shop. More than just opportunity to be creative, there is endless opportunity to improve on everything that we do. Some of the design elements from back then are still relevant, but some don't suit me, or Vanilla any longer and I really don't like reliving the past.
I guess I expect that anyone who is self-employed and who is the owner of a company of any size is going to work a lot.
Generally we'll build a batch of 30ish Road and 30ish Cross, (we'll be doing a small run of Track Machines this year, too) and when they are sold out, they're sold out.
I needed reliable paint for Vanilla and I knew that other builders in Portland were in the same boat as me, so I built Coat with the intention of it serving other builders, too. You mean like brazing while talking on a phone that is sandwiched between my ear and my shoulder?
I've heard a lot of pessimistic grumbling about the bubble bursting from outside of Portland. I'm impressed with how much better the hood shapes have gotten (ergonomically) with the last update from Shimano and Campy. In 1995 Duffy and Duffy Custom Yacht and Flye Point Corporation merged to become Atlantic Boat Company.
These hulls have been developed over the past 150 years for the rigors of fishing off the Maine coast. Completed as a workboat or a finely finished custom yacht, our boats hold together like no production boat can. You'll also find videos, links and info on places to shop, dine, and local points of interest. Get the scoop on recent search-and-rescue ops, marina news, dredging, boating and fishing events, weather alerts, fishing reports, and anything else that happens along the coast.
It's also where you can learn about recent noteworthy catches, watch entertaining fishing videos and find links to state regulations and license information. This is also the reason that we don't have a sign on our shop saying anything about bicycles. I didn't want to lose my connection as the sole builder of each Vanilla though, and I didn't want to muddy the waters of what makes a Vanilla a Vanilla. We don't keep a waiting list for Speedvagen for the subsequent year's run, but we do keep a list of folks that are interested and let them know when we open up the order books.
I appreciate that Campy has remained somewhat classy and elegant, while embracing new materials, stoked that Shimano is routing all cables along the bar now, while Sram's powerdome cassette is brilliant (but loud). IOm also co-cur rating a handmade bicycle exhibit with Michael Maharam of Maharam at the at the Museum of Art and Design (MAD) in Manhattan, featuring Sachs, Weigle, Dario, The Vanilla Workshop, Jeff Jones and ANT. With a large keel, flat aftersections, and a fine entry, our hulls are steady in any weather. We invite you to visit our facility and encourage your involvement with the production of your boat. We just have the Vanilla headbadge and the speedvagen shield, figuring that if someone is coming to find Vanilla, that will be enough.

Like a musician who plays a show, wanting to play what is current for them, but the audience wanting to hear what they have known and loved from the artist. So even if the result is not less work, there is less stress, which feels like progress to me.
So I decided to start another brand completely, and give it its own business model and rules. Those, plus taking things to the next level with our cross team should keep this year busy, but fruitful. Today, Atlantic Boat Company, the builders of Duffy and BHM commercial boats and yachts, carries on a long-standing tradition of quality Downeast boatbuilding.
There's world-renowned Hinckley, in Southwest Harbor, but also many small, often family-owned shops specializing in top-notch custom and semicustom boats.
The result is that Speedvagen can exist on one level and be free to grow and explore production and other materials and collaborations, while Vanilla will remain my special little seed; my journey as a craftsman. In these parts "boatbuilding is when a customer comes to you and you build him a boat that fits his needs," says Don Ellis, owner of the Ellis Boat Company.
Although each of the boats has a suggested deck layout and interior arrangement, they're just starting points. His son Richard now runs the company he started in his grandfather's paint shop; daughter Nadine Goodwin is the office manager. Stanley they still build boats like they did in the 1940's: cedar planking on steam-bent oak frames. Since 1978 Mac Pettegrow has been building custom cold-molded yachts in his shop in Southwest Harbor—everything from classic Downeast lobster boats to fast, Palm Beach-worthy sportfishermen.
In late February Pettegrow delivered a new twin-screw 42-footer to Florida; the customer wanted a boat for sailfishing in the Gulf Stream and bottom fishing in the Bahamas.
His next boat is a 33-foot walkaround sportfisherman with single-diesel power, and he's extending a 38-foot Duffy to 42 feet. Pettegrow uses multiple layers of mahogany or sapele plywood, each layer laid in WEST System epoxy atop the previous one. The finished hull is epoxy-coated inside and out, making it virtually maintenance-free.Pettegrow builds fiberglass boats, too. In 2001 he teamed up with Spencer Lincoln on the MLP 30, a foam-cored and vacuum-bagged lobster boat that's traditional above the waterline but with hard chines and a semidisplacement hull. He sometimes finishes fiberglass hulls from other builders, too.Building semicustom boats on stock fiberglass hulls is common practice for smaller boatbuilders.
Before hanging out his own shingle in 1988, Clark, a Southwest Harbor native, learned his trade by working for Pettegrow and Lee Wilbur. Clark has launched traditional lobster boats for commercial and yacht service—cruisers, twin-engine sportfishermen, tuna boats, state patrol boats, you name it.
He recently completed 34- and 35-footers and is currently building a 37-footer destined for a large lake in Idaho.

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