Location: Tasmania,Australia Epoxy and Cyanoacrylate (SuperGlue) on Plywood Boats The flush joins on the Bow and Stern ends of strip planked boats don't lend themselves to epoxy joins. Has anyone found that Superglue used as a temporary, non waterproof glue prior to epoxy covering, creates problems ?
Location: WNY In your example photo, I think you could brush on straight epoxy inside the hull and get enough capillary action to hold the joints during tie removal. Location: Iowa Superglue is really designed for non porous surfaces and I doubt you would get enough of a bond to keep things together.
Location: Tasmania,Australia These are both good suggestions, and the reservations about the superglue not being strong enough when the ties are removed, is something to consider. I am getting an inclination to use a small V chisel ( like a linocutting tool ), and widening the tight joins as LP suggested. A lot of the build processes can be done with multi-step processes, but I am keen to streamline the manufacturing process, and reduce the 'bitsy' nature of the build if possible. Location: Eustis, FL Superglue will work, but will also prevent epoxy from sealing the grain, which is pretty important. This one has the tubing installed and a large capacity (3.4 oz), which is easy to load and clean. They're very flexible, easy to trim to fit tight spaces and don't cost much, though not really disposable. Location: Tasmania,Australia Thanks Par - the blocking effect of the superglue of the epoxy could be significant, especially as the superglue will be destroyed by moisture. As it turns out, I invested in a syringe and tube last week to help in the bead application of the more obtuse hull joints - but the artists palette knife is a great idea I haven't thought of.
Earlier this afternoon, spurred by LP's suggestion, I went out and bought a Dremel woodworking bit, with a sharp V point. I am hoping with a steady hand I can create a useful groove to create an epoxy bond at the ends. I am intending to bevel the plank edges (as per lewisboats diagram) where adjoining planks do not have enough angle. Location: Tasmania,Australia The Gelmagic looks like an interesting product, though very expensive.
The next time I get the plywood CnC'd I might inquire about getting some of the edges done with a bevel cutter, but then I suppose it takes away the option to choose an inner and outer plywood side based on the wood grain. PS - sorry Steve, I failed to accurately thank you for your suggestion of the V groove method. The risk with the cnc bevelled cutter might be that it would open the joint up too much further down the canoe.
I have been looking into router bits to open up the joint but that Dremel bit looks much better.
Originally Posted by latestarter They do not appear to market Gelmagic in the UK so I am looking for alternative products, hopefully cheaper. I too am not optimistic about a quality clear finish, but I will do my best and see how it comes out.
To get a really quality clear finish, you have to use the really expensive epoxy, and wouldn't come at that.

I do enjoy a good wood finish, but the strain of keeping the 'look' after rock covered beaches, underwater sticks etc etc just leaves me unimpressed. Location: Eustis, FL Instead of going nuts with machining bevels and stuff, just pull out the trusty pocket rasp. Location: WNY I think you can get a decent bright finish most clear laminating epoxies. When I make my next dinghy, I will use the use the wire ties again with the tie ends to the inside. I have used plastic ties on test builds, and they have the limitation of not being as rigid as wire.
As I mentioned before, there are lots of 'tricky steps' that will overcome most problems, but they all add up to wasted time. Originally Posted by LP I think you can get a decent bright finish most clear laminating epoxies. I am hoping that a bit of a widening with a sharp Dremel will allow an easily applied run of epoxy in one easy run with a syringe, without all the problems of applying glass tabs. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. If you wish to advertise on our site, please contact the advertising department and inform them on what pages and in what positions and in what form would like to see your ad.
Idaho's earliest boats were canoes hollowed out from huge trees, probably cottonwood or cedar. In fact, the Nez Perce helped the Corps of Discovery construct canoes on the Clearwater, with which they traveled all the way to the Pacific ocean.
In the late 1800s, boatmen began plying Idaho rivers with wooden scows, patterned after European boats. About 75 years ago a group of boatmen started running Idaho's rivers just for the fun of it. These boatmen learned to point the back of the boat into the waves and row away from whatever they were trying to avoid.
Following, the use of plywood you will preserve the charge as a result of a complete lowest.
3rd, should you adhere to a pair of in depth boat plans you can find this a lot much better to total assembling your project.
If you need to obtain your face to face specialist but easy to understand Boat Plans Plywood , plans Some fishing boats give you around Two hundred varied boat plans and also designs which are ideal for most amounts of boat builder as well as the plans include each of the components you’ll want the work carried out rapidly. I have to lay epoxy with a syringe in the wide joins further up the hull anyway, so being able to just keep on going through to the ends seems efficient.
I've all but stopped using this type of assembly for several reasons, but if you precoat the area with a roller or brush, then join (tie) the panels, you can use a pastry bag or my favorite a disposable, medium size syringe, say 60 cc or more. England I am planning to build a canoe, hope to collect the plywood next week and have been surfing for ideas to make the construction as simple as possible.
As well as the bow and stern, the canoe I am building is wider than normal and has the same problem at the mid section where the bottom plank and the adjacent ones are virtually butt joints. England They do not appear to market Gelmagic in the UK so I am looking for alternative products, hopefully cheaper.

There are quite a few times that a quick twist of the pliers will hold a plank in place, whereas a plastic or flexible fastener would either need replacing or some other complicated adjustment.
Its a matter of an hour or two to add lots of temporary tabs inside the hull, but then you lose a day as you wait for them to cure, another 2 hours sanding them back prior to the full fiberglass inner layer etc. Led by Doc Frazier, they eventually tried their luck on the rapids of the Middle Fork of the Salmon. Part of it is that the wooden boat is so unforgiving, that you figure the person running it has a higher level of skill than anyone. Indeed, your own doubt it can easily be a challenge unless you hold the proper assist, this might be appropriate. In addition, plywood can be long lasting and robust that makes your own motorboat tough along with safe and sound.
That may more than likely imply you could be on the lake a few days ago using your friends and some which low-cost skateboarding remain still left inside their garden storage sheds thinking the place to start. Individuals positive aspects might actually be your own house if you want to build your individual fishing boat utilizing plywood boat plans. This gets the goo in the tight space, in and around the ties and can even be worked into the touching panels themselves.
With the inside of the corner (the most important one) completed, you can grind open the out side, as part of the round over process (which has to be done so fabric can lay down) and apply more goo into the voids, plus seal the newly exposed end grain. Any time you have a wooden boat on the river, boatman gather around and look at it with admiration and a little bit of envy.
The reason why may well someone elect to build your personal motorboat utilizing Boat Plans Plywood ?
Nonetheless, we must look at a pair of Boat Plans Plywood that report a person in depth the best way to build your boat. Just as before you’ll benefit from the good thing that when you happen to be wise adequate to adhere to a couple of skillfully developed boat plans, you will end up usually the one beaming around the drinking water! This will give some surface area for epoxy putty to bite into and you can smooth it level so it will be hidden under the tape with nothing showing. Yet, most of the people never ever log off with the chair and attempt this much less were they been aware of Boat Plans Plywood being a starting place. Along with other instances it is because they do not know the rewards and just how straightforward it is usually. Most laminating epoxies leave the outlines of the glass fibres showing, which may be 'decent' for some people, but not for some super fussy buyers who have no idea of what goes into building boats. Its easier to apply an eyecatching design over the epoxy, and save all the hassle of having an entirely wood hull.

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