Features of the 4-Piling Cradle Boat Lift include a stainless or painted steel motor, strong no-weld aluminum construction, aluminum bunks and all-aluminum bushings with grease fittings. The same aluminum and stainless features and the same reliability that you know in the 4-piling boat lifts are available for larger boats in our 6-piling boat lift models.
As you'll see, Legacy boat lifts and stairs can be installed in a variety of settings and can be customized to fit your needs. Safety and durability are our top priorities, which is why all Legacy Lifts have dual masts and dual cables, as well as anti-skid flooring and technology that ensures our Lifts will stop gently in the same position, every time.
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Exclusive Formed Mounting Plate is Designed to Improve Strength and Totally Eliminate Deflection Problems Flat Plates Have.
The machine-grooved cable winder protects drive shaft and keeps cables winding without overlapping.
The grooved cable winder protects drive shaft and keeps cables winding without overlapping. Whether you're at home on the coast, a lake or up in the hills, our boat lifts are the ultimate convenience for lifting your boat in and out of the water. Custom-built for your boat — not off-the-shelf and retrofitted to meet your application. Each Legacy boat lift comes with a generous 5-year warranty on structural components, plus a 1-year warranty on electrical components.

We take pride in everything we build, from a low profile a€?Va€? cradle to a Tritoon cradle.
These mechanisms protect the cables by ensuring that they never double-wrap, which, over time, can cause cables to wear and even fray. Our DIY kit includes an easy-to- follow manual with clear step-by-step instructions and photos.

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