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Hutchinson Island is a barrier island bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the east and the Indian River to the west.
In addition to all of the excellent beach parks, the off shore shipwrecks have made Hutchinson Island a popular destination for divers and sun seekers.
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Commercial Real Estate – Sale or Lease of Industrial Facilities, Marinas, Shipyard and business brokerage. Years later, with the IOR making people angry, a reactionary movement sprung up in the cruising community.
Please contact the Dealer via email or call them at 888-278-1991 to confirm all information including vehicle availability prior to your visit. It is home to the Elliot Museum, the historic House of Refuge and the Florida Oceanographic Society.
The Indian River also provides more than ample opportunities for pleasure boating and fishing.
Heavy, slow, salty, Colin Archer type double enders propelled by the Westsail movement were the accepted boats for offshore cruising. At the other end of the dining table I could hear a discussion going on about the benefits of the canoe stern. A very unique and beautiful boat.Unfortunately I was witness to her destruction by an excavator.
The island is made up of 21 miles of coastline and stretches over the Treasure Coast of Florida which includes Indian River, Saint Lucie, and Martin Counties.
Some were based on the Colin Archer style and some in Bill’s unique way were straight from Mars.

It was just assumed that offshore cruising boats had to be double enders and rather than buck that trend I decided to go with it and at the same time add my own twist to the shape to try and improve the performance of the double ender. This is the 62’ SLIVER and it is a marvelous, long and skinny double ended sled being built now in Hadlock.
The accuracy of these calculations is not guaranteed nor is its applicability to your individual circumstances. Located with close proximity to the mainland, residents have quick access to city amenities. Without bragging too much I think I might  be responsible for more double enders on the water than any other designer.
Walking the docks one day at Shilshole Bay Marina I was stopped dead in my tracks by a long, skinny, light green boat that looked like no other boat in the marina. The Valiant 40 did get me into the first 15 people inducted into CRUISING WORLD’s Hall of Fame.
This calculation is based on the information you entered and is for illustrative purposes only. But there were all sorts of strange theories as to why the double ender was the best hull form for offshore. Aage got the idea from a number of Scandinavian designers and you could probably trace the origins of the basic tumblehome stern profile back to the Viking ships.
Years ago YACHTING Magazine wanted me to come over to their mag and write their design reviews.
I don’t think there really is a cogent argument for why double enders are the best sea boats. But if you look at my entire body of work I have designed far more transom sterned boats than double enders. Maybe the stern parts the following sea because there is not enough buoyancy aft for the stern to rise to the following sea.

I will take credit for combining some basic design elements into a new combination to try to bring the double ender up to date with modern designs. But if you insist on sailing around in reverse I think a double ender makes the most sense.
I used to walk from our house on Mercer Island, across the floating bridge and down to Lake Union where I would sit and dream, aboard a converted Bristol Bay fishing boat they had for sale at Vesoga’s brokerage. But if I sat down this afternoon to design a new boat just for me there is absolutely no doubt it would be a double ender. Garden had tried to do it with OCEANUS but as much as I revered Bill and loved OCEANUS it really had a weird shape below the DWL and a strange distribution of volume.
Aesthetically I found OCEANUS hard to beat but on the race course an 8 meter could beat us boat for boat. I decided to interview a few other designers for the article and get their thoughts on  double enders. One of the very first boats I drew hull lines for was a 32’ double ender I called BUDDY after Bud Stantorf, the man who really taught me how to sail. The Valiant used the midsection of an IOR two tonner with a sensible skeg hung rudder and one of the first NACA foil section keels ever seen on a cruising boat. My other double enders were mostly full keel boats but again I tried to do what I could to bring their performance level up.

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