Every service we offer at Ship Shape has the same aim – to make your boat look like new and stay looking like new.
If your gelcoat or paint is faded or dull, we can (in all but the most extreme cases) restore the original shine.
The effects of compound polishing are devastating, both in terms of how the boat looks and the long term damage and cost to your boat so we do not use any abrasive compound polishes in our polishing system.
Instead we use a combination of 2 nano-polishes to restore the shine to gelcoat and painted surfaces.
A much greater shine is achieved in a single polishing treatment because nano-polishes create a very smooth and even (reflective) surface. Nano-polishing also slows the fading process because it reduces the surface area (by making it very smooth and even) in contrast to a cutting compound that increases surface area by creating deep abrasive grooves in the surface – these are the swirl-marks you will have seen on most polished surfaces.
Future repair costs are completely avoided because the gelcoat surface is not thinned by nano-polishes.
Once your surface shine has been restored, we have 2 levels of protection against the ageing effects of the sun’s UV rays and saltwater environment. A restored or new shiny gelcoat surface can be protected from fading with regular cleaning and the right coating.
We use high-bonding nano-coatings to protect shiny polished gelcoat surfaces because, unlike a wax which only holds onto a surface with friction, these coatings are engineered to grab on to the surface much tighter using either an electrostatic or chemical bond.
Whether you have a new boat that needs its first antifouling or you just need your annual hull cleaning and antifouling, we provide a fast, thorough and professional service to ensure your hull is completely protected from the risk of osmosis which can lead huge repair bills. We focus on a detailed hull preparation to make sure the antifoul has the best possible surface to grip hold of, making sure it protects the hull properly all season. As part of our complete antifouling service we also offer cleaning and painting of outdrives, polishing of running grear and anode replacement.

We have worked on boats of all types and sizes from 3m RIBS to 30m Super Yachts and we provide Free boat care advice, materials with DIY instructions, one-off restoration and cleaning services or tailored year-round complete boat care packages. From the moment you enquire your work will be handled by a dedicated client services manager based who can be reached at any time and our experienced team of cleaning and restoration specialists who carry out the work. Outside Plymouth we perform specialist gelcoat restoration and protection across the UK, Europe and Internationally on new and used boats. The process isn't easy and takes twice the work as blasting and repainting a boats bottom with barrier coats and ablative coats, so we have to price it accordingly. Here's the same 23' Regulator after we removed just the old ablative paint, Note: the blue stain on the gel-coat this is from the no sand primer.
Here's again is the same 23' Regulator, this is after we DA sanded it to remove the stain from the gel coat. Here's the same 23' Regulator, this time after the bottom was compounded and buffed out the bottom. My regulator has been sanded and barriers coated could you just remove the old paint while leaving the barrier coat intact?
Here's the same 19' Mako after we removed just the old ablative paint, Note: the gray primer epoxy on the gel-coat. Here's again is the same 19' Mako, this is after we DA sanded it to remove the gray epoxy primer from the gel coat. Here's the same 19' Mako, this time after the bottom was compounded and buffed out the bottom. This is what the bottom looked like when it came to our shop: Note area on the keel where we test blasted for trailer damage before client committed to full restoration.
Here's a 28' Contendar that has a two tone gelcoat that we just brought back to shiny gel-coat.

This is the 28' Contendar after we blasted it, followed by sanding, compounding and a good waxing. We will also slow down the rate of fading and, in many cases, we are able to maintain the boat’s shine indefinitely without causing any damage to the surface.
This is because we are able to remove only the dry damaged (oxidised) parts of the surface, leaving the moisture-rich protective layer fully intact. We do not use a wax after polishing because was, as you know, melts with the heat of the sun and is easily rubbed off the surface.
The result is that they last much longer than a wax, their dirt-repellant properties keep the surface cleaner making it much less work to keep clean and they keep boats looking shiny and new for much longer. We also ensuring a neat waterline and thorough antifouling application using good quality International products. Whether you're researching a new boat, or are a seasoned Captain, you'll find The Hull Truth Boating & Fishing Message Forum contains a wealth of information from Boaters and Sportfishermen around the world. We specialize in gel coat polish and restoration of boats; including wet sand, polish, wax, detail, fiberglass repairs, paint and bodywork. You will no doubt have seen the fading return much quicker than it developed originally and, because the cutting process thins your gelcoat layer to produce a shine, repeated treatments will ultimately lead to you needing to re-gel or paint the boat – huge repair bills.

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