Coming to a design website and asking help stealing plans for a boat currently in commercial production is generally considered bad form. Location: Eustis, FL I don't know of any free aluminum, welded jon boat plans available.
Location: Washington 6 foot wide plus the flare to the sides generally comes out to a boat about 8 feet wide, which is the maximum trailerable width in most states. Location: New Orleans It depends on what type of ribs, and the attachment methods, and how much you are willing to spend.
In a large commercial shop you would likely use a hydrolics press to stamp the shapes out of aluminium plate.
For a one off build, either a Hand break machine if you have one available, or if not cut each piece, then weld it into place. Location: Washington Where I come from braces are what dentists use to straighten your teeth. Location: Seattle, Washington, USA Then there is the Brace and bit when you are drilling a hole by hand using a Wood Auger Bit. Location: The Loft Good one Saildude, there is only one tool there and yet a brace is classed as two? Location: Seattle, Washington, USA The Brace by it's self does not do much so you need the bit for the Brace to be much more than a wall hanging (OK you can also get countersinks, screwdrivers etc. Seattle is Mostly sunny today and Sunday - high about 66 degrees - - But if we wait until Tuesday or so the showers should be back to normal - Saildude View Public Profile View Saildude's Website View Saildude's Gallery Find all posts by Saildude Page 1 of 2 1 2 > « Am I crazy? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. I was chartering her for a while with everyone questioning why I would use such an old boat, and wood non the less. Location: Albany, NY Distin Boats I looked at the photo of the sunk boat.
Brian, a gentleman emailed me last year because he heard I owned a Distin boat, he was doing research for an article he was writing, maybe the same author of that 2007 Adirondack Life Magazine.
Dont put too much into what some of this lot say, they often look at it from a pure business perspective. My mom just sent me this link, I know it is a post from a while ago, but I thought I would give it a try!
If you wish to advertise on our site, please contact the advertising department and inform them on what pages and in what positions and in what form would like to see your ad. CatBuilder Previous Member   It was talked about but does not appear to be in actual production or be geared for displacement boats.

Location: Eustis, FL A quick look at the site tells the tale, a 20 KW outboard, not counting batteries is a 206 pound pound beast and only able to do 23 knots, but most interestingly not noted was for how long could it do this 23 knots. In short, I don't think they've solved any of the usual issues associated with this propulsion arrangement, yet. Location: Muscatine, Iowa well i am going to build one soon, and i talked to a guy from motion industries today about my situation. Originally Posted by muddin redneck well i am going to build one soon, and i talked to a guy from motion industries today about my situation. Location: Holland Longtail Think the river boats bhnautika mentioned are know as longtail boats.
The flat bottom makes it plane easy and becouse it is not to wide it will be quite efficient when it does not plane. When rechargeable batteries are not permitted it is very unlikely the solar panels alone will provide the power needed to plane. Please forgive missing prop, this is just a very basic scetch, hope proportions or sort of right. Location: Holland Planing solar models Great to see you have this experience already, sorry if my remarks about hulls not planing offended you. One of the problems is that you need to get to planing speed so the hull also must be efficient in non planing mode.
Perhaps you can post a new thread asking for advice on a book on powerboat design that explains the basics. As the race track is in a straight line it is a very good idea to tilt the solar panels towards the sun.
Location: Perth, Australia Solar Boat Design My son is also wanting to build a model solar boat but is uncertain on hull design, motor size and propellor. Location: australia Dill the main decision that needs to be made is, do you want to go fast or slow and the available power you have.
Location: Bundaberg Australia dill, is your son involved in the same competition as my son and students are?
Location: Bundaberg Australia dill, if you're in australia there is the opportunity for your son to enter solar challenge if you wish. I would suggest thinking of either buying a boat from the manufacturer, likely for what it would cost to build, or looking for free plans of a similar type of boat.
The first is that maximum width of a boat on a trailer is 8' so any wider than this means you have to have special permits. You could probably do most of the entire construction of a boat in just a few steps, though the set up cost would be million.

A hand break is usually found in even small metal fabrication shops, so you might be able to either pay them to form the sheets, or rent access to the machine for a relatively small fee. It is definately a Distin made in Saranac Lake, NY for only a couple of years in the late 1940's to 1951, and VERY rare!
As Brian (Crosbyboat) stated the steering wheel is a dead giveaway, you'll also notice the throttle in the center of the steering wheel.
I have had contact from another Distin boat owner, his Distin is also in New Hampshire and has had a restoration job.
2007 issue of Adirondack Life magazine there was an article about Distin Boats, which were built in the Saranac Lake, NY area, which you might find interesting. The video shows one of the most efficient boats to get up on plane and it wasn't moving very fast, at least by American standards in a boat of that size with a 25 HP gas outboard. The propellor in the pictures is tilted very much this also is not very efficient, i'd place the engine as low as possible to make it more efficient, also good for balance.
Perhaps you can make them adjustable to compensate for the sun angle at the time the race is run.
A lightweight catamaran will move along with much effort where as planning hulls need more power.
Unless you are used to doing this type of work, asking them to do it is probably a better option though. What is her value restored against what she's going to cost to restore the hull, systems and replace the egine? The cost is high comparatively as is the weight penalty, which doesn't included battery weight, nor cost.
They also solved the shaft trough hull problem (please see picture, the bow ends in a very high point, would like an explanation for this but think students can omid it).
As mentioned before wheight is a very important factor here, the less weight to lift out of the water, the easier it planes. A 25 HP gas outboard is less then 3K at full retail, plus a $100 for a tank, line and bulb. It is of course possible to weld three plates together to get a 12' wide plate, but this is again additional cost and complexity.

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