Location: UK Folding Canoe Requirements I am currently working on a design for a folding canoe. Originally Posted by ConcertinaBoats 2) Would it be better to fold up long and thin or into a more box like shape? Originally Posted by ConcertinaBoats 3) Is it acceptable for it to only carry one person? As well as folding boats, there are boats that come apart into 2 or more sections, or simply fold around a central hinge. Thus, you would have a 3" wide top rail, and 2 frames and finally the floor nesting inside the top rail piece. Use plywood scraps (or something else) to achive desired distance between the frames for the desired depth of the boat and cover with waterproof material secured in some manner to the top rail. This might end up looking more like a dory than a canoe, due to fairly rapid decrease in frame size. I suppose the frames could be made from 2 or 4 pieces for folded-size reduction with minor weight, cost and strength penalties. I am drifting towards the idea of making it fold into a more box like shape as being able to take it in a car boot would be great. I am hoping to make it so that it takes much less than 15 minutes to assemble but its nice to know that longer would be acceptable. Obviously the number of people it can carry will also affect the size when it is folded and I have not yet come to any conclusions about this yet.
Squidly-Diddly I dont think I really have the skills for a semi inflateable yet but they sound neat, I'll look them up.
You can get cheap vinyl air mattresses for about $3 apiece, as well as other assorted shapes of pool toys. Good enough for school project demo, and add a very desirable reserve buoyancy feature if swamped. Location: UK Ive looked at designs with 3 solid parts that fit inside each other but I am thinking of making it from canvas with several ribs down the sides which a base sits on top of. The boat is just short of 9ft at the moment and when folded up is around 2ft10 long and 2ft3 wide. My main concern is that the sides are not solid but I am not sure if that matters because it will be paddled rather than rowed.
When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. On the lake we don't need to do more than 7 knots, unless maybe a storm blows in and we want to get off the water fast. Another 2' of cockpit room would be desirable, but I doubt a boat like this is easily lengthened. Picture shows 4+photographer heading out for a day on the Florida Bay with the 25 on center and a 3 for backup and trolling. I have put together a design for an extremely simple, 20' x 6' flat bottom skiff with one purpose in mind-getting my whole family out on the lake safely and comfortably. Same disign, but in plywood and 20 ft long will have 7 knots with an engine 7 hp, and 12-15 knots with two engins 7 hp. On the other hand, it seems that the most logical way, perhaps the only, to build it is using GRP and a mold, which is not cheap, am I wrong?. I was (rather rudely) told that I would kill myself and my entire family if I attempted to take them out on the water in it by some folks over at a pleasure boating forum which shall remain unnamed. I have already posted several times drawings, photos and even video on boats made of that geometry johnhazel 05-29-2015 06:39 AM On page 135 of the attached pdf is a suggestion to use a well for an outboard on a 32 ft dory.
The canoe-like shapes of these boats would make them easy to drive and they are designed for use in rough water. Originally Posted by river runner A seaworthy cruising sailboat that is realistically trailerable, has been a dream probably since the invention of the auto.

Hmmm, thanks, I'll go for the simple one, Matt Layden's micro, Little Cruiser it's proven, I'd really like to add three feet and put a jacuzzi in the head! You can have a jacuzzi in her as she is, you just have to fold it down, or blow it up in the middle of the cabin (which is also the head department ), the jacuzzi shape will adjust . Originally Posted by river runner I've seen people towing their twenty seven footers with their pickup, but I think that is crazy, specially if you live in Colorado and need to pull it over mountain passes to get to Puget Sound or whereever. Once my engineer gets into the US after his Atlantic crossing, maybe he can finish off the scantlings of a 28ft Ply and Epoxy , with shower and toilet facilities.
Location: Belgium Humm, I think some of the suggestions fall outside the SOR by skipping on one or more of the key elements . Location: Beaufort, SC and H'ville, NC Clipper marine produced trailer sailers up to 32 feet.
It will use 300 kg of water ballast (dumpable before towing) as well about 150kg of permanent ballast. This very versatile and economical design is perfect for island transfers or river and bay commuter work. Two of these vessels have now been launched in Australia with the first in 2003 and second in 2010. Certified Australian USL 1B & 1D the Tasman Venture is certified to carry a crew of four to assist a maximum passenger capacity of 120 people. With a top speed of 28 knots, she carries 8000 litres of fuel and has and operational range of 1350 nautical miles.
This design can hold up to 150 passengers plus freight or luggage depending on area of operation. Simply put, if you're primary need is displacement speed, then a displacement hull is the logical choice, knowing it'll never get up on plane. My old skiff at 15'9",with a small pram bow, shallow vee bottom, made of 7mm Okoume, would easily carry 5 adults totaling 1000 pounds. The boat has long overhangs and really is more comparable to much shorter versions of other boats.
But I can pull 6000 pounds behind a '89 civic 4sp hatchback with a 59 hp motor from Minot to Asheville through a blizzard in December (custom hitch). 6,000 pounds (2,722 Kg), 1.558 mile (2,508 Km), behind a ± 2,200 pounds (998 Kg) car, is that safe .
The 16 Metre dive catamaran will travel with 25 guests and is set to impress the dive experience seeker.
We have been working this vessel on our own full time ferry operation in Australia for many years.a€?This vessel can hold up to 100 passengers depending on area of operation and can also be configured for beach landing or upper deck access. Custom designed to meet the owners specifications using a combination of many years of owners experience in successful whale watching and innovation by the designer Paul Birgan of CMCS. The USL 1B (200 nautical miles offshore) classification allows 25 passengers to be accommodated for overnight passages. The conventional shaft and 5 bladed propellers were manufactured and supplied by local Queensland Company Rogers and Lough. We have been working this vessel on our own full time ferry operation in Australia for many years.This vessel can hold up to 100 passengers depending on area of operation and can also be configured for beach landing or upper deck access.
With proper care and the right mix of products you can extend the life of your engine and prevent expensive repairs, and best of all, you can do most of this maintenance yourself. They were not blue water boats, just lake and bay types, but trailerable they were, not merely transportable. Cruise speed 20-21 knots with a fuel consumption as little as 80 litres per hour total at this speed!
This design will seat 112 passengers in one single enclosed cabin as well as possible seating on rear deck (depending on your area of operation).
A Now, before we give you some helpful hints, we want to dispose of some myths about oil and engine manufacturers.A  A A  First, you will not void your warranty by using oil other than the engine manufacturer brand.

Claims by manufacturers are less, naturally, and probably represent the best that can be done after lots of practice!
Long and slim is nice for carrying through portages and lashing on top of a car, box-shaped can go in a car’s trunk or as airfraft luggage.
They are appropriate for people who motor to a nearby lake for a spin and motor home again. Fuel consumption from 65-75 litres per hour at 20 knots- (see below photo).A  This vessel comes in a width of up to 6m. A transportable boat can be moved (just like a mobile home can be moved) but requires special transport and normally crane launch.
Passenger access to the top deck is also available in this design as well as beach landing capabilities.a€?This design is perfect for island transfers, diving, river ferry, work boat, crew transfer and charter work. Passenger access to the top deck is also available in this design as well as beach landing capabilities.This design is perfect for island transfers, diving, river ferry, work boat, crew transfer and charter work. No engine manufacturer backs their oil and lubricants with a longer or more extensive warranty. If your engine is damaged because of the quality of a Sierra lubricant we will pay for parts and labor to repair, plus we pay for incidental expenses like haul-out and towing. Remember that people often pack the boat away for the Winter and assemble it at the cottage for the season, so they forget the tricks they learned the previous year. That limits your uphill speed to 30 mph but that is about the best you can do with 230 HP and 13,000 lbs of gross weight. The first thing Yota should do is decide what this boat is going to be, then develop a set of shaped well suited for this goal(s). The main problem is that if your boat is wider than 8' you have to have permits to take it on the road. An ordinary semi used to be 180-220 hp and they ran 88K if they were legal, and 130K if carrying coal in West Virginia. Our oils are blended to the same high standards as the OEM oils and meet the same FC-W and TC-W3 certification standards.
If it's a displacement putt putt, then he should be looking maybe toward a driftboat type of deal, possibly a dory or a rowing skiff. Largest scaled load was 540K of logs hauled by a Peterbuilt, about 350hp (single trailer, trains have run higher loads). What you need to do is pay heed to your trailering setup and make sure you can put the proper weight on the steering and drive axles, and that the load is positioned correctly on the trailer.This is not rocket science. This product is developed for the marine environment and will out perform standard 4-cycle automotive engine oils.
Glen-L and Bateau are also places to look, if only for inspiration for the 2.0 version of this design. Sierraa€™s 25W-40 oil offers excellent detergency, anti-oxidants, antiwear, and corrosion protection.The benefits to your engine are reduced wear to the internal components, protection of internal parts from corrosion, cleaner pistons, and prevention of ring sticking.
We are committed to providing your boat with the very best in engine protection with premium, application-specific oil filters.
Our dedication is backed by substantial, ongoing research in filtration media, filter design and manufacturing processes. As a result, Sierra oil filter designs represent the very best of what we have learned after decades of research and development.

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