We always have an assortment of good used golf carts in stock in both gas and electric models  with prices starting at $1400 depending on available models.
Chestnut Creek Trading, LLC  is Your Local Source for Club Car, EZ-Go, and Yamaha Golf Carts.
Chestnut Creek Trading always has a selection of good used Club Car,  EZ-Go, and Yamaha golf carts in both gas and electric models.

We now offer golf cart service,  repair, and rental and we have mountain bikes for sale and rent.
Some are regular style golf carts, some have carryall type rear beds, and some have a rear seat. We also offer a complete line of golf cart accessories such as seat belts, light kits, fold down rear seats, wheel covers, windshields, cargo boxes, and much more from the Madjax line of innovative golf cart accessories.

Call or stop by the sales lot and pick out your golf cart and accessories today!And don't forget that Galax and Fries now allow golf cart travel on select streets!

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