Sundance Marina ClubThe Sundance Marina Club features a pool, spa, fitness center, locker rooms, laundry, lounge, and waterfront patio and is available to dry storage and Sundance Marina tenants.
Indoor Dry Boat StorageOur heated indoor dry boat storage facility is the largest West of the Mississippi. AMT has two different products that can be adapted to your marina depending on your specific operational requirements.
AMT and LA¶dige works closely with you with the objective of delivering a comprehensive and tailored system solution to achieve your strategic goals and objectives and further increase your competitive advantage. Elevating transfer vehicles (ETV) are boat storage platforms that travel both vertically and horizontally simultaneously. This highly innovative concept was originally designed by LA¶dige and has now been modified to be used in transporting and storing boats.
The splitting of the transport directions into two components can increase system throughput by up to 45%. More space efficient use of available building area therefore other areas of the site are able to be developed for other uses.
A AMT systems can be built to a height of over 45m whereas FLT systems typically can only be built to around 20m. AMT systems have a far greater boat throughput than any other system in the market. AMT systems have the ability to generate and store electricity by utilising the movement in the machine. A Far less internal lighting required as boats are stored without the need for an operator to a€?seea€?.
A AMT systems has back up redundancy systems built in to the overall system should there be a problem that requires maintenance.A  There are 2 motors on the drive train system and when one motor fails, the system still uses the other motor and the effect is the speed of the system reduced by half. There is a general perception amongst boat owners that it is safer for their boat to be moved by a computer driven machine rather than be subjected to human error. AMT systems are far quieter than traditional FLT systems; therefore operational hours can be extended. Through the integration of our boat storage and car parking systems we now enable the operator to store more than just the boat within each racking position. Some of the major cities we list, which are listed by region of the state, include Ellicott City, Frederick, Bowie, Columbia, Bel Air South, Dundalk, Gaithersburg, Baltimore, Glen Burnie, Towson, Hillcrest Heights, La Plata, Clinton, Fort Washington, Cambridge, Easton, Waldorf, Ocean City, Salisbury and Annapolis. These fenced areas offer some security, however you boat is subjected to weather and sun rays.
For long-term storage over winter months, there are important steps to ensuring your boat and motor survive the cold. Reserve a Dry BerthOur new dry boat storage facility is now open and can accommodate approximately 300 power boats up to 11m in a secure building. Dry-Berth-StorageDry Boat StorageBecause of the huge advantages to owners of power boats, dry boat storage is the best way to store your boat and has been the storage choice for small power boats where available.
Wet BerthWet BerthIn January 2011, Sydney Boathouse opened its new floating marina and has a limited number of wet berths available for boats up to 20m in length.
Sydney Boathouse has a number of onsite service dealers who can handle everything from mechanical and electrical work on your boat to detailing and shipwright services. Boat Lift RequestRequest a time slot and we’ll have your boat ready for you in the water, fuelled and if you need it with food and provisions too.

Our Booking App allows you to send a boat lift request quick and easy all from your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. Launch and RetrievalSydney Boathouse uses a state of art marine forklift truck to move boats to and from the water.
Sydney Boathouse is a new dry boat storage facility accommodating approximately 300 power boats up to 11m in a secure building. Please call the Marina Office at (302) 227-3071 for Resident and Non-Resident Dry Stack Boat Storage rates and availability. This state-of-the-art facility includes daily launches and retrievals and marina club access. Daily launches and retrievals right into the river are included in the low monthly rate, as is access to our new waterfront marina club and event center.
Located on Hayden Island (Jantzen Beach) on the Columbia river, our marina features deep water and easy access to great boating.
Not only is it filled with excellent amenities but we'll be organizing events and functions all year long.
From the spacious storage lofts to the large overhangs that protect from wind and rain, this covered marina is top-notch. Boats travel vertically from the water, once they reach the required level they are delivered to the transfer vehicles (TV) that travel horizontally within each level.
The TV system is more commonly used for marinas with larger boat numbers as throughput is technically limitless.
Lift and Run Systems can lift boats up to 45 meters high; their aisle width equals the boat length + 1 metre. The programmable logic controllers are connected to the main computer through a radio frequency transmission and drive the various conveyors, lifts and vehicles. This discipline has been carried over from the Air Cargo industry where there is no scope for downtime. Specifically once each customera€™s boat has been placed into the water, they have the ability to have their car parked in the boat rack that their boat usually occupies. Covered storage offers additional protection from the sun and ultra-violet rays which can deteriorate boat finishes and canvas tops plus attack seats, woodwork and carpet.
Moored storage is attained by tying boats to buoys and allowing them to float within a defined area around the buoy. Indoor storage facilities with individual, lockable stalls offer the ultimate protection, allowing you to feel comfortable stowing your boating accessories as well. Depending on the size and type of boat you want to store, you may have to locate a facility that accepts your specific requirements.
Inspect boat and trailer lighting, testing each item for loose wire connections and failed light bulbs. The extra time it takes to perform these procedures is minimal compared to dealing with the consequences of not doing so. With the motor running, fog the motor by spraying fogging oil directly into the carburetors or the EFI system. In areas where freezing may occur, remove these items from the boat and store in a warm, dry area.
Contact your Maryland boat insurance agent to make sure the policy is current and will cover the boat while it is in storage.

All your boating needs are now in one convenient location at Rozelle Bay just past Anzac Bridge and minutes from CBD. Sydney Boathouse is Sydney Harbour’s first approved dry boat storage facility in over 30 years.
Sydney Boathouse has a number of sales dealers who represent some of the most popular brands of power boats… and with the added benefit of on-site storage it makes for an even easier boating experience. Just let us know when you book your boat lift request and we’ll have the boat refuelled before it goes in the water. Unlimited lifts in and out of the water on demand seven days per week by a state of the art forklift provides convenience, less hassle, less maintenance on your vessel and gives you more time on the water. The lift platform travels both horizontally at 120m per minute and vertically at 60m per minute. If you have larger and heavier boats needed to be accommodated our system can be modified to suit your specifications.
In this Maryland section of the site, we list boat storage facilities by location relative to major cities, lakes and area attractions for your convenience. Boat covers for storage are quite inexpensive compared to custom boat covers designed to be used while the boat is being transported from one location to another.
Additionally they have a covered roof or awning over the area to protect your boat from the elements. A standard collection of boating accessories may include life jackets, water skis, wake boards, ropes, anchors, fishing gear, ice chests, water toys, and a host of boat supplies like oil and tools. Most boat storage yards will accept virtually all types of boats including sailboats, pleasure boats, family boats, yachts, pontoon boats, fishing boats, bass boats, speedboats, inflatables, jon boats, cruisers, cuddy cabin boats, canoes, car toppers, ski & wake board boats, deck boats, aluminum boats, electric boats, jet skis, personal watercraft and fish-and-ski combos.
This will help reduce condensation from forming in the fuel tank, carburetors and fuel lines.
Covered and indoor boat storage is a good solution but may have height limitations which could eliminate some sailboats.
Whether you need to store your boat (wet and dry berths), buy a boat, need it serviced or want it refuelled and ready for a perfect day out on the water, then Sydney Boathouse has it covered.
With our great location and on-site services, including plenty of parking, we make boating convenient and enjoyable. Sydney Boathouse offers a marina lifestyle where you walk on, walk off your boat with the benefits of dry boat storage.
Washington Marina, Triadelphia Reservoir, Fairview Marina, Blackstone Marina, Goose Bay Marina & Campground, Cedar Cove Marina and Gateway Marina. The other option is to park the boat in an assigned boat slip which allows easy access and options for power, water and other conveniences.
In any outdoor area it is a good idea to cover your boat with a secure boat cover which will provide additional security, protection from the elements and also deter animals from taking up residence in your boat. Some Maryland indoor storage units may be too small for some pontoon boats, cruisers, cuddy cabin boats and other longer boats. Service includes hull rinse, engine flush, covers back on and placement back in the rack in the dry store building.

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