Location: cruising, Australia Still struggling with the blender interface - maybe I am tooo much of a retard???? Location: US Software aids ROV design Marine Simulation has released Volume Two of the ROVsim Undersea Pilot series The Undersea Pilot series is a collection of remotely operated (submerged) vehicle (ROV) simulators intended for ROV and marine professionals and based on Marine Simulation's ROVsim simulator.
Chris Ostlind Previous Member   For what it's worth, I concur with Herron's use of Hulls as his sketch pad for doodling ideas and then porting them to a higher plane of software. In Freeship I sometimes feel that I can't control the lines of my designs as much as I would like.
I hope this makes sense because I would really like to know whether a (cheap) package with such features exists. Acat design process for a novice » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Best Marine Design Software for Hull Modeling? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. If you look at my blog you will see I am real and I am not hiding my identity like spammers do. Location: New York Whatever Okay, I see some of you are just going to be unkind no matter what! Location: Kristiansand, Norway Click through to have a look at some excellent boat desin software.
Location: Salisbury, UK Well, this post has been useful to me, as I was unaware of the Freeship software. They look remarkably similar to me, so I have to conclude that this may be an attempt to unlawfully sell software that's been released under a GNU public domain license.
Location: New York First let me say,I never claimed to have created anything, I was simply marketing a product as an affiliate.
I did go back and check the vendors site, They do offer support and a money back guarantee.
Originally Posted by irlandes1 The screen shots you have shown here are a little similar but were not the same!
Originally Posted by irlandes1 First let me say,I never claimed to have created anything, I was simply marketing a product as an affiliate. 09:03 AM  Anyone with CAD or boat design software interested in helping me on a boat design?! To try to give a fuller picture of what you can do with 3D Boat Design, here is a collection of screenshots from the program as we used it. This first set of four images shows the basic layout of views you’ll have of your design as you work on it and develop it. Naturally any changes you make to the design are reflected in all four views simultaneously and it is possible to switch on or off many of the visual tools that make this boat design software so easy to use. Thousands and thousands of hobby sailors around the world have decided to give 3D Boat Design a trial. Regardless of whether you want to build a boat yourself or just design boats as a hobby or business 3D Boat Design Software is the one tool you can start with today!
The acclaimed 3D Boat Design Software is now available at the remarkably low price of just $49.95.
Here's a remarkable collection of pre-drawn boat plans, ranging all the way from canoes and dinghies to houseboats and even submarines! All material provided on this web site is intended solely for informational or educational purposes.
Originally Posted by CGN Looks interesting but there's no download, pricing or even email info. Loads » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post VMG targets for race yacht using VPP What's it rate?

2D Drawings done on AutoCad - to learn how to draw technically as well as relation between softwares. And Yacht project for my first semester that we designed for Masters, which wasn't accepted. The boat is a motor yacht for small series production, of a length between 70 and 90’. The fresh water capacity should not be less than 1500 l if there is no desalinisation plant. Again, I just have done that, but, if I may, I'd like to make some quick tips:Never you could make correct calculations with Excel.
The problem about the lines I think is coming from my knowledge about ship design or from Autocad Spline - function (which I think it is good enough ) not from Excel precision. I also made an interpolation method to find in between points which can give you the precision you need how much points you need is how much excel rows has so this was just test that you saw with few points. For this last points on the waterline 0 my teacher told me that they end it just smoothly without way of calculating I will appreciate better knowledge if someone has how to end the Waterline 0 lines. About the knucles maybe I need to find a way in Autocad for smoothening the curves with keeping the same calculated area and fixed points.
For the exchange between Acad and Excel LeeMac made me script so I can find coordinates X and Y of point intersection of strait line (abscise) and curve (this is useful for gathering coordinates of the limiting sections).
About the 3d model I think that T-splines for Rhino has the ability of creases of smooth surface.
Location: Spain In order not to bore too much to other readers, I thought it best to put my response in the attached file. In LEZIONE 11 - Riprodurre un piano di forma, parte 2 around 9:55 min problem with not crossing curves, and forma need to metain the excatness of the drawing as well as the continuation of the plan curve.
After tutorial I offseted the surface inside using command Offset Surface with flipped direction on inside to mentain the full characteristics.
The problem with this was crossecting surfaces which i trimmed making small line in top ortographic view and then using command trim removed the extending of the 2 inner surfaces and the 2 edge ones to mentain nice edge. Seems like a heck of a lot of work for what you are trying to achieve and as I say well done and good luck to you. A successful boat design is a fusion of shape, structure, practicality, seaworthiness and pure aesthetic appeal. It’s not quite as intuitive as we expected and it did take us a little while to produce something useful.
By implementing the very latest technologies for real-time 3D visualisation, it is able to simulate a wide range of mission variables: from changing currents and visibility, to electronics and gear failures.
Freeship) Gone now everyone can be quite, I appoligize that I attempted to market a product here.
The 57-page manual that comes with the software walks you through all the views and the ways you can create them. Just a few hours’ work a week and you have the start of a lucrative home-based business. If your skills lie more in the practical sphere then this pack of boat plans might be just what you're looking for!
Nothing on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional boat construction advice. It must contains 3 to 4 cabins, one of which is for the owner (depending of the version), 1 cabin for the crew, living rooms (inside and outside, technical room, the place to store a rib boat and access to the sea.
I have not read in detail all the ideas you exhibit, because they are many and need to be devoted enough attention. The splines, with which you drew your boat forms are very treacherous (see attached picture):they have packages that are not eligible when you are projecting a real ship It will not allow you in an easy way make the forms of a ship with knucles.

I will start like this if it is not working well I will try to do it on program language like Python, but I like the easy usability of excel because anybody can trace the formulas and learn. In any case, I'll be happy to continue this discussion that talks about some interesting issues.
It’s ideal for hobby sailors and boatbuilders who want to extend their skills into the area of boat design. And, although boat designers have managed for centuries without computer software, in the 21st Century you really need some decent CAD software to put your ideas into practice. We’ve been testing 3D Boat Design Software to see how easy it is to achieve these ideals. Once you have learned the basic principles, you’ll be able to produce much more sophisticated designs. This is powerful software yet simple enough for a novice to use and be successful with right out of the box. Always consult a professional if you are in any doubt about the seaworthiness of any craft you design. Curves ofr several transversal frames in your drawing must be tangent to the bottom, and they are not. So my problem is how to scale them only by x axis, mentainng relationship of the axis, or how to make new axies for each one curve that looks good and measures exact, what is the exact procedure. Never having used any sort of CAD software before, we were a little apprehensive and unsure just how much we were going to be able to achieve.
For such a sophisticated piece of software we were surprised at the small size of the installation. Somehow we managed to duplicate everything and we ended up with this rather straightforward-looking dinghy. It is hard to imagine being able to get your hands on such powerful software at such an affordable price. So I put a plane surface, and used Intersect command to get a point, then I snaped to it for the last. The duplicate facility is there for a reason though – it enables you to develop one side of your hull then reproduce an exact mirror image for the other half.
I mainly appreciate the fact that I can draw through 4 view ports with multiple construction planes with minimal effort. Usually you are told just the opposite as the software developer tries to justify ridiculously overpriced software. Two variants: 1 I am scaling nonproportionaly with block command, but how to figure out good numbers on the x scale axis like 15, 20 rounded by 5, other is just to try to make new axis but how to do it. We were a little confused by the number of views that it’s possible to have of your hull as you develop it, but fortunately you can switch off the ones you don’t want. But it’s like most software, once you’ve played around with it for a few minutes then it all begins to fall into place.
I include a snapshot of the main window showing the ergonomics and accomodation design of a 24 feet boat. There are a number of sample hulls included with the package and it makes sense to experiment with them first, as we did, to get used to the interface.
Bottom left is called the bodyplan view and is essentially a view looking head on to the bow. The difference I divide by the number of 5 because I want nice numbers or what and then I have the number for offset the marings of x lines? Does somebody knows the procedure for drawing axies and then for finding scales on this axes?

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