I have been hang-gliding and paragliding for thirty years and in that time I have gathered the knowledge to sew, stitch, repair and build all sorts of flying equipment, including release systems and hang glider carriers . Not only do I repair airsports equipment but I make bespoke covers for trailers, boats, cars, bikes, awnings for caravans and motor homes and repair kites and replace zips on tents also I manufacture tough high quality custom made bags.
I am based near Norwich in Norfolk UK so if you need some heavy duty stitching then please give me a call or send me an email.
Hang Glider Car CarrierMy hang-glider carrier allows your glider to be transported in safety on top of your car.
Trailer & Boat CoversI can produce custom made covers for many different items such as trailers, boats, cars and motorcycles.
Engine Mounting Blocks, Stringers and Transoms are some of the first things that deteriorate on a boat hull especially when the fiberglass covering is penetrated by mounting screws & clamps.
Custom Boat Repairs takes extreme pride in its expert color matching & blending techniques . Custom Boat Repair is also available to handle Woodworking Services on items such as rub rails, and moldings. Aluminum skegs on outboard motors and outdrives can be welded and sprayed to match factory colors. The challenge of modifying boats and successfully completing a variety of projects motivates Bill Nowicki.
This is another great tool in my arsenal to locate cracks in fiberglass hulls without cutting open the area to inspect it. Shrink-wrapping services are available for boats and anything else that needs to be protected from the weather. Gel-stripping is accomplished by using special carbide cutters and removing the blister gel-coat. Custom Boat Repair owns an 18,000 Lbs Hydraulic Trailer with and air ride suspension system. Heavy-duty 4000psi pressure cleaners with laser nozzles are used to rip off bottom paint without any damage to the gel coat.
Crafted with cold-molded technology and designed with the traditional Carolina flare and sharp entry into the water, our Carolina-style custom fishing boats combine aesthetics and efficiency.
A Carolina-style skiff, with a tunnel hull for shallow draft plus a sharp entry and moderate flare for a smooth and dry ride.
The 19′ Carolina Tunnel Skiff has an aggressive entry and a considerable amount of flare, as well as a similar tunnel to my other tunnel designs. A customer who takes parties duck hunting in the shallow waters of the Currituck Sound called me to talk about a boat. As always, my design began with determining the amount of deadrise at the transom, the progression of that deadrise to the sharper entry forward, the amount of tumblehome (rounded shape) at the stern, and the progression into the moderate flare up forward. After deciding on the specs of the boat, I then lofted the boat, built the jig and cold-molded the transom and stem and keel.

What we ended up with is an efficient, stable, smooth-running boat that has a good load-carrying capability for its size and power, while still only drawing 8 inches of water. The layout can be configured to many different uses, and the owner can choose a variety of different options and degrees of finish. Larry Brown made this Currituck-style dodger for the owner, who guides duck-hunting parties in the Currituck Sound.
My repair services covers hang gliders, paragliders, kites, harnesses, sails, tents, boat and trailer covers.
It is manufactured at my Norfolk workshop and has been safety tested and approved by the BHPA. State of the art equipment paired with 30 years of experience guarantees that the work is done correctly the first time.
This process starts by enclosing the repair area to contain the spread of fiberglass particles and keeping it properly vented.
This and large holes in hulls can be repaired using new hi-tech resins and bi-ply fiberglass to make the hull stronger than the day it left the factory. One example of a custom modification is a Dockrell Sail Boat that needed a reduction of motor noise and motor fumes. After welding his own aluminum shelter with shrink-wrap, many customers were interested in having one built so they could utilize it as a green house.
If you are not local, you can E-mail digital pictures and Custom Boat Repair can check out the damage.
This boat is perfect for getting around the shoals of the sounds while still secure enough to confidently brave the inlets. The running bottom is similar to that of my 22′ in that it has a pronounced entry while still having a broad chine forward, which gives it superior stability and weight-carrying capabilities. His requirements were shallow draft plus ample room for he and at least three or four men,decoys, dogs, guns, etc.
I also began with the height from the chine to the sheerline at the transom progressing into the depth of the rabbet line or the keel.
I feel like the final results of this design were successful and the 70 is more than enough horsepower for this hull.
This client wanted a shallow-draft skiff for fishing in the sounds but wanted big-water capabilities for heading out Oregon Inlet into the ocean. Once the design was worked out, the first hull went to a customer in Currituck due to his time table and allow us to check the performance.
Bill Nowicki personally guarantees customer satisfaction in each and every project through the use of quality products, professional equipment and skilled workmanship. This is accomplished by using 2 ventilator blowers and a large air compressor, which are used to run all of the air tools such as grinders & carbide cutters. This modification included enclosing the engine with an insulated cover and replacing the Tiller Steering System with an Edson Pedestal Steering System.

One example is when , WOR-TV, who needed microwave dish covers for their microwave antennas contacted Custom Boat Repair.
Jet skis are mounted into the rotisserie and then are able to be rotated to any side that needs to be worked on.
Phone or E-mail Custom Boat with questions about repairs you are presently having done, and a second opinion or consultation can be given. This determines how the boat sits in the water and the rake of the shearline.The progression of deadrise from the transom to the forefoot, or entry, is the key.
He chose a casting deck forward, which houses a 16 gallon fuel tank, anchor, PFDs, lines, etc.
A Heavy-duty generator is used to run all equipment as boat yards do not usually have sufficient power to do this. When the conversion was completed, the engine cover would be used for a seat while steering the sailboat. This customer also wanted for the boat to be powered with nothing more than a 8 hp four-stroke, due the heaviness of the 115s and above.
The proper progression, which depends on the length of the boat, is what makes the boat run efficiently and comfortably.
After the boat was finished, glassed inside and out, with console, self-baling deck, washboards and the works, she came out to weigh 1650 lbs. He chose aft seats, which double as storage and contain battery, panel, hydraulic pump, etc. Quality resin like Polyester and Vinyl Ester are purchased separately and specifically for each job.
Great color matches can also be achieved on non-skid surfaces like the ones on swim platforms.
The engine was quiet, the fumes eliminated and the Edison Pedestal Steering System made sailing the boat enjoyable.
The owner chose the console model with hydraulic steering and a 70 hp Yamaha, as well as the Dull Dead Grass hull color, solid rubber rub rail and a straightforward open deck layout. We see around 8 mpg and about 35 mph top end with this boat. Having been raised in a family with a long heritage of boat building, I can honestly tell you this boat is as close to pure perfection you can get in a 19 foot boat, as far as its lines, handling, stability, ride, ability carry a heavy load, and handle any sea conditions, while being able to run in some very skinny water. By using the Tyvek Suit and a self-contained breathing unit, Bill is able to give his full attention to the task at hand. The colors were custom matched and the modifications look as if they were part of the original design . Unlike the original covers, these fiberglass covers were able to protect the antennas from the ice for several years.

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