Tempe Town Lake is an urban lake just north of the Mill Avenue District in downtown Tempe and is near Arizona State University. Whether you want to do the work, or you want a motor to do it, whether there's just one or two of you or a bunch of you, you have plenty of options here.Tempe Boat Rentals is accessible by METRO Light Rail! A driver's license and credit card are required in order to rent a boat at Tempe Town Lake. At the northern end of the lake is Seven Points Marina, the largest marina in Pennsylvania having dockage for 946 boats. Our reservation specialists will answer all of your questions and help you start making your Raystown Lake houseboating vacation a reality.
With the lake now full of water and ready for use, therea€™s no better way to celebrate than by enjoying a perfect day with a nice boat ride on Tempe Town Lake. Tempe spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each year to ensure Town Lake's water quality is safe enough for the handful of swimming activities hosted annually at the lake.
But city officials have no plans to meet those safety standards when they debut stand-up paddleboarding this month. The sport, which pairs surfing and canoeing, has become a popular water activity across the country.
Some experts say that with Town Lake's history of water-quality problems, paddleboarders who fall into the lake could end up with skin rashes and eye and nose irritation from high pH levels, which increase the alkalinity of the water. Tempe Parks and Recreation Deputy Manager Travis Dray said the lake does not have to meet pH swimming standards for paddleboarders because the sport is not "a bathing activity" and people are unlikely to fall in the water. But Bret Fanshaw with Environment Arizona, which advocates for clean water and air, said Tempe is walking a fine line and could endanger people's health. Taunt said Tempe began struggling with pH levels about two years after the lake opened in 1999, which is typical because it takes time for nutrients to build up. Tempe treats the lake so it's within pH standards prior to fall and spring triathlons seasons, said David McNeil, Tempe's Environmental Services manager.
Public documents show Tempe has spent about $3.8 million managing water quality since July 1999.
But since Tempe doesn't consider paddleboarding swimming, the city would not want to waste taxpayer money treating the lake so it meets water-quality standards, McNeil said.
By law, lakes designated by ADEQ for partial-body contact activities such as wading or boating must not allow people to come in contact with the water "to the point of complete submergence" where they could ingest water or expose sensitive body organs such as eyes, ears or nose to it.
ADEQ designated Town Lake for full-body contact uses when it opened but put Tempe on a lake-management plan when water-quality issues with high pH levels surfaced. Sports-recreation expert Matt Lorraine, who works with a Florida company that is hosting its first paddleboarding competition this year, said Tempe picked a sport that will draw crowds to the lake, but it is unrealistic to think people will stay on their boards.
But McNeil said Tempe checked with the Maricopa County Environmental Services Department, which regulates swimming at lakes and pools, and the county agreed with Tempe's stance on paddleboarding.
Kevin Chadwick, manager of the Water and Waste Management Division of Maricopa County Environmental Services, said Tuesday the county didn't approve paddleboarding at Town Lake or determine whether it was a full-body or partial-body contact activity.
McNeil said Tempe wants to reassure the public that high pH isn't a major health concern, causing only skin irritation or rashes. If Tempe chooses not to treat the water, and pH is above 9.0 during paddleboarding activities, the state could revise the lake's designated uses to allow only partial-body contact activities, she said. Follow our latest Twitter activity on topics ranging from breaking news to great deals around the Valley. You can share your full access digital subscription with a friend by simply entering in their email address.
Tempe’s calendar is brimming with outdoor activities, festivals and exhibits this spring, so now is the time to book a sunny getaway.
This is the perfect time of year to escape the cold climates and take advantage of Tempe, Arizona’s plentiful sunshine.
Discover island life at the 20th Anniversary Arizona Aloha Festival, March 8-9 at Tempe Town Lake. Asian culture is celebrated at the 11th annual Arizona Dragon Boat Festival, March 22-23 at the SRP Marina at Tempe Town Lake. Art lovers will feel right at home at the 37th Annual Spring Tempe Festival of the Arts, March 28-30.

The Desert Botanical Garden is the ideal location to explore the plants and vegetation of the Sonoran Desert. The Tempe Tourism Office is a non-profit organization devoted to marketing Tempe, Arizona as a desirable visitor and group destination site. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
While there are several lakes within and hour or two from Phoenix where you can actually fish, water ski and enjoy powerboating. There must be someone 18 years old or older out on the water with any underage boaters; they may not go out by themselves. This is not the same place as the marina or boat launch area for those that have their own boats.
Nestled in the mountains of South Central Pennsylvania between Altoona and Harrisburg the lake has 30 miles of navigable water and is fed by the Raystown Branch of the Juniata River.
Whether it be aboard a fishing boat or a houseboat you will discover nature at its finest.
Danielle Sperling, 19, of Tempe, an employee at Tempe Boat Rentals, rides a paddleboard on Tempe Town Lake. It involves standing on a long, buoyant board that looks like a surfboard and using a paddle to row. City officials say the lake seldom exceeds the maximum recommended pH levels and that any contact with the water would be so brief that it would not be harmful. Before events such as the Ironman Arizona triathlon in November, the city takes steps to improve water quality so swimmers are safe.
I think it's important for the city to be transparent about water quality in Tempe Town Lake and let the citizens really know when it is safe to go swimming in that lake," he said.
Weekly water samples that Tempe took the past three years show pH levels have hovered near that maximum limit year-round and exceeded it at least 21 times, public records show. Events include the popular Ironman triathlon that draws thousands of competitors to the lake.
Despite spending more than $100,000 in 2006, Tempe still could not get pH levels under control and moved the swim portion of the Splash and Dash swim-run event away from Town Lake. Lakes designated for full-body contact activities such as swimming are expected to maintain water-quality standards for pH, E.
Under that plan, Taunt said Tempe treats the lake's water prior to swimming events so it meets safety standards. Since Tempe monitors pH, the city could post pH warnings at the lake when levels exceed state standards, he added. The city will not take steps to treat the water before allowing paddleboarders to use the lake beginning later this month.
You also will be able to select feeds ranging from what's happing in your town to sports and entertainment! Within walking distance from Tempe Town Lake, visitors can capture a bird’s eye view of Tempe while hiking up “A” Mountain.
With over 200 craft brews from more than 50 breweries nationwide, the Great Arizona Beer Festival is the largest beer festival in the Southwest. Get a glimpse into the rich cultures of the South Pacific through a variety of fun festival activities, delicious tropical fare and unique shops. Activities include two days of dragon boat races, food vendors and performances by martial artists, musicians and dancers. As many as 400 artist booths will fill the Mill Avenue District showcasing unique hand-made artwork including jewelry, paintings, photography and everything in between.
It’s also the perfect host to the stunning Chihuly in the Garden exhibit, ongoing through May 18.
The Tempe Tourism Office's mission is to provide visitors, media professionals and meeting planners with information on Tempe hotels, Tempe restaurants, Tempe entertainment and local points of interest.
If you are looking for a simpler boating excursion you can do that right in town at Tempe Town Lake on the Rio Salado (Salt River) near downtown Tempe. There are some human-powered watercraft that may be operated by someone that is underage as long as they are big enough to operate the equipment.

The best place to park to get to Tempe Boat Rentals is in the lot just north of the intersection of Rio Salado Parkway and Ash Avenue, on the west side of Tempe Beach Park.
Surrounding the lake are 118 miles of natural wooded shoreline with 21,000 acres of largely undeveloped public land. Wild turkeys, deer, turtles, squirrels, raccoons, beaver, ducks, birds of prey including bald eagles and ravens, water snakes and more. Arizona Department of Environmental Quality officials said the water quality should improve with the new water. If water quality isn't up to par, it could be noted in a state lake water-quality report compiled every two years, she said.
Sample the traditional Hawaiian “plate lunch,” vilo vilo chicken or Spam musubi and finish with a mango smoothie or coconut ice cream. The beautifully decorated dragon boats are manned by teams of up to 20 paddlers from all over the U.S. This popular outdoor festival features live music, an assortment of food options, the Arizona Wine Festival and The Art of Beer.
Guests to the garden will discover extraordinary and vibrant works of art by Dale Chihuly scattered throughout the trails of the garden. In the fall of 2010 Tempe Boat Rentals began operating a watercraft and boat service to give visitors to Tempe Beach Park and Tempe Town Lake even more recreational choices. The lake is periodically stocked with fish, including bass, sunfish, catfish and rainbow trout. For instance, they have to be able to reach the pedals on the pedal boats or the pedals on the hydrobike. That lot might not have available spots on a day when there is an event taking place at Tempe Beach Park. Owned and operated by the US Army Corps of Engineers the lake was opened in 1975 as a flood control project, the only Army Corps flood control project in the U.S. The fishing is second to none with muskies, small and large mouth bass, stripers, carp, perch, lake trout, brown trout, Atlantic salmon and crappies swimming the waters of this pristine lake. But Tempe weekly samples showed the pH of alkalinity last month was above the 9.0 maximum state standard for swimming.
Tickets are $50 for general admission, including up to 24 different beer samples, or $90 for VIP admission. Shop in the Island Marketplace, and watch performers such as storytellers, Tahitian drummers, slack key guitar and more. To see the exhibit in another light, visit the garden in the evening for Chihuly After Dark from 8 p.m. The lake's islands are great for exploring many coves that crowd the shoreline where you can thoroughly enjoy the beauty of nature as you swim, dive, fish, tan, or just relax. Prices range from $18 per hour for a 2-person pedal boat to $20 per hour for a paddleboard to $65 per hour for a pontoon boat. Tempe Town Lake is a popular place for rowers, and there are rowing and boating classes and clubs that operate there. A favorite hike is Hole-in-the-Rock, a natural geological formation in the buttes that provides a unique hiking destination. The Music in the Garden Concert Series, Friday evenings from February 7 through June 27, is another way to enjoy the garden this spring.
Each year the Ford Ironman Triathlon uses Tempe Town Lake for the swimming part of the competition. Please note, however, that public swimming -- people or pets -- is not permitted in the lake.You can enjoy skating, walking, biking, picnicking and playing in Tempe Beach Park, which is adjacent to Tempe Town Lake. There are single and double kayaks, pedal boats, hydrobikes, pontoon boats and electric skiffs available to rent.

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