Rocklin Pest Control Services?Pinnacle Pest Control services Rocklin for all types of insect and rodent extermination.
Through our commitment to excellence, Pinnacle has built a premier company with the personnel, equipment, and experience to handle clients ranging from homeowners, apartment complexes, restaurants, hospitals, adults homes, and commercial organizations.
Located in Placer County with a population of approximately 56,000, Rocklin is in the Sacramento Valley and is part of the Sacramento–Arden-Arcade–Roseville Metropolitan area. On and educational level, the Rocklin area is home to eleven elementary schools, two middle schools, and two high schools – Rocklin High School and Whitney High School. It was originally a European – American Settlement that expanded rapidly in the 1850’s due to gold prospecting. It is also home to Victory High School and Rocklin Independent School, both of which make up the Rocklin Alternative Education Center. It holds 600,000 square feet shopping, entertainment and dining with numerous retailers, a hotel, dinner houses, shops and professional services in an architecturally integrated town center setting.
This typically refers to a stretch of Granite Drive along interstate 80 that includes 3 boat dealers, a Land Rover showroom, a Porsche showroom, a Mercedez Benz dealership.
We are dedicated to providing timely, safe and competitively-priced service on every job, big or small, but most of all, we are dedicated to getting results.
Two colleges are located in Rocklin, Sierra College, and William Jessup University, a private Christian University.

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