Then, it's off to Shell Island where the boat docks to allow you some time to explore the island. This vessel has an enclosed and climate controlled lower deck with viewing windows all the way around. The journey begins in the Historic Grand Lagoon, where you can feel the sea gulls who flock to greet visitors.
Learn about the wonders of the natural ecosystem as you pass around sea life in a clear specimen bucket - or possibly you can touch or hold some of it.
Next, it's off to Shell Island and a private dock located in Spanish Shanty Cove, a portion of the island that is part of St. After boarding the boat again, it's off to watch the wild bottlenose dolphins frolicking in their natural habitat. Comparative selection of tours and activities from the largest independent booking service. This web site provides a booking service for a variety of shows, tours, and activities and is not connected with or sponsored by any of the venues, teams, performers, events, or organizations unless this web site expressly indicates that it or Alcatraz Media Inc. Use of this Web site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy - GA License Number TKBK00007 Fla.
Panama Beach Service, “Serving the World’s Most Beautiful Beaches.” With locations dotted along the 27 miles of Emerald Coast in Northwest Florida, Panama Beach Service is your ultimate provider of beach watersport activities and beach rentals, specializing in providing on-site beach chair and umbrella rentals to condominium and hotel complexes.
Boat tours in Panama city beach Florida Shell island pontoon boat rentals in Panama city beach FL. You’ll probably want to stop at Shell Island and explore the sugar white beaches or look for sand dollars in the shallow waters. Fun with the Family Heave-ho mateys for a two-hour cruise on a pirate ship within cannon range of Shell Island. Pirate hats are the headgear of the day for little privateers hunting for treasure. The tour narration will point out sights such as nesting ospreys, or perhaps a dolphin trying to get a free lunch from the floating bait shack.

Andrews Bay is the most diverse estuary in North America, with over 3,600 species of marine life. Click on the "Tours" button on the toolbar, and you can compare everything we offer in this area. For a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please update your browser today or try a newer browser. Pontoon boat rentals are so easy to operate and maneuver, your crew will be calling you Captain before you leave the dock. The open upper deck seating area is covered, providing shelter from the elements while also allowing a perfect place to feel the sea breeze.
Imagine the excitement as you watch the trawl net pulled aboard with a variety of aquatic wonders and sea shells.
Andrews Bay is home to a large population of these dolphins and they love to show off for visitors.
If you WANT to bring your own snacks, soft drinks, etc., it is OK to bring in a bag or backpack. There are other companies promoting that they do swim with dolphins which is why there is a legal presence out on the water now to prevent it.
If you want to purchase items from the snack bar, you must do so with cash - no credit cards.
If you are nervous about sea sickness, it is advised to take a “non-drowsy” form of Dramamine before your trip.
It is very much like having a private and very beautiful island that is not a public beach. The Reserve123 Network offers the largest independent booking service in the world with 10,000 tours and activities worldwide. There are specially constructed side panels making it safe for the whole family to be right at the edge and not miss a thing.

Andrews Park and cross through what locals call "The Pass" between the jetties of the park and Shell Island, entering into St.
The dock has a short boardwalk to take you right to the beautiful white sandy beach stretching as far as the eye can see. Also, seasick pills are available for purchase in the gift shop located next door to the ticket check-in office. Things you can do include swimming, shelling, snorkeling, sun bathing and even taking a nice hike through the paths on the dunes.
The crew recommends wading about knee deep into the water and you can usually find some there. You will have an hour at your leisure to swim, go shelling, explore, picnic or just relax and enjoy the uninhabited island. An encounter with these beautiful and intelligent creatures is the perfect way to cap off your outstanding half day of touring. Andrews Bay are wild; therefore, your captain and crew advocate good stewardship by practicing safe viewing which will not disrupt the animals' behavior, but allow them to be seen in their natural environment.
Enjoy the exploration, but please remember to respect the area and “leave no trace” behind.
The point where the boat docks is approximately 3 miles toward the center and still within the boundaries of the State Park.
Guests will be able to take home pin shells, whelks and other empty shells from the bay that were found in the trawl net.
You’re sure to get thirsty as you sunbathe while watching the kids build sand castles.

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