941-505-8687 - Gulf Island Tours offers Boat Tours, Yacht Charters, Boat Rentals, Boat Tours with Limo Service in Southwest Florida.
Leave the rat race behind and come aboard a Gulf Island Tours Yacht Cruise to visit the sparkling waters and stunning islands of Southwest Florida.
Accessible only by boat, Cayo Costa State Park offers a remote 9-mile stretch of beach where one can find an array of dazzling seashells by day and see cereus cactus flowers bloom gloriously by night. At 18 miles long and only two miles wide, Pine Island is the largest island on Florida’s southwestern Gulf Coast.
Stepping onto Cabbage Key is like stepping back into time, back into the rustic, natural Florida that existed before commercial development. Part of another of Florida's Gulf Coast barrier islands, 230-acre Don Pedro State Park is accessible only by water, so Gulf Island Tours is your charter to this unspoiled hideaway.
If you have questions, or would like more information about Yacht Charters, Boat Rentals, Boat Tours or Limo Service please leave your name and contact information. 941-505-8687 - Our Boat Rentals in Englewood FL can be delivered to Port Charlotte, Little Gasparilla Island and Boca Grande. Check out our yacht charter packages to find the right package and itinerary for your next special occasion! Blog - Boat Rentals Englewood FL, Boat Rental Punta Gorda FL, Limo Service Punta Gorda FL, Yacht Charters Venice, Sarasota, Englewood, Cape Coral, North Port FL.
For a full day yacht charter around Sarasota Fl, one of our favorite itineraries is exploring the long length of Manasota Key with it's pristine Gulf of Mexico beaches.
On our overnight yacht charter itinerary, we can cruise all the way up to Siesta Key just south of Sarasota, Florida. We are the ONLY company that offers FREE Limousine Service with our full day boat charters! We offer customizable tours and fishing adventures that give our passengers an authentic Florida experience. The abundant shelling attracts visitors from around the globe, each searching for colorful, sea-bourne treasure.
This beautiful sister-island to Sanibel Island offers a wonderful opportunity to see dolphins, blue heron, numerous species of colorful birds, and land creatures like raccoons – all from the sparkling water as you enjoy your boat tour. It’s a tropical paradise of mangroves, three aquatic preserves, acres of palm, tropical plants and fruit groves.
Located on Gasparilla Island, this little southwest Florida gem is a favorite secret getaway for celebrities, presidents, and other dignitaries.
Mangrove trees line one side of the island, and an assortment of wildlife, including many endangered species, adds to the natural beauty of the area.

We also offer service to all major Southwest Florida airports between Tampa and Fort Myers. It a very relaxing cruise either up the Intracoastal Waterway or on calm days, we will ride along the Gulf to find perfect places to anchor and swim to shore!
On this island, there is a wide variety of entertainment and dining options that stretch it's entire length. Discover for yourself this enchanting place once inhabited by the Calusa Indians, and take advantage of the great swimming, shelling, bird watching along miles of sandy beach.
There are archeological hiking trails and the ancient Indian shell mounds of the Calusa Indians to explore.
You may spot West Indian manatees, gopher tortoises, bald eagles and American oystercatchers.
Keep your eyes peeled for dolphins, manatees, Ospreys, Herons and possibly even Bald Eagles on this journey. Boca Grande offers unique shops and art galleries, casual and fine dining restaurants, the Boca Grande Lighthouse Museum and more.
Enjoy sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, shelling, surf fishing on the pristine Gulf-side beach. Check out our photo galleries to find the right boat rental or boat tour for your vacation! Along the ICW, exploring scenic trails of mangrove forests that lie alongside the area always makes for a very fun and fascinating day of birdwatching and wildlife viewing!
Towards the south end of Siesta Key you'll find even more restaurants and quaint island shops along with the world class beaches. So, choose a destination and let us help you explore the natural beauty and rich history of this unique area. Numerous art galleries, unique shops and restaurants await you in the charming towns of St. It is centrally located on beautiful Gasparilla and surrounded by excellent fishing opportunities, seven miles of stunning beaches, lush pine forests and crystal waters. A favorite activity here is to kayak (or ride our peddle boat!) through the mangrove tunnels. On the west side of the island are Siesta Key's glorious white sand beaches and the calm waters of the Gulf.
Casual and uniquely beautiful, Siesta Key is an ideal spot to spend your yacht charter vacation! Plus there are excellent restaurants, shopping, fishing, bike paths, golfing, tennis and more.

Just peace, quiet and off-the-beaten-path tranquility on 100 untouched acres in the waters of the Pine Island Sound.
You’ll also find hiking trails to explore along with a fishing dock, a picnic shelter, and restroom facilities. Take a leisurely dip while searching for shells in the clear turquoise Gulf water or just relax and soak up some sun on the white sugar sand beaches. Siesta Key Village restaurants have an abundance of large, open-air dining venues ranging from burger joints to award-winning fine dining spots. Yacht charters include Limo Service from Punta Gorda, Venice, North Port, Cape Coral, Sarasota, Port Charlotte and Fort Myers Florida.
The 2,426-acre state park is home to over 175 species of birds, lush pine forests, oak-palm hammocks and mangrove swamps. You’ll want to see the Museum of The Islands Historical Society to learn more about the Calusas and other early pioneers who settled Pine Island. There are nature trails to explore, and the historic Cabbage Key Inn & Restaurant, which was built atop a 38-foot pre-Columbian Indian mound. Afterwards, you can always find a comfortable spot onboard the yacht to relish in a postcard-perfect moment when the sun dips below the horizon and boldly paints the sky in strokes of orange, red and purple.
Our Overnight Yacht Charters sail from Englewood FL down to Sanibel, Captiva, Fort Myers or to Boca Grande and Venice FL. The fishing at Pine Island is some of the world’s best, and here are dozens of beaches in this boater’s paradise that make for great picnicking, shelling, exploring, and water fun! Flip flops are not only permitted, they're the rule more than the exception in Siesta Key, Florida!
Be sure to visit the historic and delightfully funky fishing and boating village of Matlacha, with its eclectic shops and eateries that specialize in creative cuisine.
The Inn’s famous and decades-old watering hole is plastered with dollar bills covering the walls and ceilings. Be sure to pack your beach bag and bring along anything you would like to eat or drink, as there are no facilities at Cayo Costa State Park. Keep your eyes peeled for egrets, osprey and majestic bald eagles in the Florida skies above this secluded part of Pine Island.
McDonald, Katharine Hepburn, Ted Koppel and Julia Roberts have all visited the secluded island.

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