All too often, we at Wayzata Marine begin to see attendance on the water dwindle after July 4th…but why? Well, we wanted to remind you, summer is in full-swing, right here, right now; and, we want you to take advantage of that. Because, a few months down the road you might be kicking yourself about not having taken in every last drop of the sun’s warming rays…or about how not for another 6 months will you bathe in MN’s warm waters…or about how the previous sand between your toes has now changed to blistering cold snow. Just like the Fonz, you need to jump that shark and get on the boat…Alright, that doesn’t make any sense, we just really like the picture we found…Nevertheless, you and your family deserve time on the water—there’s plenty of time for work and the whatnot’s in October and November. This is a time for fun and family, a time for party, a time for summer, a time for boating!
You see, a day on the boat is a gift that will really capture Dad’s attention — both this Sunday and long thereafter. With the summer heat and shining sun, we decided to throw a little Wayzata Marine company BBQ the other day (which turned out to be a great idea). While the service department was offline for just under one hour, everything went smoothly over our “team building” lunch. Having a blast ourselves, we concluded that it might be entertaining to do something similar for our customers, and their family and friends—bringing “Marina Days” to life. Memorial Day marks a special time where we remember to take a moment to appreciate the costs of freedom and liberty, and what better place is there to do this than the lakes of Minnesota! It was evident many of you agreed—the parking lot was full and the slips were empty as many embarked on a Memorial Day boating adventure! Despite some heavy rain fall (which seems to have “bulked-up” Lake Minnetonka) we were delighted everyone had a fun time on the water; and, cruising toward June at wide open throttle, we quickly close in on more fun this coming weekend!
We hope the parking lot is yet again full, and while you’re here, make sure to check out some of our expanding inventory—like the all new 2012 Regal 3550 or the 2012 Chaparral 226 SSi.
All of this is happening just in time for the fun and energetic weekend that implicitly marks the turning point to the greatest season of all, summer!

Stored and sold boats are migrating their way toward the lake—splashing into beautiful Maxwell Bay—and the slips are filling up with great boats and boaters. We are interested in staying connected with you and your boating experiences summer-round—not just in the showroom and around the marina, but on the water too.
Now when you are on the water you can quickly access your mobile device and catch up with us on Twitter and Facebook. With new and used boats, on water service, 185 slips and indoor and outdoor storage options Wayzata & Minnetonka Marine are proud to be able to offer a One Stop Shopping Experience for the boating public.
The 270 Sundeck Outboard, geared for incredible stability, comfort and handling, is taking names and numbers. Slap on some sunscreen, pack up the cooler, baggy up a couple sandwiches and let’s get back on the lake! Okay, okay, maybe we’re being a little too rough painting these vivid pains of winter, but the point is we should take advantage of this awesome summer! Kids grow up in the blink of an eye; and, with work, travel, soccer, and hockey games consuming us, it’s easy to look back and wonder where the time went. Teaching the kids about range, bearing, course, and speed, or assigning them roles (like first mate) will keep the children entertained while allowing Dad the perfect opportunity to create lifelong bonding memories.
Life is short…if boating is something you’ve always dreamt about, there is no better time that the present. Seriously, can you think of anything better than sitting out by Lake Minnetonka grilling burgers? It served as a great way to build camaraderie and brainstorm ideas about how to further incorporate you guys into the summer fun. The rules are pretty lax so use whatever resources you desire—friends, family members, etc. Our Dock Crew began performing their duties as well; two new members of the team started and had some adventures of their own!

Everything is right here for you to see, and we’d love to hear from you about your experiences!
We are very passionate about helping people with their boating experience, and this year we are excited to announce one of the new ways we will capitalize on this.
Social media is a great medium used for business, enjoyment, and networking (as you surely know). We want every boater to maximize the fun they are having on the water and these social mediums can provide that extra level of contemporary nautical involvement. First-rate performance goes hand-in-hand with premium Mercury® Verado outboard technology, as smooth and quiet as it is powerful.
Despite 15+ weekend days, a huge upcoming holiday, and record high summer temps, many people seem to be throwing in the towel, or working too hard! Quite a few I bet…This year it’s time to give Dad something different, something he will truly cherish. Our customers will be invited to attend our free BBQ to hangout around the marina…however, mingling amongst the crowd is not necessarily the only activity. So long as you have a great picture, winning the water tube really depends on how well you can organize a few folks to ‘like’ your picture-masterpiece. So for passengers of all ages looking to carve wake, catch up with loved ones or simply catch rays, the 270 Sundeck Outboard grabs your attention from go, and will inspire lasting impressions. While beef jerky or a beer is likely a must, time on the water with the family cannot be topped. We were happy to see that these team members showed up for work the next day with high spirits; we feel our new team did a fantastic job this past weekend, and hope our customers agree.

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