Notwithstanding that, a walk around the 408's exterior reveals the same roomy and comfortable design as found inside.
The Otam 80 takes all the horsepower you could want and puts it to the water with surface drives. Since 2004, the three-person team behind Hot Lab Yacht & Design has been making inroads into the yachting and superyacht sectors. Just two years later, Hot Lab won yet another MYDA, this time for the 47-Meter Explorer seen here. Wesmac builds classic downeast vessels like the 42-footers ChristineWe’re doing quite well,” says Wesmac owner and founder Steve Wessel from his office up in Surry, Maine, just a short drive from Bar Harbor. Generations of workers, grandfathers, fathers and sons, just took it as a second home giving all the skills to a great business that it is shipbuilding. The 70-foot convertible seen here was among the largest.However the name came to be, the campaign worked and in its heyday the company was building 44-footers at a rate of about one every six weeks.
In fact, within its first year in business, Hot Lab won a prestigious MYDA (Millennium Yacht Design Award). The owner has the entire 70-square-meter top deck, which includes a wide terrace, all to himself. Today, it's an "Ending Story" and I intend that these photos will be part of our collective memory.
Dick says that from a price standpoint, his dad’s aluminum boats were on par with the fiberglass boats of the day (circa 1970’s).
The international competition for yacht designers encourages both established professionals and young designers who have never had a project come to fruition to enter. The 47-Meter Explorer is intended for 12 people in the owner’s party and a nearly 1-to-1 crew-to-guest ratio. Some curious solutions are adopted for the interiors, clean and rational yet luxurious, so typical of Italian good taste. Wessel’s boats are fine examples of Downeast craft, with classic looks topside and modern running surfaces below—hard chines, full keels, and hydrodynamic sternposts and skegs.
In the case of Meridian's 408, the answer is plenty.The 408 is the first really new model from newly created (last summer) Meridian Yachts, part of the Brunswick Boat Group, which includes such familiar brands as Sea Ray and Bayliner.
The MYDA ceremony is held during Seatec, an international technology and design show that attracts the world’s leading boat, yacht, and ship design and engineering firms. Antonio Romano, one of Hot Lab’s partners, explains here, the 47-Meter Explorer is rugged but also has softer side. Some of the most important furniture makers and design professionals are engaged to give a high quality for the finish, while the marine and lighting section of 3M offers some innovative solutions as far as the lighting system is concerned, such as the use of fiber optics to illuminate the interiors of the yacht. But Wessel will be the first to tell you that he also owes a great deal of his success to his variable-pricing scheme.

With relatives like those, buyers are bound to expect generous helpings of room and comfort, and they won't be disappointed.Take the galley-down setup, for example.
Check out the image gallery, including the terrific owner’s suite, a 754-square-foot (70-square-meter) affair on the upper deck. Each customer gets to select his hull size, which ranges from 36 to 54 feet with cost based on labor and materials.
Here I found lots of workspace for food preparation atop the Karadon counters, along with enough cabinet and drawer stowage for a week's worth of stores. You get the response you want by simply turning the knob in the direction you need either the bow or stern to go. Then he gets to go through a checklist of options that starts with the most basic choices.Builder: WesmacDo you want a lobster (one open side), sport (long), or cruiser (longer) cabin top? If you push the control knob completely over to either port or starboard, engaging both thrusters in that direction, you'll be able to slide in and out of the dock. The sole is Pergo, a laminate that looks like wood and is both durable and easy to maintain. However, it was the headroom here that most impressed me and made the area seem larger than it is.
The steps lift easily via a gas-assisted ram, and a pair of lights in the compartment illuminates the interior space.It doesn't stop there. My test day saw me often shifting locations from Placida to nearby Gasparilla Island on Florida's west coast. Even the lay-up method for the hull is available with a slew of upgrades, including vinylester resin (for the hull, superstructure, or both), solid fiberglass or balsa or foam coring,Durakore plank stringers (in lieu of spruce), and Kevlar. The saloon, with 6'8" of headroom, has large, two-tiered windows on both sides to make the room light and airy. Between frequently moving the boat in and out of the dock at both locations, especially in the tight, skinny-water quarters at Uncle Henry's Marina on Gasparilla, I was glad I had the DOC. The Mirage leather couch to port is actually a trio of reclining sectionals, and as I found out, a gentle tug on a leather strap on each effortlessly transforms it into a comfortable lounger.A J-shape couch to port, which has stowage beneath it and also converts to a berth, provides additional seating. This is one option you should put on your must-have list.The aft deck also has some nice features, including a wet bar with Corian countertop, dunnage-box seating aft with stowage beneath, and a hardtop with a pair of stainless steel grabs overhead. A pair of Plexiglas wing doors seals off the area, and there are three integrated steps to port leading to the bridge. Additional stowage areas include a pair of end tables and, on the end of the aft-most recliner, a slide-out cabinet for holding magazines or books. But boarding from either side must be done with care, as the height of the boat makes it a bit of a stretch to get a leg up.
Back in 2000, he decided that going DIY would be the best way he could have his his dream boat.

An entertainment center is aft and to port and features both a Sony 24-inch TV and DVD player.The two-stateroom, two-head layout also exemplifies a good combination of space and comfort. A shoreside boarding box should help.Out on the water, with flat-calm seas prevailing, I found my 408 test boat to be an adequate performer compared to similar boats of her ilk and power that I've been on in the same conditions. His chief consideration was that she be a relatively lightweight, ocean-ready vessel that would allow him to both lobster and go day cruising with the family, so Wells had Wesmac lay-up a 46-foot Kevlar hull using polyvinyl resin. The forepeak has a centerline queen berth with stowage in three drawers in the berth's base and two closets. She tracked straight and true, and with her smooth Teleflex hydraulic steering, turns and maneuvering in the seaway were effortless. Her best cruise, with a pair of optional 330-hp Cummins MerCruiser diesel inboards turning 2600 rpm, was an average 22 mph.
As for everything else, it all came together in his garage after just under a year of work, with help from his father-in-law and some friends.
Wells began by installing the below-decks accoutrements such as shelving and stowage units, then constructing the bulkheads and mounting a pair of 250-gallon aluminum fuel tanks on either side of the engine.
The duo first installed two banks of twin 8D batteries, then set up the 12-volt electrical system, which has subsequently run basic equipment such as his JVC radar, twin VHFs, and Hondex track plotter. Separate head and shower compartments are located on the port side with a sink and vanity between the two doors.But all this room had to come from somewhere, and that's the engine compartment (accessed via a hatch in the middle of the saloon), which I found to be really tight. He opted to forego a genset for a 3,000-watt inverter to power his microwave, deck lights, and 15-inch flatscreen computer. After finishing off other components below, such as the dual-station hydraulic steering system (one cockpit control and one at the helm) from Hydroslave in Rockland, Maine, (he hired a friend who knew about hydraulics), it was time to install the superstructure and deck. Well, I'm 5'9" and about 170 pounds, and I tell you, getting to all but the most important fluid checks required some contortionist-like maneuvers. Wells positioned 2x4s to support the sections of foam-cored-fiberglass deck panels that he had ordered from Wesmac and reinforced other areas, such as under the gantry, with extra wood.Since Wells intended to use the vessel for both recreational and commercial purposes, he had opted for a split wheelhouse that allowed plenty of seating for guests but also maintained good sightlines from both helm stations. Choosing Wesmac allowed him the flexibility of adding lots of other custom features—such as a prism to illuminate the foc’sle—that weren’t available on production vessels he looked at.“I got the boat I wanted,” Wells enthuses. Indeed, he says that with the engine detuned to 600 hp (due to fishing regulations) and turning 1600 rpm, his 12,000-pound (dry) Tenacious cruises at 19 mph (16.5 knots) and reaches a top speed of 23 mph (20 knots). He adds that the project was so successful that the state of Maine used the same basic design package to build three of its own research vessels for the Department of Marine Resources.

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