Over the years, the number of times this logo has been knocked-off reached almost Biblical proportions, starting around 2006, when it started to get entered into logo design contests. A rebrand for Euro Yacht, distributors of mid to high-range boats, yachts and cabin cruisers. See, once the logo had all references to boats, water, portholes & waves removed, it became an abstract arc design that has nothing to do with things aquatic at all. All company logos and related artwork presented in our galleries are not for sale or license.

In this post we have collected some of the most inspiring and creative logo designs of boats.
Euro Yacht – European distributors for Sunseeker, Sealine and Fereti cabin cruisers – wanted to upgrade their brand and turned to us for help, giving us free reign in the creative department to do so.
We always figured that people who wanted a boat logo, would find ours and then hire us to design theirs.
In fact, pretty well any crowdsourcing gig that had to do with boats, marine sales companies, and even tour boat charters.

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