As you would expect from an island nation, there are plenty of UK boat builders who make some of the best boats in the world.
Fairline, like Sunseeker, aren’t concerned purely with luxury however as these UK boat builders produce finished boats that are full of the most modern technology and powerful engines to provide good performance and reliability. Oyster Marine produce top quality yachts that are capable of very high speeds as well as excellent stability and luxury. Oyster Marine boats vary in price although it is safe to say that you will need fairly deep pockets to buy a brand new model from one of the best UK boat builders.
Broadblue are UK boat builders that specialise in building catamarans that are capable of long journeys in supreme comfort. Speaking of countruside development and the successful joint venture between the government (PEZA)a local private company ( Aboitiz) and FDI ( Tsuneishi)in Cebu! As things evolved, the Aboitiz group put up an export processing zone dedicated to shipbuilding. This illustrates the company?s impressive growth in the country and represents one of the most successful FDIs in the country.
Balamban progressed from a poor, fourth class town into one of the country?s foremost municipalities. Tsuneishi Heavy Industries, which created 13,261 direct and indirect jobs in the Philippines, said it would also start selling ships to domestic shipping companies, by manufacturing smaller 35,000-tonner vessels. In a bid to further enhance the country?s shipbuilding capacity, Senate President Franklin Drilon recently filed a bill seeking to upgrade the country?s naval architecture and the capabilities of naval architecture professionals.

It has the glitz of a state-of-the-art superyacht for the ultra-rich but this ?50m ferry will soon be transporting passengers between mainland England and the Channel Islands. Condor Ferries welcomed its newest boat on Boxing Day after the high-speed vessel sailed more than 10,000 nautical miles over 22 days on its maiden voyage from Cebu, Philippines to its base in Poole, Dorset. The Austal-built Condor 102 ferry is scheduled to officially enter service in March, when it will transport customers between Poole Harbour to the islands of Guernsey and Jersey.
The TESS58 AEROLINE is a premium class vessel featuring the higher fuel efficiency design of the TESS58, part of the TESS1 Series. Officials of Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction?Philippines (HHIC-Phils.) and Athens-based shipping company Technomar Shipping, Inc. An addition to the Philippines? reputation is that it is now ranked as the fifth shipbuilding nation in the world. From big luxury boats from the likes of Sunseeker and Fairline to Broadblue Catamarans and Oyster Marine yachts. Sunseeker are famous for producing some of the best luxury and motor yachts in the world with clients such as F1’s Eddie Jordan who splashed ?11m on a Predator 130 at the 2009 Southampton Boat Show. For those that cannot afford to pay ?11m on a top line, long range cruiser, there are plenty of other boats in the Sunseeker range both new and second hand that can offer excellent luxury and style with a more modest price tag.
One of the best and most prestigious boat builders in the UK, Fairline also have offices in Singapore and the Americas meaning that Fairline yachts can be found in marinas all over the world.
The main Oyster Marine boat builders are located in Southampton and produce some of the best sail boats and yachts in the range.

Oyster Marine yachts are capable of truly long voyages across large bodies of water, making them perfect for the trip of a lifetime. The top of the range Broadblue 500 Cruising Catamaran offers three bedrooms with en-suite facilities as well as a large central saloon to enjoy panoramic views while cruising. Daniel Noble, who is also president of the Metro Manila Shipyard Association, said the upgrading of its facilities would enable the company to do major lifting jobs and afloat repair requirements.
Tsuneishi became the locator, receiving investment benefits from the Philippine Export Processing Zone (PEZA). 2482, or the proposed ?Naval Architecture Law? which is an act that would regulate and modernize the practice of naval architecture in the Philippines.
AEROLINE is a new technology for reducing wind resistance, which combines the cut-corner design for the accommodation corner in previous models with a newly developed streamlined shape for the fore upper bow, for a 10% reduction in wind resistance. Oyster Marine boat builders have been producing yachts for 35 years meaning that the current crop of boats are the best they can be.
Prices for the Broadblue 500 start at USD 1million meaning that potential owners will need to have deep pockets but surely it is worth it for the flagship model from one of the best UK boat builders.

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