Quest' opera e distribuita con licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione - Non commerciale - Condividi allo stesso modo 3.0 Unported. Marine Design Software - three-dimensional hull design and fairing, hydrostatics, stability and velocity prediction.
Combining an accurate and fully 3D model of the vessel, cutting edge technologies and a highly optimized graphical user interfaces into software that is easy to operate and very accurate.
Surface-modeler for designing ships using subdivisiong surfaces rather then NURBS to create any type of hullshape. Location: usa Good Free Cad for house design I am looking for a good free cad program for house design . Best part for house plans is the drawing all levels in the same file on different layers, then just printing out what you need.
If you really need 3d, then a student version of AutoCad would suit, but you still have to pay for it (much less than the full version), can only install it once, and it expires after 2 years.
In my experience with a CAD, I think that an amateur should choose programs that are easiest, (or better said least difficult), to learn, even if these programs are a bit less capable then more professional ones. Originally Posted by Milan Especially if learning CAD is just a tool to draw something specific and not a goal by itself.

Location: Brisbane, Australia 'Good' and 'free' together can be a challenge.
But if you want a bunch of tools to finesse elevations, roof lines, services etc and its not a simple one-off then I'd suggest you take a look at 'Punch! I don't think there's a free version, but by CAD standards its quite cheap, and its pretty amazing what you can do. Location: usa I have an old version of Turbo cad , have tried Punch , Sketch up is not bad .
Location: Mid of Finland BricksCad once had a free version, unfortunately not anymore. Version 10 of AutoSketch has all the file compatibility issues resolved (as far as I know anyway), but so far I haven't put the time and effort into mastering it.
For Architectural work you're not normally asking for much from the software (only a digital version of pen & paper) so take the chance to test the water and choose what you are comfortable with. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. ASC's On-board and Load Planning software, Autoload® is used at all stages of vessel operations.

They have been continuously developed since the 1980s, running initially on a large mainframe computer (remember those?), then on IBM-compatible PCs running MS-DOS (remember those?).
Many professional programs are not very intuitive, demand considerable effort and lot of time and exercising before one becomes proficient with them. There are plenty of alternatives to AutoCAD LT, and for a good chunk cheaper, that can do a very profesional job. Sketch-up is very user friendly but I find it lacks all the tools I'd expect from a 'professional' package - but then it's free so you can use it along with other software. The program reads data from tank, draft, wind and SCR sensors as well as user-input, and then reports on the condition of the vessel. Most 2D programs work pretty similarly but some people find things easier to pick up than others. Autoload is often used in conjunction with ASC-developed load planning modules specific to a vessel type, eg.

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