The Key Largo 20 is available for day boat hire from Golfe Juan (between Cannes and Nice), or from Antibes. Popular boat cruising areas include sailing to the Lerin Islands (just off Cannes) where the water is clear and turquoise and makes for great swimming and snorkelling.
One extra degree - A beautifully uncomplicated metaphor that ideally should feed our every endeavour – consistently pushing us to make the extra effort in every task, action and effort we undertake. Subscribe to our newsletter and get exclusive deals you wont find anywhere else straight to your inbox! Make sand castles or swim with the dolphins on White Rock & Killiney and Sandycove beaches. White Rock beach has some shelter for changing in and a platform built onto a rocky outcrop.
Vico Bathing Place is accessed from the Vico Road by continuing in a northerly direction for about 700m or so, just before the road crosses the railway tunnel there is a gap in the wall with a path leading down.
From Killiney railway DART station or parking just off Station Road opposite the railway, access to Killiney beach is through an arch under the railway track. Go sailing – Dublin Bay, is an exciting and unique sailing adventure where you get to sail a 54-foot yacht in the Bay area and see Dublin from a completely different perspective.
If you fancy a bit of boat fishing or just want to take in the sites from the water then head out to Bulloch Harbour and hire a small fishing boat.
This is a great boat for the French waterways, with a good-sized walkway all around, fore to aft, and a good area of roof to sunbathe and aft-deck for those lingering lunches and sun-drenched happy-hours before supper. On a boating holiday or vacation on the rivers and canals of France it is possible to stop – to moor up – almost anywhere. Luxury - These boats have superior standards of comfort, space, decor and facilities onboard and feature latest technology for easy cruising. First Class - These are good quality boats with high standards of onboard comfort and facilities. Comfort - Well-presented boats with good standards of onboard comfort, decor, soft furnishings, linen and utensils.
Economy - Basic boats with acceptable standards of onboard comfort and facilities and adequate provision of furniture, linen and utensils.
So if a boat is listed as '4+ persons' it sleeps four people comfortably in two cabins, with the option to sleep further people (normally two) if required.
Many people also like the option of having a spare cabin to store belongings and goods bought during their holiday.
We have divided the waterways network into eight approximately drawn regions that are relevant to waterborne holidays and vacations. The information published here results from ten years direct personal experience cruising the waterways from north to south and east to west. About UsSwan Boat Hire Hires a range of boats and trades 7 days a week, 364 days of the year and have been doing so for over 17 years.Our store has an extensive range of the latest fishing tackle, bait and everything else you need to get out on the water. I verify that this review is my genuine opinion of this business and agree with all terms and conditions of this website. Information provided on this form will only be used for purposes relating to the feedback and will not be stored or used for any other purpose.
Rent a small boat in the South of France, boat rental from Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Antibes to Saint Tropez – what you should know when renting a boat. Please note the details below are for small boat rentals for a day charter, and do not include details for luxury yacht charters.

For a day boat rental a small boat is normally considered to be between 4 and 10 metres in length. Depending on the type of boat you wish to rent for a day, the answer to this question varies. The least expensive boats available for day rental ( cheap day boat rental ) are generally in the €300 plus range per day.
Not if you hire a skipper, but yes, if you want to rent the boat bareboat then you will need a licence. A ‘bateau sans permis ‘translates from French to English, to mean ‘ a boat with no licence’. Those who leave it until the last minute in the height of summer are all too often disappointed. Once you decide on your preferred boat and confirm it is available on your requested dates, ask to ‘reserve it’. For small boat rentals on the Riviera, normally (depending on the operator) you will pay the final amount on the day of the charter before departing.
This is a difficult question to answer, as much of the French Riviera coastline is great to visit, especially on a boat charter.
If the boat you want to rent for a day is based in Antibes, for example, but you want it to pick you up and start the charter in Monaco and drop you back to Monaco, then you will have to pay the costs of fuel for the transfer.
The yacht charters, boat rentals, boats for sale and their particulars are displayed by 212 YACHTS in good faith and whilst believed to be correct are not guaranteed. The name 212 yachts has been selected to represent our company mindset – always giving the extra degree. To access the beach, from the viewing point on the Vico Road follow the tarmac path to the footbridge across the railway track.
Steering positions are location either inside the hire boat or outside (in the sunshine) on an aft (rear) deck or on the boat’s roof. Against the river or canal bank in the middle of some gloriously peaceful scenic countryside, or to a quayside or pontoon in the middle of a picturesque historic village.
Therefore, since we cannot guarantee their accuracy nor warrant regarding condition prospective hirers should make their own necessary investigations.
In addition, most boats have the possibility of converting a saloon sofa or dining area banquette into an additional bed. The names we have given them are correct in a very general sense, but also inaccurate in a strict geographical or governmental sense. I understand that by submitting this review that I am not communicating directly with the business itself. A boat for this price will usually be a rib or power boat, suitable for aprox 4 – 6 people, although some can carry more comfortably.
You would imagine that a half day rental would cost exactly half the price of a full day rental, this is not the case.
This means you can rent a boat which does not require you to have a licence to hire the boat and you can drive it yourself.
Be sure to check with the boat rental operator, as often it is insured for a fixed number of people, but that does not necessarily mean it is suitable for that number of guests.
Our most popular ports of boat rental departure include; renting a boat in Antibes, boat rental from Saint Tropez, boat hire Villefranche sur Mer, boat charter Cannes and boat rental in Monaco.
It may seem that there are thousands of boats on the French coastline, but the majority are privately owned, they are not all available to rent.

You will be required to provide your credit card details and pay a deposit  in order to block the boat on your behalf. If you are renting a boat for a day’s rental, the top places we believe to start your charter include the ports of Monaco, Villefranche sur Mer, Antibes, Golfe Juan, Cannes, Frejus or Saint Tropez.  From each of these ports your skipper can bring you to a number of different spots for snorkelling, cruising and great scenery.
Available bare boat (if you have an appropriate licence) or charter the boat with an experienced captain. Controls are simple – a steering wheel for direction and a throttle linked to an automatic gearbox. Not only does every day bring fresh scenes, fresh pleasures, but also almost every turn of the waterway does the same.
Interior decor, soft furnishings, linen and equipment are all to a high standard and beds are made up on arrival.
An enquiry response will be accurate and fully up-to-date.Our Role is informationalWhere appropriate, we collaborate with fleets or travel agencies who provide quotation, booking and other services. The type of licence depends on the size of the boat and the location of where you are chartering; different countries, different rules.
Normally a half day rental costs from 70 – 100% of the full day price and varies between boat charter operators. Depending on your experience a bareboat charter is a big responsibility – you are responsible for the safety of everyone on board. For example, a boat may be advertised as ‘up to 12 people’, however in reality squeezing 12 fully grown adults onto a 5metre rib for a full day may not be the most suitable day boat charter, depending on the group. Other costs to consider on a day boat rental include possible berthing fees, which vary from port to port and seasonally.
In the high season of July and August small boats can be booked up a full month in advance.
On the French Riviera there are only a handful of companies providing the rental of this type of boat.
Normally on a day boat rental you can avoid these berth fees, unless you wish to moor somewhere during the day.
Locals especially know to reserve in advance and weekends and public holidays can be booked months in advance.
Some boats have bow-thrusters to push the boat sideways and help change direction at slow speeds.
We have partnered with the leading operators to whom all enquiries are directed (we ourselves do not act as agents, make bookings or take payments). They are small boats, slow compared to other boats on the water, limited in terms of the distance you can travel, and normally cost less than €200 per day. Depending on the boat a skipper may not be included in the price, the cost of a skipper varies depending on the size of the boat, often between €160 – €300 per day yacht charter. 212 YACHTS advises you to reserve your preferred boat in advance, this way you get a better choice (to suit your groups size and boating experience) and better value.
212 YACHTS can organise the rental of a bateau sans permis on your behalf, from Antibes or Frejus.

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