Location: Scotland S70 Project (Give your ideas) This is what I have so far for my teams strathclyde 70 class hull. Location: Scotland Rig Design Heres a quick collage i made in photoshop. S70 Alex, I can't open your pdf file on the rules since I have webtv so I can't comment on how well your boat may fit those rules. 2) google Lester Gilberts technical site-primarily on IOM's but full of usefull design information for RC model Yachts. Location: Maine Alex, the first drawing you posted seems to have a lot of things cluttering up airflow in the rig. Personally, i would suggest looking into a sloop rig with a large roach mainsail and moderate roach jib. Location: Scotland Yes ive looked at that thread before but it takes some reading and for some of us lesser educated people it is quite tough going. Also on the subject of hulls would there be any point in making the hull in the shape of a symetrical airfoil. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
When at rest, a surfers weight is borne entirely by the buoyant force (also depending on how much beer you drank the night before).
At low speeds every hull acts as a displacement hull, meaning that the buoyant force is mainly responsible for supporting the surfer. A fluid flowing (water) past the surface of a body (surfer + surfboard) exerts surface force on it.
In contrast, the buoyant force decreases as the hull lifts out of the water decreasing the displaced volume.
This is the reason that surfboards with lots of rocker need more speed and their no rocker cousins scream across the water.
The major difference between a planing surfboard hull and a displacement hull is the way in which the surfboard travels through the water. At high speeds a displacement hull’s tail will sink down lower and lower as a result of the “hole” created in the water as the surfboard moves forward. A planing hull, on the other hand, will have a flat or concave bottom contour and plane up on top of the water. Displacement hulls push through the water as they have no hydrodynamic lift, or the surfboard does not rise out of the water as speed increases. The hull design (shape) does not limit the maximum attainable speed but does affect the power required for it to get on plane (on top of the water). Semi-displacement or semi-planing hulls have features of both planing and displacement hulls. There is not one hull design characteristic that differentiates semi-displacement from semi-planing hull. The greater the hydrodynamic lift and higher the hull design speed the more likely it will be referred to as a semi-planing hull.
I came across this blog post by Steven Mast of Mast Surfboards and it is an excellent discussion of the topic.
Old, soft edged boards are the same, as are any true displacement hulls being produced today. Now I’m sure I’ll get some flak for this, but displacement hulls, by their very nature, are not as fast as planing hulls (editors note: . Another thing I’ll take flak for, and I’m saying it anyway, Greg Liddle did not invent the displacement hull surfboard. All displacement hulls, although arguably not “modified transitional displacement hulls”, whatever that means. I (even after researching and writing it) have to reread it sometimes to understand it too.
I am totally with you on this, my experience is that a board reacts differently in a turn vs. Putting an edge on a tail does not automatically turn the board into a PH—totally agree. All surfboards (regardless of the intentions, theories, or fantasies of their designers) plane on the wave face.
Most simmons hulls I see are single concave, but I spoke to a guy in the water who was riding one with a v hull. The development of new technologies and new materials permits an optimization of the hulls for each application. Work boats have to be stable and have loading capacity, they have to withstand heavy sea’s. The revolutionairy model S&YSHCAT, catamarans with submerged floaters, gives a stability which has never been obtained before. The propulsion system and engines have to fit in this scope, they have to be high performing and light.

All this can easily be achieved with reinforced plastics, and even more, extreme design can be made for the greater joy of the owners. I have chosen Stern Wheel drive, as I like the idea and they are great for shallow draught, Power Plant will be a small Diesel and full Hydrauic drive.
Any help, plans, advise or experience you have that you think would help would be greatly appreciated. If you'd like I'll draw up a set of wheels and toss in a couple of smoke stacks on this design of mine. Don't sell, trade or buy your Jayco Travel Trailer until you visit this huge Texas RV Consignment site. Location: Reedville, VA Morning Geltlemen, Not sure if we are still talking about the original post, but here's a beautiful hull - the lines came from a 1952 Alvin Beal designed boat. If she's kept simple (light) you could expect 14 knots with about 120 HP at the prop and 12 knots with 73 HP. Do you guys that have this book think this would help me with a of shore cat style hull desinge along with good info on them?
We will probably make a second boat with the same hull but with single rudder and bermuda rig to test again. I wanted to try and get any sails behind the mast away from it so they get less turbulent air. This design does not ride high on the water like a planing hull, instead plowing through and parting the water.
There are displacement hulls, planing hulls and as usually is the case, some variant of the two. The very nature of the release provided by that edge, by definition puts that board into planing mode.
As soon as they get going, the tail end of the board starts submarining and they can literally walk to the nose and go.
As soon as you put an edge at the tail, you release the water and the board begins to plane. They may “feel” faster in a section, but without the release, they are constantly dragging more than a sharp edged board would. He refined it to an amazing degree, made it work in a short package, championing it when it was completely against the trends of the time, but have you ever seen a Weber Foil? But i still don’t understand the general accepted theory that as soon as you put an edge on the tail it turns into a planing hull. Performing boats can save crew out off dangerous situations where heavy boats can’t get away in time. We want to retire this year and spend some time exploring our waterways on the East coast of Australia. My company builds small earthmoving machines which are fully Hydraulic operated so I am in a field I am well conversant with as I do most of the design work, Scow Hull so I can place my Black water and Drinking Water tanks below the deck as well as utilise all the blow deck storage space.
This is the 33' model and is intended for voyaging in semi protected waters reasonably efficiently. Split-level homes, sometimes called raised ranch or California style, became very popular in the mid-1900s.
Dome Floor Plan The design is adapted from a stock floor plan design from Natural Habitat Domes, the 45 ft diameter dome on a 2 ft riser wall. The finest of our collection of home plans are assembled in this category of luxury house plans.
Hull Length at water line (Lwl) - Also referred to as DWL it is exactly what it implies, the length of the hull at the waterline. To remember this I thought of when the bow goes over a large wave and it dips down it's bowing down to the ocean.Stem or Prow- The forward part of the bow usually at centerline, not used much these days as it came from wooden boat building. The Draco Volans by Sam Devlin is under construction & it's new owner Ed Schulman, has very determined views about it.
Sorry if in the questionnaire you'll find some italian words, it's a limit of Google tool I've used to prepare the poll. It contrasts with the drag force, which is the component of the surface force parallel to the flow direction. Think of an ocean liner moving through the deep ocean versus a speed boat racing around a lake. The modern surfboard, most “hulls” included, balance these principles to achieve the desired effect or feel. On the contrary, I think his boards are brilliant and have been a huge design influence for me. A displacement hull works more by pushing the water around it’s hull and through the rails and tail, where as a planing hull works more by channeling the water directly through the hull.
Put the spoon face up (like a v-hull), and the curvature of the spoon allows it to wobble effortlessly. Double Slide Eagle Travel Trailer, Rear Living View other Eagle Travel Trailers floor plans had sold 132 fold-down camping trailers.

Homebuilt Houseboat Designs with Ideas, and free House Boat Plans to help start Building your Homemade House Boats. Many children, at some point or another, have a dream of sending their little furry friend, such as a hamster or gerbil, on a grand sailing adventure.
Now you may be thinking that the waterline will probably change if you load the boat and you'd be right but the waterline in this case is the waterline where the designer intended it to be not where it is once you have loaded the mother in law.
Prow is the bow above the waterline.TransomKeel - A structural or hydrodynamic appendage at usually at the bottom of the hull. Down East hull form & Lake Union Dreamboat derived looks to suit the North West cruising conditions. I'm currently searching the web for any drawings that give me some ideia of the proporcions of this kind of boat. Also would it be better to have the servo attatched directly to the mast in a wing sail design. A displacement hull has a theoretical hull speed, above which the water actually sucks the hull deeper into the water (I’m simplifying here). The feeling of a well balance hull is one of the great pleasures of surfing that most people fail to credit. A small amount of edge in the tail of a displacement hull will not convert the entire board, it will still act as a DH.
The cabins are straight sided, the hull plywood, the framing dimensional stock (2x6's, etc.).
As I was reading it I thought with the weights he was talking about, it would never work and would sink, but it turns out exactly like he planned and works great.
The Jayco Designer offers many high-quality amenities in a variety of floorplans that sleep 4 to 6 people.
Our children’s wood playhouse collection has construction details for as well as physically with one of our playhouse plans. A ships hull is built around a large beam or steel plate which is the structural keel, the backbone if you will. While this may not be accurate it is in such common use in the industry that fighting it is a steep uphill battle. It would suit Southern England conditions as well as Summer has turned out colder & rainer than the Met Office forecast.
I've been on this for about 2years now but realise I could do with some help from some experts.
Surfing one well takes a different approach, especially if you are stepping off a thruster. If you were going for a hard back foot turn with little else board in the water than the tail only then you could call that planing, otherwise it would still feel and act like a DH majority of the time.
My main reason for using a mono hull was to put the water tanks below deck and centre them for balance. We're proud to present our new 2011 Lance travel trailer model line-up and feature offerings. Palm Harbor Homes can customize most floor plans to suit your specific requirements and lifestyle for your manufactured, mobile or modular home.
In a monohull sailboat a keel serves two purposes keeping the boat upright (provide ballast) and as an underwater wing for resisting side motion or converting to forward motion. On multihull sailboats the keel's then to be small as it is not neceassary to hang a large lead weight off the bottom to keep it upright. Whats different about this is that the 'open source' idea comes from, Linux, the GNU Public License and Linus Torvalds.
At anything above the theoretical hull speed, the boat begins to submarine, actually being pulled deeper into the water. Yep and they don't swim to well either so all the more reason to make sure this thing stays afloat.
For speed calculations using displacement use the maximum displacement.Hull Draft (T) - The vertical distance from the waterline to the bottom of the hull. Hull Transom - The surface that forms the stern (back) of the vessel.Hull Chine - A sharp (or sharper) angle on the hull, this is more pronounced in planing hulls, power boats, where a hard chine is a sharp angle and a soft chine a smoother angle.
Nobody 'owns' the Linux operating system, you are free to download and modify the core of the operating system and redistribute it so long as the source code is released etc.
Fortunately my wife has medals for her prowess in the pool so we are all relying on her to get us through this, un-drowned. Likewise with this model you are free to contribute your ideas, criticise and modify the generic design etc. Boat plan net has boating links for sail boats thru to wooden boats for all your boating needs including insurance and numerous boat pics and plans. Whatever looks ok and gets the ok from the peers, stays but it all remains in the Public domain as an open source project.

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