A group of people on a power boat cruising the Lake Of The Ozarks in Missouri were injured after their boat was tossed around in the wake of another boat. My first question is why were they filming this, it almost looks like a Diddy video full of white people.
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Monday was a very busy day on area lakes, and officials warn that there's a certain way of doing things out on the water.
While he's not always the most popular man on the lake, Parrott said even breaking a small rule can get out of hand quickly. The video taken from the boat during the scary incident and provided by The Lake TV Channel is shocking even to seasoned veterans like Parrott. Parrott took KCTV5's Alice Barr and photographer Rob Rhodes out on Smithville Lake for a look at the right way to roll with the waves. The waves don't get as big at Smithville Lake as they do at Lake of the Ozarks, but on a busy boating day, the crew and Parrott still saw some risky moves. Parrott said experience and good intuition keeps from turning a day of fun on the water into a trip to the hospital. Also, thanks to the rainy weekend, campers are once again allowed to have a campfire at Missouri conservation areas. The Missouri Department of Conservation had issued a fire ban in June for public properties because of the dry summer, but the ban has been lifted for all of the nearly 1,000 conservation areas. The department said managers of conservation areas could still re-impose bans for specific sites if they feel the fire danger is still too high. For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices.
Our goal with The Navigator  for 2013 is the same as it has always been and that is to try and promote some of the companies and people we work with as well as educate and entertain you in some way.
SS Delphine is a 78.55m classic motor yacht built by Great Lakes Engineering Works in 1921. Constructed at the Great Lakes Engineering Works in Michigan she was commissioned by Horace Dodge of American Automobile fame and was launched in 1921. This is in 11 double bed of which two are king-size VIP rooms and 4 in one cabin with bunk beds.
Fuel consumption: 600 liter per hour at cruising speed, 1000 liter a day for the generators. Certainly it is a priority for someone who is thinking about doing a charter to find a first class yacht and a first class crew. Captain Richard Cassarino and First Mate Lisa Pratt, have more than 30 years' combined sailing experience. Rich, a graduate of Johnson & Wales University, owned and operated Cassarino's Ristorante in Providence's "Little Italy" for 20 years.
We are thrilled to join our passion for sailing with our business experience to move into a more personalized sector of the service industry.
Guests can sit back and relax and take in the scenery or if they want they can give Captain Richard a break and take over the job of being the Captain. Island hop or snorkeling guests select the target and Captain Richard and Lisa will hit the mark every time. For over 20 years Captain Richard & Lisa have been providing first class charter in the Caribbean.
Safety is also a Priority with Captain Richard and Lisa and with the experience they bring to the table guests can rest  easy knowing this winning team has everything under control. The Caribbean's coral reefs have collapsed, mostly due to overfishing and climate change, according to a new report released by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).
In the most comprehensive study yet of Caribbean coral reefs, scientists have discovered that the 50 to 60 percent coral cover present in the 1970s has plummeted to less than 10 percent.
Called "Nature's Olympics," the conference will explore five environmental themes over five days. Much of the decline is caused by a massive die-off of sea urchins in the 1970s-possibly due to disease. The scientists also said that warmer water-often caused by hurricanes blowing through-have harmed reefs. Corals are vital for many reasons, from boosting tourism dollars to local communities and even buffeting islands themselves from powerful storm surges, Lundin said. The good news is that there are ways to protect the remaining 10 percent of Caribbean corals. For instance, putting in place marine protected areas can reduce the pressure of overfishing. If you would like more details about any of the events, simply click on the regatta name and you are directed to the relevant website or the person in charge of the event. Each of the events listed is an event organised by a CSA member organisation and as such does not list non CSA member events. Question: How is my policy effected when someone asks to added as a Named Additional Assured onto my policy? The additional assured and the insured share the same liability limits on the insured's policy. If you need further information regarding this subject please contact your insurance agent. We have listed some accidents that occurred in 2012 and all of them could have been prevented had the operators exercised better judgement.

Dallas and his wife, Amber, had just left Sunset Cove when they saw the mangled pontoon boat. Investigators say they are treating the crash as a hit and run, and they say Bennett has been cooperating with them. Kyle Glover, whose mom is the singer's ex-wife, Tameka Foster, was sitting with a 15-year-old girl in the inner tube, which was being pulled along by a boat. TMZ reports that the boy was hit in the head and was unresponsive when taken out of the water.
Officials told 11 Alive that alcohol did not play a role in the accident and that it was too soon to know if any charges will be filed. The Silverton yacht, built in 1984 but purchased recently, was under 60 feet of water Thursday and officials worked to raise it. Police and the Coast Guard would not say how many of those aboard were adults and how many were children. Phil Cusumano, a Boston-based safety instructor and yacht captain with 35 years of experience, said there is no question the boat was badly overloaded. Chinese tourists ride in a speedboat during their summer vacation at the Beijing Zoo on July 20, 2012. Seven people were injured in a high-speed boat crash at the Lake of the Ozarks last month, and here’s the crazy footage of it. Half of them were standing up when they went through the wake of another boat, and got bounced around REALLY hard.
A Missouri State Highway Patrol trooper and four other people are recovering after two boats collided on the Lake of the Ozarks. Investigators say a Water Patrol boat being driven by 35-year-old Trooper Stephen Burgun, of Jefferson City, collided Thursday night with a boat driven by 55-year-old Brian Pecenka, of Lake Ozark.The patrol says Pecenka did not have his bow lights on when he turned in front of the patrol boat. The artist known as Prince, who pioneered "the Minneapolis sound" and took on the music industry in his fight for creative freedom, died Thursday at age 57. Please confirm or modify the email address to which you will have subscription offers sent. For $3.75, the Missouri State Highway Patrol will provide a basic boating accident report upon request. You must wait 10 days from the date of the crash investigation and then complete a request form. To acquire a copy of the form that you must fill out the Missouri State Highway Patrol Boat Accident Reporting Form. Joshua Cowell, 19, a passenger on a personal watercraft at Lake of the Ozarks was seriously injured. Cowell was riding a 2006 Yamaha operated by an 18-year-old Overland Park man that was struck by a 2001 Sea Doo operated by a 19-year-old Overland Park man. When the owner of the Double Dolphin fitted the boat with an elaborate pipe structure and canvas top, the center of gravity was raised and, more importantly, the projected side area vastly increased.
It was also confirmed that the number of passengers (47) was too many and that the boat was only capable of safely carrying 14 passengers.
A lawsuit brought by the victims and their families is pending in the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York. It has come to light the Shoreline Cruises had been sold a fraudulent liability insurance policy.
All seven passengers in a speedboat on the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri in 2012 were injured after their vessel hit a large wake. The camera facing inward from the bow of the boat captures footage of the family jolting with the wake at first, holding on for stability.
Seven boaters were injured and five were sent to the hospital with minor to moderate injuries from this boating accident this past Friday on the Lake of the Ozarks. The driver, Marvin Carter of Memphis, Tenn., was cited with careless and imprudent operation following the Aug. Sergeant Jerry Callahan of the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s Water Division is reported to have announced a new seating violation charge after seeing the video. None of the passengers was wearing a life jacket, though there is no requirement that they do so. The Missouri water safety  law requires you to obtain a boating safety identification card before operating a vessel on the state’s lakes.
Memorial Day weekend, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day weekend involve many water skiing, jet-ski accidents, or recreational craft injuries.  Alcohol consumption is often a cause. If you or a loved one was seriously injured in a Missouri boat accident, talk with an experienced Missouri boat accident lawyer.  Please call 816-809-2035 to speak to Kansas City personal injury attorney, Mike Fatall. Pay attention to the “choice of law” provision, which is usually in small print at the bottom of your cruise ticket.
Brian Parrott has learned that if he doesn't get a wave from a passing boat, there may be something wrong. Dropping water levels brought more timber to the surface, creating new obstacles and he said he has seen more stranded boaters than usual. The images are public record and come from various law enforcement and detention center websites. She is steeped in history having served as the flagship of Admiral King during WWII and being the yacht of Yalta when Churchill, Truman and Stalin prepared the Yalta convention. We spent years trying to make room for sailing in our busy professional lives in Providence, Rhode Island. The restaurant is consistently rated the "Best Italian Restaurant in Providence." He now brings his superior cooking and entertaining skills to the high seas. Without these reef grazers-the "cows in the field" that keep vegetation in check-the number of algae and grasses have skyrocketed, dominating reefs and pushing corals aside, Lundin said.

When the water gets too hot, algae that live inside coral, called zooxanthellae-abandon their hosts, causing the coral themselves to bleach and eventually die. Governments can also work with local fishers to maintain their livelihoods, for instance by raising the value of individual fish so that the fishers catch fewer animals. Her 16 metre beam provides a large saloon area on the main deck which offers superb views through a panoramic window and accommodates a lounge area, dining table, as well as navigation station.
It is possible to have the best of both worlds and at destinations you have always wanted to experience. The charm and tranquility takes you back to a time when things were simpler, when life was more peaceful, when stress was just a word, not a way of life.This 36-square-mile island lies near the top of the Lesser Antilles archipelago, about 200 miles south of Puerto Rico, and just west of Antigua. The crash happened when the Fountain powerboat plowed into a large wake of another vessel at high speed. It was chaos," said Aurelino, who didn't answer the door to The Associated Press.The cause of the accident was under investigation, but it could have been the weather, overcrowding, the wake from another vessel, or a combination of factors, said Nassau County Detective Lt.
The yacht company filed for bankruptcy in April, and no one was available to say what the maximum number aboard should be. Safety experts said most boats have a manufacturer's plate that lists capacity by number of adults and by total weight.
The zoo grounds were originally a Ming Dynasty imperial palace and finally opened to the public in 1908. Requests for report copies, certified accident reports, accident photographs, or accident reconstruction reports must be forwarded to the Patrol Records Division. Forward the completed form to the Patrol Records Division along with your check or money order made payable to DPS – Missouri State Highway Patrol. The accident occurred as the watercraft were southbound at the 8.5 mile maker of the lake’s Big Niangua Arm. The boat continued to be inspected and certified by the USCG for 48 persons, although they should have performed another test. The total load was over three times greater than it should have been, the pilot made a hard turn to the right at speed, the seating arrangement put three people on the left versus two on the right (giving a permanent two-degree list to port), and the bench seats had no way of stopping involuntary sliding, so the centrifugal force of the hard turn caused involuntary movement of the passengers to the port.
On October 4, 2005 a trial date for April 13, 2010 for the lawsuits in question was announced. Shoreline paid premiums for a $2 million policy for about two years before the Ethan Allen capsized. The water patrol division or its agent shall issue a permanent boating safety identification card to each person who complies with the requirements of this section which is valid for life unless invalidated pursuant to law. The water patrol division may charge a fee for such card or any replacement card that does not substantially exceed the costs of administrating this section. You may be able to receive compensation for injuries and trauma experienced while vacationing on a cruise ship.
This provision informs you of which legal agency holds jurisdiction over incidents that occur on the cruise ship. Sexual assault is extremely difficult to prove, and the absence of trained police onboard most cruise ships means that it is easy for evidence of the assault to be altered or erased. Shipboard accidents involving injuries at sea can ruin your cruise ship vacation.  Or even worse, causes the wrongful death of your loved ones. Those who are pictured are innocent until proven guilty.More >These are images of people who have been arrested in the Midlands. Each meal served aboard PRIORITIES will be tailored to your tastes, from breakfast to scrumptious multi-course dinners. A forward facing door through the saloon window gives easy access to a large sunbed on the foredeck.
The zoo's history states that during the WWII, most of the zoo's animals died of starvation with only 13 monkeys and one old emu surviving the war. The US Coast Guard originally certified the boat in 1966 when it was called the Double Dolphin.
According to the NTSB Naval Architect, Rob Henry, if that test had been performed, the boat would not have been certified to carry any passengers due to insufficient stability to the load of the wind heel. However, the water patrol can still cite boaters for speeds that it believes are unsafe for the conditions. If you have been sexually assaulted while on a cruise ship, then a personal injury lawyer can help you figure out the best way to present your case. You may have suffered an infectious disease on a cruise ship. Unsuspecting passenger victims like you are left out at sea without a paddle unless you retain experienced cruise ship attorneys to help recover damages for your cruise ship negligence bodily harm.
Following a huge restoration project from 1997 to 2003, SS DELPHINE has been retuned to her former glory. In the hills, the comical green vervet monkeys chatter and scamper; in the sea, the whales cruise by. I didn't see it."Aurelino's nephew David Aurelino, 12, and two girls, 11-year-old Harley Treanor and 8-year-old Victoria Gaines, died. If you have a safety tip or an experience that you would like to be published we would love to have you send it to us. The 24 other passengers - a combination of adults and children - were rescued from the water, mostly by fellow boaters, and were not seriously hurt. More >A dangerous armed robbery spree at Subway locations around the metro could be over thanks to a bag of chips.

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