Blouse is an important part of the saree ensemble and a right fit and uniquely styled blouse enhances the gorgeous looks of the saree. Simple plain and well tailored blouses go well with casual sarees as well as formal and cocktail sarees. Plain blouse look may be emphasized by adding simple details like piping, tassels, strings, brooch or inserting mesh on the back. Stylish boat neck saree blouse in net fabric with three quarter transparent sleeves  and embroidery over the shoulders.

Bollywood actresses Sushmita and Bipasha appeared in Sabyasachi sarees for closing ceremony of Kolkata International Film Festival 2013.
Although a designer blouse gives a luxurious look to the overall saree outfit, sometimes even a simple blouse design without any rich embellishments can equally boost the rich look of the saree when it is styled with a combo of captivating back pattern, neck design and a perfect fit.
If you find that the blouse back neck is too deep or high, the design too fancy or dull, you can always modify the design according to your taste!! Bipasha appeared in embellished black saree paired up with sequin work black quarter sleeves blouse.

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