Slated for a full-scale public debut in mid-June, the Formula 350 CBR, which stands for Crossover Bowrider, combines elements of the company’s Sun Sport, Super Sport and and Performance Cruiser lines with an open bow layout. The Formula 350 CBR takes the strong features of the Sun Sport, Super Sport and Performance Cruiser lines and blends them into a bow rider format. Adams said that the 35-foot-long open bow model was born out of consumer and dealer demand for a “big bow rider,” but no one at Formula was interested in developing a mid-cabin model.
It’s hard to believe, but in just three months many of the fastest boats in the country, along with thousands of other go-fast powerboat enthusiasts, will gather on Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri for the 24th annual Lake of the Ozarks Shootout. After running into event organizer Ron Duggan at the Desert Storm Poker Run in Lake Havasu City, Ariz., of all places, I followed up with the owner of Captain Ron’s and found out that new radar equipment has been purchased and the event is planning a tribute to Shootout legends Bob Morgan and Jeff Tillman, who died last November in a boat crash at the Key West World Championships in in Key West, Fla.
Bill Tomlinson’s 50-foot Mystic My Way tied the course record with a 208-mph top speed in 2011.
To address concerns from participants about top-speed accuracy, Duggan said the event will feature new state-of-the-art radar equipment. In an effort to get in more speed runs, Duggan said the event will start earlier on Saturday morning so the thousands of boats and spectators lined up to watch the Shootout can enjoy even more runs along the 1-mile course. The rollover of the new Outerlimits SV29 V-bottom on Tuesday, May 15, on Rhode Island’s Narragansett Bay sent shockwaves through the high-performance powerboat world. Shown here during a photo shoot in Miami in February, the SV29 is Outerlimits’ newest model. It was a typical Northeast spring day on Narragansett Bay—those are our testing grounds—about 60 degrees, 1- to 2-foot with the wind blowing 15 miles per hour or so. At the end of the day, I’m just very happy that the mechanical failure happened while I was driving rather than a consumer. There were early reports that the trim tab indicators failed, which cause you to leave a tab down as you entered the turn.
With the hull plug complete and a hull mold soon to be finished, the deck tooling in progress and an end-of-summer completion date for Sunsation’s first 34-foot-center console release still a goal, the Algonac, Mich., semi-custom boat builder already has ten orders for the new model. If all goes to plan, the Sunsation crew should complete the company’s first 34-foot center console by the end of the summer.
Tooling for the 34-footer’s deck currently is being completed at Vector Works in South Florida.
Unleash South Florida-based ace photographer Jay Nichols on the high-performance performance powerboat scene on the Colorado River—a place he’s never been before—during the Desert Storm event in late April and you come out with a wealth of remarkable images.

Color-matched to the desert landscape, a DCB M31 catamaran rockets down the Colorado River. Nichols captured this image of a Dave’s Custom Boats M31 Widebody catamaran rocketing down the river a few days before the Desert Storm Poker Run on Lake Havasu.  And by nothing more than pure coincidence, the smouldering colors of the boat appear to be “borrowed” from those of the surrounding desert landscape. Add the sparkling water, the sunburst on the cat’s wraparound windshield and its perfectly level running attitude—at what appears to be substantial speed—and this compelling image takes on a rare and breathtaking quality. The highly anticipated M41 Widebody catamaran from Dave’s Custom Boats (DCB) is still a few months from being ready to hit the water, but the crew at the El Cajon, Calif., company is energized because the 41-footer is really starting to come together.
The 11th annual Jacksonville River Rally Poker Run presented by the Florida Powerboat Club is in full effect today with more than 40 boats participating, including high-performance hot rods from the likes of Cigarette Racing, Marine Technology Inc., Skater Powerboats and many more. At the Miami International Boat Show, gamesmanship among boat and engine manufacturers is par for the course—and it’s really fun to watch.
With a Mercury 565 engine (show here) under the hatch, the Nordic’s new 24-foot catamaran reportedly tops 100 mph. Since its inception five years ago, the Support Our Troops Poker Run on Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri has doubled in size, and organizers are expecting an even bigger turnout for this year’s event.
Please confirm or modify the email address to which you will have subscription offers sent. BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS • ; SALINA — Authorities are searching for a woman who went underwater while swimming in Lake Hudson. Rather than go with a mid-cabin, a fairly common solution from builders that offer “big” bow rider models, the cabin for the CBR is located under the sole in the middle of the boat. Hosted by Captain Ron’s Bar Grill, the top-speed event features two days of racing on Saturday and Sunday (Aug.
Photo courtesy Robert BrownIn 2011, the events surrounding the Shootout raised a record-setting $70,000, which was donated to 20 different organizations. The long-awaited and much-anticipated 29-footer took more than two years to bring from concept to reality, and production of the stepped V-bottom reportedly sold out within a month of its mid-February introduction at the 2012 Miami International Boat Show. Late yesterday afternoon, I caught up with him for a brief telephone interview regarding the accident. We went for a normal ride on our normal course, did our usual loop around the bay and entered into a left-hand turn at 75 mph, like I do all the time. The deck will incorporate the boat’s cabin, much of which will be under the center console.

Knowing some of the size limitations at the DCB facility, I asked Chiaramonte if the company is going to make any changes to accommodate building the 41-footer.
Here’s a closer look at some of the boats at the event, which shows the variety of go-fast boats from classic Apache and Bertram models to center-consoles and outboard-powered catamarans. Grand River Dam Authority spokesman Justin Alberty tells a local television station that 22-year-old Kari Lyn Ogden of Sand Springs was not wearing a life jacket when she got out of a boat to swim and went under water Saturday evening.
That enabled Formula to retain the Sun Sport and Super Sport-like cockpit amenities and layout, build a generous cabin below deck and create a large open-bow area.
At the same time, Bill Tomlinson and Ken Kehoe tied the course record with a 208-mph run in Tomlinson’s turbine-powered 50-foot Mystic catamaran My Way.
Neither Mike Fiore—the owner and founder of Outerlimits and the driver of the boat that day—nor his passenger sustained injuries in the accident. Once Sunsation receives the deck tooling it will create a mock-up of the cabin so all molded parts specifications can be finalized—and non-molded parts can be precisely fitted—before the first model is built. We are still tidying up the inner liner, the hatch molds and some of the other intricacies, including patterning the fuel tanks and other components.
He said they have a handful of expansions planned, including pushing out the lamination shop and the spray booth by at least 10 to 12 feet. 16, Mercury Racing pulled the sheet off of its new 565 engine, a naturally aspirated 565-hp “tweener” product, separated by the 525 EFI and the 600 SCI offering. 18, we figured now was as good a time as ever to see what’s in store for the 2012 Shootout.
We have identified the mechanical problem and have made the appropriate changes to make sure we never have that mechanical problem again. Between the prototype and production boats, we have in the neighborhood of 200 hours of testing in the 29, and the majority of those hours are mine. Just minutes later and one Miami Convention Center row away, Ilmor Marine unveiled its 570-hp V-8 LS-platform naturally aspirated engine dubbed the MV8 570.

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