This Indian file is an selection from the foam sandwich boat building instructions supplied These notes will describe abuse by step how to progress a boat in foam sandwich building a foam sailboat.
The grey back half of the first picture is paint because at that point I didn't know that epoxy doesn't melt foam, and I was trying to seal it up. The pink foam from the big box stores isn't a structural foam, so the laminate will have to do all the work.
Yep, all epoxied surfaces that will have UV exposure will need to be protected, with paint (the best) or varnish.
Location: AUSTRALIA I would strongly favour the foam composite ply version. Location: AUSTRALIA Hi, I would personally use the thicker one because that fuel tank is a fairly large unsupported span. Location: Coastal Georgia I would wonder about the durability of the foam panel used for a sole. Whoever sells it or makes it would be the best place to ask if it will work for what you want.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.

The black in the second picture is colored caulk that I used to smooth the surface once the boat was in position for fiberglassing.
Of course, painting the foam then applying goo and fabric means, your bond to the foam is entirely dependent on the paint to foam bond, which compared to epoxy is really weak.
The use of the solid ply mainly provides much extra weight and very little extra mechanical strength nor any noticable stiffness increase. It would be nice for everyone here to know how it works, if it works fine, people could then use it.
There are some air bubbles in the first layer because of small gaps between sheets of foam. Whether you use half or three-quarter inch probably depends mainly on the unsupported span dimensions.
That would flex under a persons weight and crush the foam and soon render the whole works worse than useless. If it doesn't work and you make a complaint, whoever sold it to you isn't going to care what anybody here said.
Made popular by big expensive impost race boats atomic number 49 sail and mightiness foam meat boatbuilding is directly becoming Thomas More and more rough-cut on boat output lines.

I am going to fix the bigger ones, but I'll probably just leave the small ones alone, since it's just between the first layer and foam. That is what sort of framing is under the sole, and what are the separation distances of that framing?
Once again all of these problems that occur with rot in wood are due to improper sealing when fixtures ans fittings are installed. If you are not sure, go with the thicker, as the weight and cost difference will be fairly small. As a foam cored laminate, the core will separate (delaminate) from the inner and outer skins, making it useless, except as built in floatation and moisture containment system. I'm not sure why you elected to employ 5 layers of 1708, but this is a whole lot more than necessary in a real foam cored build.

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