CHRIS YOUNGThe State Journal-RegisterIt may be a sign that the economy is turning around that boat dealers are trying to shoehorn big boats into the Orr Building at the Illinois State Fairgrounds this weekend. Speaking of packing them in tight, the team from Clinton Marine had less than an inch to spare when bringing in the Rinker 310 Cruiser through the big door at the Orr Building. Even with the tight quarters, there were still other options if the boat couldn’t fit through.

The economic downturn took a bite out of the cruiser market, but Gibbs said things are rebounding slowly.
Smith said when the market for big boats slowed down, it got stronger for fishing and pontoon boats.
Springfield boat dealers are represented at the show, as are dealers from a radius of 60 to 80 miles.

A Starcraft pontoon boat is maneuvered into position Wednesday as boat dealers set up for The Boat Show in Springfield opening today.

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