Stright-MacKay president Peter Bennett stands in front of the company’s facility in New Glasgow.
NEW GLASGOW – A local company with 65 years in the marine industry is seeing promise from having returned in a special way to its roots.
During its 60th year, Stright-MacKay bought Wedgeport Boats in 2008, one of two companies it purchased in the southwest Nova Scotia ocean side community.
Stright-MacKay prides itself on having the most comprehensive inventory of marine equipment in Atlantic Canada.
Through both its boat building and marine equipment distribution Stright-MacKay is also among Pictou County firms that have improved their standing through exports.
Company president Peter Bennett said he’s glad it once again has a boat building component, but it all comes down to seizing an opportunity when companies were looking to sell. Wedgeport Boats produces all-fiberglass boats mostly for commercial use from 10 feet to 65 feet long, Bennett said. Stright-MacKay employs 31 people in New Glasgow and from 18 to 30 people in Wedgeport, depending on market demand.
The recreation segment remains a minor portion of the production but it is growing, he said.

As for exports, boats built in Wedgeport go mainly to buyers in southwest Nova Scotia, around the Atlantic Provinces and as far away as B.C. Wedgeport Boats is one of more than 30 boat building companies that are members of the Nova Scotia Boatbuilders Association. If you would like to learn more about Fairfield, the Fairfield Co-ordinator or or one of our volunteer team would be happy to come and speak to groups and organisations about our plans.  Please get in touch with Abigail Morris on 0141 445 5866.
Among Scotland’s internationally renowned medieval sculpture, the Govan collection is remarkable for the quality and rarity of its content, its most outstanding piece being the Govan Sarcophagus, the only one of its kind carved from solid stone from pre-Norman northern Britain. In all, it amounts to 31 carved stones, which along with the graveyard from which they were recovered, now form a Scheduled Ancient Monument known as Govan, Carved Stones and Old Parish Church Graveyard. BBC Scotland’s headquarters at Pacific Quay provides free public tours on Saturdays but you must book in advance. Between the mid-nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the heyday of shipbuilding on the Clyde, Govan was at the centre of the industry. Once described as the jewel in the crown of Govan, the restored building provides a magnificent venue for all for all kinds of events. Cutting from the Glasgow HeraldCutting from the Glasgow Herald on the construction of a new University sports pavilion at Garscadden, 21 April 1936.

Removal of tennis courts during construction of the Davidson building, 1962The building is named after James Norman Davidson (1911a€“72), Gardiner Professor of Biochemistry from 1947 until his death. It bought LeBlanc Brothers Construction in 2011 and combined the two facilities under Wedgeport Boats.
The building is considered a masterpiece of gothic revival architecture, completed in 1888 by the distinguished Scottish architect Robert Rowand Anderson whose radical response, through this project, to the Presbyterian tradition of the time led to Govan Old being described as the most influential Presbyterian church ever built. The collection is the largest outside Iona and St Andrews, and the largest in Scotland from the 9th to 11th centuries.
The collection comprises a sarcophagus, five hogback tombstones, two cross-shafts, two upright cross-slabs and 21 recumbent cross-slabs.
After ceasing boat-building operations in 1982 and developing a retail outlet for commercial fishing supplies that eventually prompted the company to move to New Glasgow in 2001, Stright-MacKay is building on its return to boat building over the last five years.

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