Jim Bob Booty and his backers are working diligently to pull a new Carolina hull with perfect fairing from its mold.
Try and try again, they dream of debuting their new line at the 2016 Miami International Boat Show. They want to enter the boat with its flared hull and pouty tumblehome in the innovation awards but that means they must pay the hefty price of membership in the National Marine Manufacturers Association and the heftier price of securing exhibit space for the boat. One problem is that with winter closing in, Jim Bob like dozens of other boat builders has a logistical nightmare facing him to deliver a perfect, operational and beautiful boat for public inspection by February 10 of 2016, the last day to install his boat at the Miami International Boat Show. That gives him about 60 days to cut or purchase the pieces that make a boat a yacht and install them flawlessly along with miles of wires and complex electronics. Once he gets the hull ready the engines must be installed and tuned and tested so it runs like a champ amid the other 150 - 400 new boats on display at these new “Demo docks” the NMMA as been promising to provide for rental by installing temporary docks facing the Miami Marine Stadium. For Billy Bob, the cost in overtime and special orders is devastating just to hit the deadline for launch.
It is almost December and that leaves January and Billy Bob must chose between Christmas for his family and a run at boat show fame in early February.
Another problem is nobody can tell Billy Bob for sure if there will be a 2016 Progressive Insurance Miami International boat show or where they would put his new baby if there is one. Like everyone else in the industry, Billy Bob has collateral to design and build for his new boat that links to advertising for the major event in the domestic boating industry.
Until this year,  MIBS was a ritualized routine produced by very experienced union installers and directed by a team that had done it all a dozen times before in the same space at the Miami Beach Convention Center, Sea Isle Marina and Bayside Marina for the sail boats.
Retail and the little boats went at the Convention Center by legacy, the longest exhibitors getting the best spaces and the new products relegated to the tents outside. Boats in the water especially those for sea trial were exhibited at Sea Isle, a high-quality marina with easy access and suitable slips.
It has been known for years the Miami Beach Convention Center would not be available to host the show in 2016 and maybe never again. Boat show exhibitors are familiar with showing their products under tents or temporary facilities.
None of the exhibitors at the Beach convention center offered test drives of boats so the loss of that facility should have made no difference.
Except somebody in this mix decided it was a good time to snatch the Marine Stadium from the hands of historical do-gooders and turn it into a money maker for the City of Miami, Dade County and Key Biscayne. Rather than pay Tibor Hollo and the Sea Isle folks to use their excellent marina for the in-water aspects of the boats show, rather than continue the convenience of on-site hotel and meeting room adjacent to the Sea Isle Marine, somebody decided to build “Land and in-water exhibit space for boats, including 700+ slips and fully customizable in-water exhibitor displays,” at the Marine Stadium, according to the NMMA website. It may not be 700 slips with 700 boats and yachts trying to get into and out of the harbor at the Marine Stadium all at once.
Or it might be “demo docks feature more than 150 boats in the water for demonstrations and sea trials,” as stated in another place in the NMMA boat show literature. Let’s say you are Grady White with a dozen hot dealer prospects on the line to carry your 2016 Grady-White Center Console Canyon 306. But what if they don’t have enough slips to provide 7 slips just for this one model Grady White and two tents?
According to the NMMA there are currently 113 different manufacturer listings for boats to be shown in the water at the show. With so little time left to do it even close to correctly, Miami’s boating community owes it to the world to think about the purpose of the show: presenting new boats to new boaters.

Let’s build the tents in any logical large field – in and around Miami Marlins stadium would do fine - and leave the in-water boat exhibits at Sea Isle and Bayside.
With Panama ditch ready to open, One-third of the laid-up tonnage consists of unemployed containerships of 7,500-19,000 teu. Location: Amsterdam High-Speed Waveless Boat (save 50% energy!) If a boat is running at high speed in a river, it will produce huge wave and disturbed the tranquility of the shore.
Here is my design (Fig.3), the screw propeller of waveless boat is fixed at the front of the boat, when the boat is running, the screw pulls the water into the duct that covered at bottom of the boat, and pushes the water through the duct. If the current boat has 100 horsepower (see Fig.1), and running at high speed, the front resistance is about 80 horsepower, the tail resistance is 10 horsepower and the frictional resistance is 10 horsepower. Location: Amsterdam She is my dream She is my dream, do not say he please!
Location: netherlands waves disturbing the shore are hullspeed displacement waves, once on plane a speed boat makes little waves.
Location: Amsterdam waves disturbing the shore are hullspeed displacement waves, once on plane a speed boat makes little waves. Location: Michigan To limit water surface disturbance you must limit surface contact area. Submerged foils of a Hydrofoil may do this, but not as well as a SES (surface Effect Ship) or Hovercraft. Location: Florida Waveless Boats People have been building waveless boats for years. Location: Amsterdam All these craft lift the body out of the water in all or in part. Originally Posted by waveless All these craft lift the body out of the water in all or in part.
I also have designed a high-speed submarine that is like a dolphin, the dolphin submarine can flying on the surface of the water, and dive into the water. Hull coefficient » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Are we making any real design improvements?? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. It is a basic idea that lets the paper boat flow at the surface of the water rather than immersing down. If you are using paper boat that is well decorated and is designed to support weight then you may like to create a taller sail or cabin in it.
There is no specific standard shape required, but low and flat, short and squat, thin and pointed paper boats can be used to let it flow on water. You can fill your boat with miniatures just as a part of decoration, or add weight to test the buoyancy then a balanced boat is the only solution. They may get a space in a tent but they really want a slip in front of the Miami Marine Stadium as has been promised. And the engine manufacturers are pretty much booked with their regular customer so Billy Bob is near the back of the line. But even the NMMA, on the verge of Thanksgiving, cannot sell him an ad in their program or tell him what the schedule is likely to be.
And yet the NMMA dithered with thinly designed hopes to create a miracle location amid a heap of dalloped cement and ram the in-water aspects of the boat show down the throat of the locals before they noticed.

You could put the displays in any large space under a tent or in places including Marlins stadium and parking garages, that large area of open land in front of the Marine Stadium, the large empty piece of land on the bay front adjacent to the AA stadium, inside the AA stadium. It might be “More than 1,200 boats on land and in the water with 400+ slips," to quote another part of the NMMA collateral. You want those potential dealers and their potential clients to come to the boat show, get caught up in the frenzy and buy a boat. Or simply build the tents as planned at the Marine Stadium and forget about building a temporary marina, opting instead for Sea Isle.
By the way, interesting idea you have - looks like a flow tunnel but not quite as efficient as a ducted propeller feed. The fexible skirts may come in contact with waves, but they give in, the full impact of a hard hull does not take place. This is a common question asked by almost every kids and even some elders who need to know the answer.
One thing you must understand is the water that pushes up faster with force than paper boat pushing down. However, you need to make sure that the sides of the boat are shaped much above the water level. Following a recent inaction by the Miami Dade County Commission and attendant law suits, there is officially no boat show scheduled for February. And there is certainly to plan to get the Coast Guard involved in managing this potential enormous traffic jam should the impossible come to pass and hundreds of test-drivers line up for a run.
We spoke to the dock master at Sea Isle and he said as far as he knows the marina is not booked for February.
The aweless boat can run at high speed without wave, it can save 50% energy or increase 50% speed. The craft tends to flatten out any wake with an area or curtain of pressurized air captured under the craft. You can play with the designs of paper boat and find out which one perfectly flows on water. Also, you will want the boat to flow evenly for which require both the sides of boat to be equally shaped. Also, ensure that the freight are placed evenly to hold the balance on all the sides to avoid capsize situation. A simple sheet of paper can be folded up at the edges to form good shape like shallow bowl or more complex designs like replicas of real ship. If one side of the boat is higher than the other then it draws more possibility of capsizing the paper boat.
The faster a hovercraft goes the less time the pressure is over one area, the less the wake.
Paper boat in this matter is buoyant when weight of the amount of water and the weight of the boat are calculated.

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