This is a nice heavy hull with a great dry ride for a 22’ boat and features an f225 Yamaha for great trolling efficiency and powerful top end. Large side dive door with 4 step post ladder makes it so you can roll into the boat with a full dive set up if you want to.
A visit to the Florida Keys often includes some diving, and here in Marathon, we have some great dive spots. Just one of many of our Marathon boat rentals equipped for fishing, this particular boat is perfectly set up for the offshore. This boat is great for light fishing and cruising to the reef to snorkel or just for taking a leisurely cruise through the beautiful waters of the Keys. To make the most of your Marathon vacation by boat, check out our Marathon Guide for things to do with your boat rental in Marathon FL. The Light Grey Whaler is good for up to six people in this trim, but since it is an unsinkable whaler it is Coast Guard Certified for up to 11. Whether you want to do some light inshore fishing, snorkel the local reef, or cruise around at sunset, this boat is all-around fun.

With outriggers for trolling for dolphin, plenty of rod holders, and a freshwater live well, this boat is ready for action!
With plenty of seating and a great set up for fishing, this boat has everything you will need to enjoy your day of fishing and snorkeling. Our boat rentals in Marathon FL provide a fun, affordable, and easygoing vacation experience. This is a boat that was originally a navy runner, which is why the console was up in the front.
It's one of only two at that price in our fleet of Marathon Boat Rentals, so it's in high demand. This boat is equipped with a dive-door and a swim ladder to make getting in and out of the water with your gear easy.
Non-Whaler console, custom t-top with 6 rod holders from All-Design, one of the best fabricators in the Keys. White is over 6ft blue is under 6 ft, if you run aground with this set up you are not paying attention.

Many of our Marathon boat rentals have a dive door, but this boat's size and twin motors cater to the larger dive groups among you. Even the larger boats in our fleet of Marathon boat rentals are priced to beat out similar boats locally. We have mounted a custom console in the correct location in the middle of the boat and kept the bow step for people that want a nice platform for casting, or just a good place to stand in the front for a better view. Local dive shops, marinas, and bait & tackle stores can provide you with everything else you need.

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