The world famous boat show runs from 12 – 21 September, 2014, and will accommodate some 600 exhibitors with thousands of boats and related brands on display. Due to the high volume of exhibitors, the exhibition capacity of Ocean Hall is being increased for 2014 by 800 square metres making it a much larger structure than in previous years. A luxury boat-builder is to axe 90 jobs in Northamptonshire due to the global economic downturn. Chief executive Derek Carter said the decision was "regrettable" but was needed to secure "long-term sustainability" for the business.

During the Southampton Boat Show this month Fairline announced 35 orders for its Squadron 55 boat, which sells for about ?750,000. In other refinements, De Boer’s new ventilation system will be used across the three halls, which will welcome 120,000 visitors across the ten days.
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