Location: Port Orchard, Washington, USA The diagonal planes are placed in the section view and the perfered method to start the cutting plane at the intersection of a waterline and the centerline and the angle is defined by the intersection of a buttock and the baseline or another waterline. A vessel is nothing but a bunch of opinions and compromises held together by the faith of the builders and engineers that they did it correctly. Location: Tasmania,Australia I remember a lively discussion on the 'standard' of allowing for 'planking' thickness on boat plans. I note with interest that these plans stipulate measurements being the outside of the planking. Originally Posted by rwatson I remember a lively discussion on the 'standard' of allowing for 'planking' thickness on boat plans. Originally Posted by rwatson Youre the only one in the world that has one - according to Google. I assure you I'm not the only one in the world who has some of these things, though I will admit you generally have to make them yourself. The easiest way I have produced an offset to a frame, is simply a triangle with two edges that touch the outside line. Location: Port Orchard, Washington, USA Ok, here is the solution to constructing a perpendicular finder.
Note that I have shown the construction exaggurated and on a changeing curve to show how it works and bring out where a very very small error could creep in. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
I Don't have a video, but a few years ago Ship Shape TV did a show on roll and tip - awl grip - not too bad, I do it a little different, but you might be able to pick up a tape of the show at West Marine or Big Mouth.
Location: Duluth, Minnesota A couple of years ago i was working on a Cherubini 44 which had been sprayed with awlgrip when new,the year prior to me laying new decks one side had been scratched up so the marina repainted that side only,since osha dosnt allow them to spray they roll and tipped it with awlgrip,i didnt know which side had been so i took a walk around it,the only way i could be sure which side was which was the orange peel on the sprayed side,the rolled side was much better,i was very impressed.

CatBuilder Previous Member   I'm guessing these aren't tools, either. If you look closely at the largest one and the smallest one, they have a centered mounting bolt to mount the flat side onto another flat surface. Give me good old plastic and spring boards made in China - some woodworking fanatacs dont know where to stop.
CatBuilder Previous Member   If these are standing blocks, the guy did a pretty bad job.
I thot that, too but the one has sharp edges where you wud hold it and none are particularly ergonomic. Dunno if it's technically possible but you should be able to generate some energy in a small battery that would give you light for a few minutes at a time. Originally Posted by Poida Reminds me of all the gadgets I have had confiscated off my key ring when boarding a plane. To showcase its bespoke capabilities Iguana Yachts has launched a fun online tool where customers can create their own amphibious boat.
The configurator features the full range of Iguana Yachts lines, the Exclusive, the Classic and the numerous options. Once launched, an Iguana Yachts Exclusive model appears in sharp detail on a platform with a grey background. During the color phase, customers choose from color options arranged according to French design agency Fritsch & Durisotti. A wide range of options can be chosen, from the hardtop and its extenders, to the Biminis that are complementary (and very useful if you store your Iguana Yachts in a garage or on a superyacht), the shelters to be protected from the environment or paparazzi, seats that include sun lounges, tables that can fit six guests in comfort and a ski pole to enjoy water sports. Create your own model and submit it to the Iguana Yachts sales team, or share with your friends.

What i meant is if we take diagonal 1 to consideration, is it a mirror image of any of the waterline?
Offering a configurator allows customers to explore many aspects of this in digital form,” said Georges Langeard, brand web manager of Iguana Yachts. Required fields are marked *Comment Comments are moderated and generally will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive. My boat has an 11' beam, so counting the cabin about 14' of edge will have to be wet while I roll and tip. The configurator gives consumers far more time to mull over their final choice and share it with family and friends. Options are arrayed at the bottom of the screen such as model selection, color choices, decking, seats, table, hard top and accessories. Consumers can pick up from eight deckings and most stunning is the ability to change the handrails and ski mast surfacing from stainless-steel to nickel and even 24-karat gold.
Customers can choose from these options once a line is decided or change from Exclusive to Classic keeping the choice. Most ones for drawings are built flat and those for loft floors have depth with a gap for the batten so you can butt it right up against the sprung batten. Do not go any higher with the sanding grit, 120 would be the maximum, any more would make the decks too slippery.

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