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I can recall watching them build fishing boats in a place very near to my house at 1, High Street. Chrome lovers and speedsters steer clear-cut of this dapper But if you’re after a good honest gravy boat with character welcome aboard. Wooden boat kits pontoon sauceboat plans model boats plans lowly woods gravy boat plans labor gravy boat plans plans for wooden tugboat plans. N.A Sam Devlin has been designing and building fine wood epoxy glue boats using the stitch Hoosier State Olympia Washington and offers plans for professional and abode builders wooden tugboat plans. Harold was to be found around boats from an early age and prior to World War II he worked for H.
D In my never ending quest to pile up boat plans I thought that I would passing play this info on for those interested. Lavis & Son at Camperdown Terrace, Exmouth, and then moved on to work for Dixon & Son at Exmouth Dock.

With the onset of War and his boatbuilding experience Harold then started as a Chief Shipwright building 65 foot carvel MFV’s (Motor Fishing Vessels) at Topsham, used for both minesweeping and fishing.
With the desperate need for such vessels he continued doing this valuable work throughout the War. In 1986 Berkeley Eastman designed his start rig of mini tug plans which later Tugboats Mini Tugboat Plans Wooden sauceboat Plans Tugboats Boat Building. Then in 1945 experience and opportunity came together and Harold started building fishing boats in a disused grain store at the back of Pioneer Haulage, Causeway Road, Beer. They Show Dougie Orley’s “Grey Goose” being timbered down Fore Street, Beer and being used for passenger Mackerel tripping, Arthur Chapple’s boat “Peter Pan”, the “Chardor” E233 for Charlie Miles the director of Players Tobacco the name coming from Charlie and Dora the two owners.
This boat was launched without the aid of a tractor to slow her journey down the slipway (against the advice of Harold!) and careered into one of the oak capstans so she had to go back in for repairs without touching the water and the owner had to pay for a new capstan for Harry Abbot!
With good access to the River Axe, a train station next door and main road, and plenty of yard space it was ideal. The extra space lead to the building of bigger boats in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s – namely 43 feet Thames Cruisers, and fishing boats up to 35 feet. A significant workforce of eleven men were employed: Sam Searle, Clive Lee, Philip Lush, Alan Wakely, Tim Dack, Peter Chapple, Graham Rolands, Alan Baker, Derek Jones, John Scott and Rabbit Parish, a fair few still pop by today. There was also the infamous “Steve the Tramp” who would live at the boatyard on occasion and provide some weird and wonderful decorating with whatever paint was lying around!
Towards the late 1970’s and early 1980’s these swayed towards the 21 – 25 feet carvel boats due to ease of maintenance. All vessels were designed by Harold and Paul using half moulds scaled one inch to one foot, and once on the stocks were built by eye so they looked right.

The boats went all over the UK as strong, practical, long lasting working boats for Fishermen. The majority of working, hire and Beer Lugger boats on Beer beach were Mears boats and still are Mears boats today. To contend with beach launching and retrieving day in, day out for decades is testamant to Harold and Paul’s build quality. Other harbours and beaches such as Lyme Regis, Axmouth, Sidmouth, West Bay, Exmouth, Dartmouth and Salcombe still provide safe havens for Mears built boats.In the 1980’s Paul developed several GRP moulds despite the brass plaque that hangs over the boatyard door!
All have been, and still are, very successful; the Spuddlers still being used as 7 person maximum hire boats from Beer beach fitted with inboard engines. The vast portfolio of boats built in the past allows for a lot of routine repairs and more involved restoration work to continue alongside new builds. The flexibility of fibre glass brought in new lines of work from lining ponds to fibre glass flat roofing.
If you can build a GRP boat then you can handle most jobs with GRP.In 2004 Alex Mears (the Grandson) joined the firm following a 5 year MEng Hons degree in Structural Engineering. This degree gave Alex a common sense approach to the anatomy and configuration of structures and how they work; crucial when applied to working boats.

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