Guests at the treehouse can make use of a solarium, swimming pool and can explore nearby wine cellars. Cosy: Couples can lay side by side and fall asleep while gazing at the celestial bodies aboveWant rustic lodgings where you can fall asleep watching the stars and wake up to the sound of birdsong? Please note that this page is now an archive as I dont get to visit my beloved wild places anymore.Feel free to read, enjoy, comment and ask questions. Please also note that - regrettably - I have had to disable reader comments because of massive commercial Spammimg. I dont know how long they will be there for us, but I have to record them as they are now.I hope I am wrong. Above all, I feel priviledged to be allowed the honour to walk on this sacred land - I am finite, my footsteps will soon vanish, but this wonderful place will stand for millions of years. I will try to describe my adventures as best as I can and I hope that I can share my wonderful Highlands with you.
If you have any questions about the places I visit, please e-mail me and I will do my best to help! After four days exploring the Angkor region, we were quite templed out, the idea of a ferry from Siem Reap to Battambang was a welcome change.

During the boat journey we came across a lot of interesting birds, animals and of course the local floating villages. When time permits, I will drive to a remote location, park the car, fasten on my backpack and trusty camera, and trek a few miles to discover a hidden Loch or Lochan. So far, most of my expeditions have been in Highland Perthshire, for logistical and economic reasons, but I hope to travel further as time passes. The map suggests three possible ingress tracks - Via Tulliemet House, Croftinloan, or the Moulin Road.
I'm planning a fishing trip to Loch Broom and your information and superb photographs are very helpful. A shared bus picked us up early in the morning, and did a round collecting tourists till the bus was full, and dropped us off at a small tributary entering the Tonle Sap Lake. I think that maybe I am frightened that my Highlands are threatened and that they may vanish. The dryer season meant that the boat had to start a lot closer to the lake than normal, with the bus covering initially following the shallow tributary. After seven hours we reached Battambang and greeted by comical taxi drivers on the shore all after our business.

The boat was a colourfully painted wooden boat, with a very loud engine, do not sit at the back. It was back up the A9 to Ballinluig, then up through the village to the Hamlet of Tulliemet. These galleries contain hot design trends and features everything from small wooden cottages to large modern skyscrapers. A left turn at the sign for Tulliemet House leads up a narrow winding road best taken slowly. Put together by architects who’s really pushing the envelope by playing with unusual shapes and materials to create truly unique house designs.
Note: The heather is burnt off regulalry to promote new growth which supports Grouse and Pheasant for shooting. I think the North shore would have to be approached via Croftinloan or the Moulin Road - one for another time.

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