If you’re looking for ways to entertain a large group, Buckskin Mountain State Park provides nonstop action in Parker and charms visitors with panoramic views of sweeping mountain peaks.
The popular nursery rhyme “London Bridge” may have described the collapse of the famous bridge, but it never detailed the fate of the structure.
Whether you’re a local or a first-time visitor to Parker, AZ, check out the endless variety of boat rentals and ATV rentals at Sandbar Powersports.
The Bush Housboat sleeps 4 and is a stunning houseboat, moored in a fantastic location on the Thames, in the heart of London.
Narrowboat, barge and c boat building in the UK by ABC (Alvechurch Boat Centre) Leisure Ltd. Here at The Nottingham Narrowboat Company we aim to give our customers something different. Has the ultimate nerd's getaway a€“ the c boat holiday a€“ been transformed into holiday heaven for hipsters?
Motor narrowboat a€?USKa€? was a wooden boat built for Thomas Clayton of Oldbury in 1939 to carry bulk petroleum fuels along the cs of the Midlands.

Come enjoy a warm cozy boat ride with your family and friends as you glide through Alamitos Bay and the beautiful Naples Canals. The park also features the Colorado River, a scenic place for setting sail on a boat rental. In 1968, the remaining blocks were actually shipped to Lake Havasu, located 45 minutes away from Parker, AZ. When you need a break from the water, visit The Parker Outback for the ultimate outdoor adventure.
How much does it cost to heat your boat, moor it, repair it and fill it with propulsion sel.
Enjoy the beautiful sunsets in Alamitos Bay and in the Naples Canals all while captaining your own private electric boat! Instead of getting overheated by the hot Arizona sun, keep your cool with one of our boat rentals. Besides enjoying a ride on a ski boat rental, visitors can spend the day hiking the nature trails or shooting hoops at the basketball court.

When you need to rest after an action-packed journey, we know the best lodging options in the area. Whether you’re leisurely cruising on a pontoon boat rental or whizzing by on a jet ski rental, the bridge will definitely be a remarkable part of your journey. In addition to touring, you can race other ATV drivers at the Parker “425” racecourse or Parker “250” racecourse. Reserve a rental online in advance, or contact Sandbar Powersports today at (928) 854-4242 to request a quote. If you love sightseeing in Parker, sign up for an ATV tour to explore other desert landscapes as well.

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