Its makers say: 'Everyone has sometime imagined what it would be like to fly free as a bird. The aircraft has no cockpit in a traditional sense, or even a windshield, so pilots would have to use a crash helmet with a visor - or even a classic pair of flying goggles. Vision: Aki Suokas first dreamed of the radical new flight design that would weigh less than 70 kilos in 2001. The FlyNano concept was presented last year at the Aero 2011 trade fair in Friedrichshafen, Germany, where it was envisioned to be primarily powered with a combustion engine.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Prime: The craft was treasured by the RAF's commanders and Winston Churchill as the only planes that could fly long-haul. But decades on, in 2000, one of the prized crafts has been found wrapped in coral 65ft below the coast of Wales in what historians are touting as one of the most important discoveries this century.And though it is in bits, the thick coating of mud and barnacles have preserved the Sunderland's structure perfectly. Extraction: A major operation is now under way to lift the components out from the Welsh sea bed.

Last pilot: Wing Commander Derek Martin OBE, pictured left aged 20 in 1940, was the last pilot to fly this Mark I Sunderland when he was training a young aircrew.
Prized: The first were created in 1937 and by 1948 they were already being used by the RAF.
February 22, 2007 Recreational vehicles will come in many different forms in the future as a raft of developing enabling technologies spawn new categories of technologically-enhanced ground, water and aircraft – not only are these traditional categories splintering, but there are new variations of toys for big boys, some of which will develop their own categories – craft like the part boat, part sled, part ground-effect Tupelov aerosan, the Bionic Dolphin and Sea-Breacher, the SeaPhantom, a host of recreational submarines such as Deep Flight, the amphibious Quadski and the list just goes on and on of new RVs that break out their own category.
FlyNano is for the fun of flying a€“ no passengers, no cargo - just you, FlyNano and the endless blue. An aviation consultant, , flight designer and enthusiastic pilot, Mr Suokas first dreamed of the radical new flight design that would weigh less than 70 kilos in 2001. It all fits in with the FlyNano philosophy to 'feel the wind'.It is built from an advanced carbon fibre composite construction. Now aged 93, Martin is helping the Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust to identify different parts.
The first was received in Singapore in June 1938.By the start of the war, they had a fleet of 40, which acted as one of the major components of the UK's overseas operations for at least the first few months.

One emerging area of enormous promise is that of powered ground-effect RVs – we’ve already seen human-bearing inflatable towable water kites such as the Kite Tube and the Manta Ray and the now dormant Sharkski but with light weight, high power and computer-aided design, the concept of an affordable powered ground-effect vehicle for under US$50,000 is within reach. The wankel engine is being used in the Mazda RX-8 and the Moller Sky Car, which uses no less then eight wankel engines, and Mazda’s work with Hydrogen fuel in the wankel was the deciding factor.
The Skimmer is a small jet-ski like ground-effect airplane that starts in the water and can be flown over sea, rivers and lakes, steered partially by handlebars and partially by moving one’s body weight, similar to the way a motorcycle is ridden. First, the 3D model will need to be evaluated and optimized with the use of simulation software. Dutch product designer Roel Verhagen originally conceived the Skimmer concept as an entrant in the 2005 Braun Prize.
When this is succesfull, we will be looking for a partner with enough resources, experience and facilities to produce a full scale prototype and, eventually, start up serial production.

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