Have you ever heard the saying, “Little Hinges Swing Big Doors?” I first heard it from a mentor of mine, legendary copywriter and marketing guru Dan Kennedy. In every business, there are several little things that can be done, changed, improved or stopped that can have dramatic impact on the bottom line.
So, let me tell you about a little change my wife made, based on a passing comment from her Aunt Donna. But, Donna mentioned that sometimes babies are allergic to the chlorine in tap water (which is what we were using). With that in mind, I wanted to offer you a free book that may just have a few little hinges for you.

Matt Sellhorst is the Author of the book “Marine Marketing Strategies” and Head Profits Coach at Boat Dealer Profits. Even ignored because Donna’s a little bit of a hippie tree hugger into a lot of “whoo-whoo” stuff my wife and I are not. There is likely a simple and elegant solution to that problem that will swing a very big door of change in your boat business.
Stay on the lookout for those little hinges that could swing a big door in your boat business.
Sellhorst was also the winner of the MDCE Best Ideas Contest, Boating Industry’s Movers and Shakers Bold Moves award, a top producing boat salesman and a speaker and presenter at the Marine Dealer Conference and Expo.

He now helps dealers, brokers and manufactures sell more boats with proven sales and marketing systems. Read books, attend trainings and seminars (like MDCE) and participate in coaching programs or 20 groups.
Then, keep your ears, eyes and mind open for that little idea that could be worth time, money or increased enjoyment of your boat business.

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