We've given this car a hard time for being slow - but there is something to be said for cars that require your 100% effort to keep up with traffic - and the Samurai has a warning sticker on the sun visor stating that it 'doesn't handle like a normal car' - so the turns at standard traffic speeds will also require 100% of your concentration to avoid flipping and instantaneous fiery death (we've seen movies and we know that cars ALWAYS explode when flipped). When some of the sites I was handling suddenly dissappeared, I decided to do the hosting myself. The AirDock allows you to dock your iPhone and providing a mirror access to a shadow device that allows you to use all the features of the phone on that device bar the Camera app. Now that the sites are up and running, I have extra space that I can offer to others at a reduced price.

We can discuss your hosting needs and give you reliable hosting at a fraction of the cost of other hosts. Its not a device to fully replace your iPhone, but to provide you with a replicate experience while you wait on the charger. Penobscothosting will host your small site for a very low yearly fee and provide top notch service.
Just drop us a line with your hosting needs and we'll gat back to you with prices and set up fees and other information you will need.

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