2015 Sweetwater Premium 240 SD Cruise the lake in luxury and style with this Sweetwater Premium 240 Sun Deck. Answer: It is not recommended unless it is made specifically for boat transporting since the wind may blow it off or at minimum scratch your boat up. Answer: If you have your boat shrink wrapped for transport make sure it is professionally done. I am sure some of you have already heard of this but for of those that haven't it is a completely crazy act.

If you want to get out of a jam when you strike a rock and damage your prop then carry a spare propeller and prop wrench onboard your boat. Perform the prop swap on a beach or some place where you can retrieve any washers, bushings, pins or nuts that accidentally fall off.
Monterey boats has been building boats for over thirty years and their maturity is showing now like never before. In some cases the shrink wrap comes apart during transport and causes more damage than good.

Embark your vision along its length, there is not a glimpse of a vessel’s traditional perimeter going around it.
We carry an additional $200,000 insurance policy to protect you from any unforeseen events.

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